Starring David Janssen as The Fugitive

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    Ah..good to know.
    My favorite sixties tv show along with Lost In Space.
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    yea, mine LIS. I can still remember the day it premiered...
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    I discovered the show the same way you did. And the exact same thing happened with me is that I was hooked after I watched one episode in the late 80's. I am once again hooked after buying the dvds. It seems so impossibly good. They did a great job on that show.
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    Would you happen to have the episode of the show Police Story called Trigger Point with David Janssen as the guest star? I've been looking all over for it but can't find it. I really want to see it. By several accounts it was really good. David Janssen was supposedly under the influence during the taping. 5 PM daily was when he had to start having drinks. So if there was a night scene, that's when they'd start having some difficulty getting a scene made.
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    While I respect and admire the works of Dominic Frontiere, it's kind of a myth that he had very much to do with THE FUGITIVE. What actually occurred was that the music he composed and conducted for THE OUTER LIMITS got re-used on the fourth season episodes of THE FUGITIVE. It's possible that he added a cue or two, but I think it's more likely that his older stuff was just re-tracked.

    Ironically, after all of the DVD debacles with replaced music, the fourth season of THE FUGITIVE discs featured extras about and containing interviews with Mr, Frontiere.

    Now regarding the DVDs, as a longtime participant in the HOME THEATER FORUM discussions on the situation, here's what I can relate:
    - The reason CBS/Paramount did any music replacements at all was because they were unsure of the ownership of something called the Capitol Music Library of cues, which were used sparingly in S2 and s3.
    - Half-season DVDs in seasons 2 and 3 are suspect as to what music is on them. S2V1 may have complete replacements, the other three have roughly 50-50 correct music overall. Some episodes are mostly OK, others are mostly replacements.
    - There was an initial disc replacement program for S2V1 that restored about 75% of the underscore to its original state. That replacement program ended and many S2V1 sets out there have totally replaced music.
    - Half-season sets of S1 and S4 have the proper music all the way through, with the exception of a house band in one episode (unimportant) in S1.
    - Initial sets of the full series, THE MOST WANTED set, had five problematic discs, and there was a replacement program that fixed everything.
    - The later full series set also had some problems with wrong backing music, but instead of re-issuing discs to complainers, they sent them MOST WANTED sets.
    - The MOST WANTED set has one extra disc, a special soundtrack CD of Pete Rugolo's score that's unavailable anywhere else, and is the closest to night-of-broadcast versions.

    The series has never been released on Blu-ray, but it's hardly needed. The transfers of the episodes on DVD are sharp, clear, and better than the series has ever looked.

    There were a series of episodes released on VHS by NuVentures Video back in the 80s/90s. Forty episodes were chosen and paired, two to a tape, with new intros taped by Barry Morse himself. Many of these intros can be found on YouTube. Because of volume numbers of the tapes, they would only be confusing to have been used on the DVDs which are in network running order. The Morse intros are not without their own controversies. Rumor has it that Mr. Morse was never paid for doing them.

    A rather good series introduction appeared on the first DVD of the series. I rescued that and put it on Youtube:

    By the way, if anyone wants MOST WANTED set, I happen to have an extra, complete with the proper replacement discs. PM me if interested.
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    It had the largest audience ever for a weekly non-variety series (which leaves out the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in Feb. '64) until the finale of M*A*S*H IIRC.
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    Until I watched it again tonight, I hadn't realized the tie between The Fugitive and Room 222: both Michael Constantine and Lloyd Haynes were in "The Judgment Part I." I kept looking for Karen Valentine to appear as an extra in the background!
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    And J.D.Cannon was in both the final FUGITIVE and the first INVADERS, two sister shows in the Quinn Martin stable.
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    I remember my Mom and my Aunt discussing the final episode...EVERYONE was watching this back them...loved the way they ended this.
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    I found a picture elsewhere on SHMF of a behind the scenes shot of David Janssen sitting on the soundstage between Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, all in the requisite folding-chair-with-name-on-the-back. Was there an episode of The Fugitive with these two as special guest stars? I don't recall one; I was thinking maybe it was just a publicity still of them visiting, but.....
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    That picture would likely just be those two players visiting the set. They weren't actually IN an episode that I can recall.

    There was an episode in Season Two called "Man On A String" in which a TV playing in a diner has a baseball game on and it's being called by the great Vin Scully. It may have been an actual game - I can't say. It would require some listening and research to determine.

    A fourth season episode called "There Goes The Ballgame" has Kimble at a baseball game and Lynda Day being kidnapped at same. As I recall, they inserted footage of a real game as stock footage without concentrating on any specific players.
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    Further exploration:

    In "Man On A String" Act II is where the diner scene takes place. We hear Vin Scully with the following play-by-play:

    "So Maury Wills takes a ball, that makes it three balls and one strike on Wills, hitting right-handed against Warren Spahn. Spahn-y apparently a little upset on this ball, just turns his back on home plate for a moment, rubbing up the ball."

    Kimble then arrives and the ballgame audio is a little buried, but we hear that Spahn delivers and issues ball four. And we learn that Wills opens the game with a base-on-balls. The next batter is Willie something. The Dodgers are mentioned and then the music comes up and obliterates the baseball audio.

    So if one wanted to investigate the number of games where Warren Spahn opened a game by walking Maury Wills, we could narrow it down, assuming it's a real game.
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    In "There Goes The Ballgame" the stadium announcer announces the first batter as "second baseman, Al Frischman". Then left fielder Ken Coby. Then first baseman Ray Scheinbaum. ...

    I don't believe these are real players.

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