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    Except they have ALWAYS been playing with the "legend" right from the get go. When he was first introduced, Superman couldn't fly..he only made huge leaps and jumps. He started flying because the Fleischer animators had trouble animating him leaping and bounding in the 1940's cartoon series. Plus he wasn't invincible as "only a bursting shell" could penetrate his skin. Even Clark's adopted parent's names kept changing depending on the media. (Radio, Movies, Comics...) Heck, the whole Jimmy Olsen character was a radio invention and not from the comics. Good website on all these changes and evolutions: https://www.quora.com/When-did-Superman-gain-the-power-to-fly-and-was-there-a-good-explanation

    That's why I don't get bothered by "deviations" from what I grew up with as being "canon." "My" canon was an earlier fans left turn. I just go along for the ride. And to stay on topic, this Supergirl strikes my wife and I as our kind of ride. :)
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    Sometimes retcons are the results of an error. As an example, the reason Lex Luthor has been portrayed as bald is due to an error involving an artist mistaking one of Luthor's bald henchmen as Luthor himself (Luthor was originally a red-headed scientist), but that has become a defining aspect of the character.

    This has even led to multiple versions of Superman, each with its own continuity, and that makes it very difficult to determine what is current and what is not. Examples:
    • Earth-Two: Superman is Kal-L and his powers come from the natural abilities of all kryptonians had on Krypton.
    • Earth-One: Superman is Kal-El and his powers come from Earth's lighter gravity and yellow sun, Kryptonians have no powers on Krypton.
    • Earth-9: Superman is Harvey Dent, an ordinary man who was given a drug that made him the most advanced human on the planet.
    Concerning Superman's ability to fly, in the comics they did a retcon with the Superman of Earth-Two (who is the original Superman), where they explained that he continued to grow more powerful which lead to him going from leaping to flying. In the audiobook for "Crisis On Infinite Earths" that Superman (who was then in his 80s and was going to announce his retirement) noted that he wasn't as powerful as he used to be and that (IIRC) he thought "I started my career leaping an eighth of a mile and I guess I can end it the same way."

    The confusing continuity is a reason that I've recently taken to enjoying my superhero stories via television. One of the best things about "Young Justice" was that it was completely separate from everything that had gone on before and I could just enjoy the story. While it did have many nods to the comics, it stood on its own and I didn't have to deal with decades of continuity. It was the same with "Green Lantern - The Animated Series," which was much better than the movie and didn't fall into the pitfalls of the movies (no origin story, just a brief mention of how Hal Jordan got the ring).
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    I don't buy the 'lead-in effect', especially in this day and age.
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    Ok. Tonight's episode. What do we think???
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    Fun show. They seem to not do much with flying anymore since first episode.

    Calista Flockhart has to do that eye thing every episode.
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    Supertrain or whatever that show was on NBC was better. :tiphat:
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    I think that a popular show as a lead in might help a new show once by getting it some attention, but I agree that it is not the factor it used to be (when you likely only had three networks and [maybe] a local non-network station or two) due to the sheer number of available shows at any time, plus home video.
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    Kara and Clark Kent having a tender moment over instant messenger?? Gag!!
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    I finally got around to watching the latest episode last night. It's official, I'm enjoying this way more than the last Superman movie! It occurred to me last night that although it's linked to the current Superman, this show fits perfectly within the the Christopher Reeve/Superman universe. The tone, acting, and even the special effects all feel Richard Donner-esque. I've read negative opinions about this version of Superman but regardless of its faults, I and II nailed it. For me, comparing Supergirl to THAT Superman is high praise!

    Another thought. Modern day comic bistory/hierarchy/status quo often differs from what used to be. Case in point, in the old days, Marvel's #1 guy, bar none, was Spiderman. But today, their #1, bar none, is Iron Man. Superman used to be DC's #1, but Batman's been the big dog for awhile now. Tellyawhat, I can easily picture a scenario where, cinematically at least, Supergirl becomes more popular than Superman! It'll be interesting to see how/if she's dealt with in future Superman flicks, this fanboy would totally dig seeing them fly around together!;)
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    My 9 year old daughter loves this show. I really can't see how anyone else would though. It's pretty silly.
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    One of the things I like most about the show is how kid-friendly it is. Don't know about the other comic-based shows as I don't watch them, but while I watch and enjoy Gotham, I'm surprised how UN-kid friendly it is. Wouldn't let my 9 yr old watch it! But all kids should have a vehicle for loving the big S!;)
  14. I'm holding off giving a proper review of Supergirl until I've sat down and watched the whole first season, but so far it's definitely more in keeping with the tone of the Richard Donner approach than any of the so-called Superman films that have come since (and Non will even make an appearance later in the series, from what I've read). My biggest problem with the show so far is that it's obviously going for a lighter approach, so why do they feel the need to keep referencing Man Of Steel? To be honest, I just don't see this take on Kara ever wanting to fly around with that version of her cousin, who it's clear now was only ever presented in such a dark way so the whole cinematic universe wouldn't be as jarring when they finally introduce Batman.

    If the whole Dawn Of Justice premise had been attempted back in the late '80s with Christopher Reeve as opposed to WB concentrating all its attention on the Tim Burton treatment of Batman, I can imagine the resulting epic would have seen Superman's boy scout facing the more serious Dark Knight, which surely must have been more interesting than having one kind of dark character taking on another. I can appreciate the appeal of the direction Zack Snyder has taken, especially since Superman Returns was a "moping" love letter to Donner's work that ultimately added nothing new and did very little with the potential it inherited, though it's obvious Man Of Steel was never intended for me. On the other hand, this treatment of Supergirl very much is, and I have absolutely no shame in saying that I'll be looking forward to each new episode regardless of the flaws I'm waiting to discuss in greater length.

    In short, you know this series isn't afraid to embrace the older, possibly outdated vision for these characters when its pilot features a more prominent version of the iconic transformation sequence than Bryan Singer ever attempted in his much larger budget sequel! He obviously wanted to follow Donner's continuity, yet didn't mention any of the former villains except for Lex Luthor, having Clark change with the help of CGI, first out of focus then later partly obscured in darkness. Why did he even bother? Actually, while it's highly unlikely at this point due to his age and retirement, is it so wrong that I've give anything for another Superman directed by Richard Lester, preferably with Ilya Salkind on board in some capacity?

    Finally for now, if there's any real hope left with the powers that be at DC, they'll push to get a Blu-ray of the 1984 Supergirl out soon for those fans who don't recognise Kara's current adoptive mother. A high resolution transfer clearly exists, as someone ripped this from a HDTV broadcast and circulated it online, though I'm not condoning the practice. However, what I will say is that the copy doing the rounds *supposedly* shows a print in desperate need of some extensive cleaning up for it to reach the same quality as the officially released Christopher Reeve era titles, which look absolutely stunning by comparison, even if I'm still annoyed by some of the colour timing changes, presumably made in order to cater to fans of that horrible orange and teal trend we'd all love to see the back of...
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    I watched what was supposed to be the last episode last night. Why CBS had to postpone it because of Paris is beyond me? The other episode is On Demand. This show is a mixed bag for me. The relationship with Olson storyline is pathetic but what Lord is up to is intriguing. Most shows get the relationships right while the plot of the week sucks. This show is in reverse.
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    The only thing about this show I like is Melissa Benoist. She's great, everything else about the show is mediocre at best.
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    I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the modern music and colloquialisms although I liked the first few episodes.
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    I agree. Jimmy Olsen being a hunky black love interest seems like such a nod to being 'politically correct', it bugs me too. The scene a few episodes ago when Cat Grant orders the red-headed cub reporter to be removed from her sight was especially harsh!;)
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    Perhaps he auditioned and they hired him because he was a good choice for the character? Maybe the producers of the show were less concerned about that aspect than you are.
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    I just deleted Supergirl and The Flash from my DVR. Watching way too much stuff and some things had to go. Plus, these shows pale in comparison to Fargo and The Leftovers.
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    Cool, my comment about 'political correctness' got a politically correct response!;).
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    Ah, but even though you might find it hard to believe, political correctness is not a 'thing'. Rainbow maned unicorns have more reality.
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    It's a misunderstood circle (I didn't want to use the word v*cious) :)
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    Just got to the third episode and this is a dumb, dumb, dumb show. I'll give it one more shot, then it gets wiped from the DVR. Way too stupid and predictable for me so far.

    The Calista Flockhart character just about ruins the show for me, but everybody else is a cardboard stereotype, too. And the lead is too bland for me -- not enough spunk. I don't have this problem with The Flash and Arrow (though I don't watch the latter).
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    We were ambivalent after seeing the first episode but gave up after # 2. It seems there's going to be a super villian of the week and not may things bore me more than fights between foes who both possess superpowers:thumbsdow On the plus side the gal playing Supergirl has "it", whatever "it" is. Flockhart was OK. Meh on Jimmy Olsen dude. Liked her earth sister. I didn't hate the show but there's a lot of quality programming competing for our viewing time.

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