Star Wars: Solo First Details of 4K Blu Ray

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    I tend to agree that the timing was terrible. They had already established that December was the release date for the last three movies, so I think the audience were used to that release schedule. (I know I did a double-take when I saw the release date for Solo.) There really wasn't any hunger for yet another Star Wars movie six months after The Last Jedi.

    Also, releasing the movie on Memorial Day weekend is just bad timing, period. For many of us who live in northern states, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Lots of people make plans to get out and enjoy the nice weather, not to sit inside and watch a movie.
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    All the George Lucas Star Wars movies were released in mid to late May. Didn’t seem to hurt their business any.

    When The Force Awakens came out fans fretted that it wouldn't feel right to watch Star Wars at Christmas...
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    Even if one ignores the precedent set by the previous three movies, where the public learned to accept (and expect) a Star Wars movie around Christmas, George Lucas never released two Star Wars movies within six months of each other. Had there been the standard three-year wait between movies that was typical of the Lucas era, I think the movie could have done well with a May release date... as fan hunger would have been strong enough to make the date irrelevant. As it was, most people I know just couldn't get excited for another movie so soon after The Last Jedi.

    I also think the movie was poorly-promoted. I remember seeing much less advertising prior to the release than with previous releases. It was almost as if they decided to stop dumping money into the movie and simply hope they would break even.
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    The issue of it being too soon after the last one is separate from the supposed issue of Memorial Day being the wrong time to release a Star Wars movie... it’s weird to hear this being argued when both the classic Star Wars movies and the prequels were also released in late May. It is a common time to release blockbuster movies.

    Lucasfilm/Disney has actually been intending to move the movies back to May for a while... both Last Jedi and episode IX were originally scheduled for May releases.

    The success of the Marvel movies renders the “too soon” argument pretty moot for me too actually.... a ton of people happily watched Thor and the Hulk onscreen in “Infinity War” five months after seeing them in “Thor Ragnarok” in November. To say nothing of Black Panther. Solo hardly even had any characters in common with Last Jedi.
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    Whatever the cause, the numbers at the box office have spoken. Whether it was Star Wars fatigue, the release date, or just general lack of interest, people simply didn't turn up in the numbers that were expected.
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    Speaking from personal experience, The Last Jedi completely killed any excitement I would have had in Solo. I have four friends from work who are SW fans. Of them, three feel the same way as I do and didn't see Solo. The third (who also didn't like TLJ) did see Solo and liked it. I'll probably see it eventually (I haven't made some vow to give up the franchise), but I didn't feel compelled to rush out and see it in the theater.

    Anecdotal data, I know, but TLJ absolutely affected my decision not to see Solo. Make of that what you will.
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    Couldn't agree more!
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    Solo did poorly because two of Disney's first three Star Wars movies were bad. Disney has only had one excellent Star Wars film. It is as simple as that. People aren't going to return to the theatres to see Star Wars films that are not by JJ Abrams, until there is proof that someone other than him can make an excellent Star Wars film.

    If Disney is smart, when the final film in Rey's trilogy is released, they should tout "From the writer and director of The Force Awakens" in huge letters, as a mea culpa to everyone who has been let down by what came afterwards.

    (I haven't seen Solo yet. I am sure I will spent $20 on the home video release of it - but I feel like I wasted $20 on Rouge One and then I again felt like I'd wasted $20 on The Last Jedi, so at this point maybe I will wait for Netflix).
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    That’s cool. Individually, people have their own reasons for seeing or not seeing films. I hated Age of Ultron, so I haven’t seen Infinity War.

    The quality of The Last Jedi is subjective and likely has no bearing on Solo’s performance. The Last Jedi was a critical and commercial success. 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and $1 billion at the box office. It didn’t make $1 billion in one weekend. It took time. Despite a very small minority of very vocal critics, the film had box office sustainability. People kept showing up, over and over again, week after week. The vocal minority of very vocal critics couldn’t keep this film down. Why? Because the critics are right. This a great film, a near masterpiece! The critics nailed it! And the majority who actually showed up at the box office agreed. $1 billion. An A on CinemaScore where the scores can’t be driven by internet trolls.
  10. I honestly don't understand these people and they were around before the internet complaining in comic book stores, at conventions, etc. but the internet makes it more personal, direct and toxic.

    If you want to see films like the original trilogy, watch the original trilogy. It's kind of like eating the same food everyday--there is so much more to experience than chicken nuggets.
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  11. For the record, I liked some of the bold moves in "The Last Jedi" and felt it was a better movie than J.J. Abrams film which was a stealth remake of the original in so many ways it felt derivative. I also enjoyed "Rogue One" which I felt took the origin story for the Death Star plans (and of the Death Star something of which I felt didn't need to be told before I saw "Rogue One") took some interesting risks as well.
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    I personally thought Last Jedi was OK, but I also thought The Force Awakens was OK as well. Neither was great, but I was relieved in both cases that they were better than Phantom Menace. Hell, even Solo (which was a disappointing movie) didn't get that bad. Rogue One I thought was not that great... and if you want to know the truth, I'm not in a hurry to see any of these movies again. But the original three 1970s/1980s films generally hold up very well on repeated viewings. I don't think the new films are going to have the same regard in 2050.
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    I went to see Solo with my wife and 10 year old son the other night. (In contrast to previous SW releases where it's been opening night all the way)

    Unfortunately we all walked out of there thinking 'meh'. Completely underwhelmed/bored with Solo.

    I feel no need to see this film again and that's the first I've ever felt like that with a SW release (although TLJ was close too).

    Nothing will ever match the magic of the original trilogy, but I was happy to watch them try. I didn't think there was a demand for another SW release so soon after TLJ, and it seems to be the case.

    I can't believe it after 35+ years, but I think I've hit the wall with SW at the moment. Too much quantity over quality. (I did enjoy Rogue One though)
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    Will they fix the dreadful colour balance and lighting for the BD? You know so you can actually see the faces etc.
  15. keefer1970

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    I dunno why Rogue One got so much hate, I liked it a lot. I watched it twice and that's something I rarely do nowadays.
    Still haven't seen Last Jedi. (it's coming to Netflix at the end of the month so I'll finally get around to it then).
    Looking forward to seeing Solo down the road.

    I guess I'm easy to please, and thankfully not one of those "toxic" fanboys. :D
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  16. Vidiot

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    Actually, $1.3 billion worldwide... and that's a lotta dough.

    Given the fairly harsh criticism of the dense image on Solo, I would bet they will brighten the highlights for the home video. I keep saying, there's a way to make an image "feel" dark without making it dull, muddy, and crushed. We did it on Lost every week (and that's a show that had some tough night scenes, lit only by fire), and they do it very well on the Walking Dead shows: dark and dramatic, but not so dark that you can't see what's going on.

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