Songs that have great opening lines

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  1. Blank Frank

    Blank Frank King of Carrot Flowers

    Or another Australian band of the same vintage, The Go-Betweens:

    I used to say dumb things
    I guess I still do
    I'm doing it again
    But that's what happens
    When you're in view
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  2. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks Forum Resident

    Niles, Ohio
    When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride 'til I get to the bottom and I see you again.
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  3. Bullis

    Bullis Forum Resident

    The kinks-captain America
  4. moj

    moj Forum Resident

    London UK
    I have the utmost respect for the late great David McComb but I always think of 'Born Sandy Devotional' as being 'Cattle and Cane: the Concept Album'. The 2002 expanded release of Before Hollywood has an equally fantastic cluster of great openers...

    I recall a schoolboy coming home
    Through fields of cane
    To a house of tin and timber

    Were you born or just conceived?

    Sold his wallet for kerosene
    Fuel to burn his friends

    I feel so sure of our love
    I'll write a song about us breaking up

    They'll always tell you that nothing is the worst
    That this hunger that you're feeling
    Can be passed off as thirst


    Now listening to 'Send Me A Lullaby' for the first time in years. How about this one?!

    I'd suspected for some time
    That you had other lovers
    But I didn't know that those men in your room
    Weren't really your brothers
  5. Another Steve

    Another Steve Forum Resident


    BLUESJAZZMAN I Love Blues, Jazz, Rock, My Son & Honest People

    Essex , England.
    "Shall I tell you about my life
    They say I'm a man of the world"

    Fleetwood mac/Peter Green - Man Of The World
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    BLUESJAZZMAN I Love Blues, Jazz, Rock, My Son & Honest People

    Essex , England.
    "She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak
    I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
    I've been drawn into your magnetar pit trap trap
    I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black"

    Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box
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    BLUESJAZZMAN I Love Blues, Jazz, Rock, My Son & Honest People

    Essex , England.
    "The wall on which the prophets wrote
    Is cracking at the seams.
    Upon the instruments of death
    The sunlight brightly gleams.
    When every man is torn apart
    With nightmares and with dreams,
    Will no one lay the laurel wreath
    When silence drowns the screams"

    Kim Crimson - Epitaph
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  9. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    Randy Newman:

    Golly Mister, where you going?
    You'll be late for work
    Careful or you'll drop your briefcase
    Jesus, what a jerk
  10. DeadLoss

    DeadLoss Well-Known Member

    Little Richard - Wop-bop-a-loo-mop-a-lop-bom-bom

    Wayne County & Electric Chairs - If you don't wanna f*** me baby, then baby f*** off

    Alice Cooper - I'm your top prime cut of meat, I'm your choice

    Sex Pistols - God save the queen, a fascist regime

    Randy Newman - I have nothing left to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway

    Four Tops - Now if you feel that you can't go on
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  11. Beatnik_Daddyo'73

    Beatnik_Daddyo'73 Music Addiction Personified

    MINUTEMEN - Anxious-MOFO

  12. the sands

    the sands Forum Resident

    Oslo, Norway
    'The screen door slams'. It's the opening line on "Thunder Road", the first song on "Born to Run". You can envision it and hear it and feel it and it's a great opening line for a cinematic and melodramatic album.
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  13. Fastnbulbous

    Fastnbulbous Forum Resident

    Washington DC USA
    Sometimes late
    When things are real
    And the people share the gift of gab
    Between themselves

    It's so bad it's brilliant.
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  14. Cipresso

    Cipresso Forum Resident

    "A cigarette butt when you throw it in the water goes "pfft"
    But the trick, but the trick is you shouldn't laugh"
    Opening line of Everybody Wants To Live from the (rejected) Beach Boys' Adult Child album. Brian at his most zany
    /infantile, just love it.
  15. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Well I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt
    And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert.
    Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt.
    Then I washed my face and combed my hair and stumbled down the stairs to meet the day.

    Kris Kristofferson (sung by Johnny Cash)
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  16. Holerbot6000

    Holerbot6000 Forum Resident

    And now the purple dusk of twilight time
    Steals across the meadows of my heart
    High up in the sky the little stars climb
    Always reminding me that we're apart
    You wander down the lane and far away
    Leaving me a song that will not die
    Love is now the stardust of yesterday
    The music of the years gone by

    Stardust. That one sucks me in every time...
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  17. thexfile

    thexfile Well-Known Member

    Southern Indiana
    Portishead - Silence

    "Be alert to the rules of the three
    What you give will return to you.
    This lesson, you have to learn
    You only get what you deserve."
  18. LynnH

    LynnH Active Member

    More Elvis Costello:

    It's not open to discussion anymore
    She's out again tonight, and I'm alone once more

    When we first met, I didn't know what to do
    My old love lines were all worn out on you
    And the world walked 'round my mouth

    I wish you'd known me when I was alive
    I was a funny fellow
  19. LynnH

    LynnH Active Member

    Cool! I play sax in an old-timey "big band" and have played that song countless times and never knew the words.
  20. jawaka1000

    jawaka1000 Forum Resident

    I was sittin' in a breakfast room in Allentown, Pennsylvania,
    Six o'clock in the morning, got up too early, it was a terrible mistake...
    Sittin' there face-to-face with a 75 cent glass of orange juice
    about as big as my finger and a bowl of horribly foreshortened cornflakes,
    And I said to myself: "This is the life!" . .
  21. ArneW

    ArneW Forum Resident

    Cologne, Germany
    My feet were killing me, my dogs were barkin',
    I must have fallen asleep where I was parkin'.
  22. gazatthebop

    gazatthebop Forum Resident

    There's a live Doors album (could be a bootleg) where Jim Morrison's first line is "everything's f*cked up as usual"
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  23. nbadge

    nbadge the stars were right

    Walnut Creek, CA
    "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream."

    Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
  24. Joey_Corleone

    Joey_Corleone Forum Resident

    Rockford, MI
    "You've got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend." - Dylan
  25. Fastnbulbous

    Fastnbulbous Forum Resident

    Washington DC USA
    Well he shot four men in a cocaine deal
    And he left them lyin' in an open field
    Full of old cars with bullet holes in the mirrors
    He tried to do his best but he could not

    - Neil Young, "Tired Eyes"
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