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Soundtracks to Argento films - any fans?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Johnny66, May 30, 2008.

  1. Johnny66

    Johnny66 Well-Known Member

    This is certainly a broad post, pertaining to a range of different composers and performers, but I'm wondering if anyone else is a fan of the scores for the various (classic) Dario Argento films?

    I've had the various soundtracks (in different formats) over the years, but have recently been enjoying the 'Phenomena' soundtrack (in its so-called 'Integral Hard' version, for those in the know) and the Cinevox releases of Keith Emerson's score for 'Inferno' and Goblin's 'Profondo Rosso'. Bill Wyman's 'Valley' (from 'Phenomena') has always been one of the most fascinating soundtrack entries ever (and the video clip is bizarre).


    I'm not sure I've read any remarks with respect to these soundtracks on the board. Anyone a fan?

    EDIT: Sorry, I just found the following thread (still, I'm not entirely restricting this thread to Goblin).


    Moral of the story? The search function is your friend. :eek:

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