T. Rex - Electric Warrior - Kevin Gray AAA Vinyl Reissue

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by GentleSenator, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Electric Warrior

    Electric Warrior Forum Resident

    The only difference is that it is folded differently. :) The sleeve of the Ariola looks excellent as well with its metallic gold print.
  2. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    Well, I picked up a copy at Barnes and Noble as they are having a 20% sale for all members. Plus, they just mailed me a couple of additional 20% off coupons that I was able to use. So, I got this fir $15.99, and the new Robert Plant for $19.99. I won’t be able to check it out for a while, as we are in the middle of a remodel, and I’m going to upgrade my system as well.
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  3. Just picked up a copy. I have Fly UK original I can compare to soon. It's beat up but still has the magic. What a wonderful album.
  4. varyat

    varyat Forum Resident

    Cleaned and listened to my copy that I picked up yesterday- :edthumbs:!
    Excellent job with this remaster, flat and quiet as hell. Wish the Thin Lizzy Rocktober version was done even half as good as this one...that one sucks.
  5. Frank205

    Frank205 Well-Known Member

    Dublin ireland
    Nice jp will head there now
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  6. A remodel ? I’ve been through those. It could take years :tiphat:
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  7. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    I just listened to my copy, bought from a store here in DC. It sounds fantastic!
  8. dkurtis

    dkurtis sonofthefather

    The Sabbath Live At Hammersmith Odeon was a 2007 Rhino Handmade, CD title (5000 pressed) that they came back and repressed on vinyl in 2011 (3000 pressed). The Handmade titles stand uniquely different than what we see Rhino remaster and reissue at any other time. It is Rhino's attempt to press a truly limited number and create a collectors market. I owned a sealed vinyl copy and sold it on Ebay last year. Do not confuse the Handmade titles with anything else Rhino presses. I still find it typical Rhino to make a Handmade, 'limited run CD' and then find a way to reissue it 4 years later on vinyl. They can't help themselves. I do not believe anything pressed for Rocktober or 50th Anniversary will ever rival the select and few Handmade titles. This is all I am going to say as I do not want to get the T Rex Electric Warrior thread derailed. I was unable to get over to the pick up a copy of the new Electric Warrior, but I plan to this week to do a shoot-out with the original US Reprise release and the 2007 Japanese vinyl release.I have high hopes for the Kevin Gray mastering.
  9. skisdlimit

    skisdlimit Forum Resident

    Bellevue, WA
    I purchased the "Rocktober" release of Electric Warrior today based on favorable reviews I've read here and in this other thread linked by the OP:
    Rhino "Rocktober" releases coming soon...

    Speaking from the perspective of someone coming in totally "cold" so to speak, as I've never owned this album previously on any format (vinyl or otherwise), I can attest that this Kevin Gray pressing is simply outstanding! My main criteria is that the louder I turn up the volume, the better it sounds, and that is a good thing. :righton:

    What is even better still is that this particular LP has finally "turned me on" (if you will) to the brilliance of Marc Bolan and co., who I'd known about previously, but had not explored the T. Rex catalog. Here's to hoping that all future Rhino presentations of classic albums can attain this level of quality, so if you're still on the fence about buying Electric Warrior, or perhaps even have the forum favorite "Fly" vinyl, I'd say this new one's worth getting. :thumbsup:
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  10. notesofachord

    notesofachord Where are the prawns?

    It has, arguably, the greatest album cover of all-time.

    ...sorry, Abbey Road...
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  11. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    I held a copy at Amoeba yesterday, it’s a thing of beauty. My early US press copy is a great sounding record however so no reissue for me.
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  12. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    I have a UK T. Rex/T. Rex on the Cube label, which has the same matrix ## as the Fly. Sound is good but I don’t believe that album was recorded as well as the several that followed. My US Tanx is a sonic spectacular.
  13. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    For Thin Lizzy, the original Gilbert Kong/Masterdisks cannot be beat.
  14. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    What, "Electric Warrior"? Come on!
  15. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    It’s a pretty fantastic cover. I agree with the other poster.
  16. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Hmmmm... I need to give this some thought:faint:
  17. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    Some better album covers than Electric Warrior:

    London Calling (or Elvis/Presley)
    Sgt. Pepper or Revolver (either)
    Sticky Fingers or Some Girls
    Disraeli Gears
    Led Zeppelin I
    Strange Days
    X - Los Angeles
  18. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    If these are your choices I'm sticking with "Electric Warrior".... :tiphat:

    Even though the presence of X is remarkable :righton:
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  19. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    The EW cover is good, but I too can think of many I prefer.
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  20. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    Abbey Road? Boring. Just some dudes walking across a street.
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  21. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident

    mill valley CA USA
    Me thinks you’ve had too many Mambo Suns today.
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  22. Listening to AAA pressing now after spinning Fly UK original. Two major differences to me, right off the bat. 1. UK sounds more "in your face" - guitars and vocals seem louder with more presence - especially the first guitar strums on "Mambo Sun" and 2. Detail and overall definition seems improved on the new AAA. Certainly newer mastering chains can pull a lot more detail and I can hear it here. But the old Pecko still has that charm and aggressive nature, not in a bad way! Unfortunately I have three copies of this album and do not have the poster. My Ariola German copy has a unique gatefold though - but doesn't have the power of the new AAA or the Pecko. Still would be interested to know which master was used here and where it currently lives - US or UK... Others mentioned sibilance and harsh "SSSSS"s and the new AAA has it but it is tamed a lot. I suspect those are on the tape.

    But I would highly recommend this new one while you can. If you are in the USA it is very unlikely you will find UK original with decent surfaces (and you'll pay a lot more than $20-ish for it)!
  23. I will also add that the overall sound quality, sound stage, and presentation of this AAA (and UK original) "Electric Warrior" puts it up there with the RL Zep II, UK London Calling, RL Back In Black, etc. Top 5-10 sound quality of my original pressings.
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  24. And the album cover is legendary.
  25. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident

    mill valley CA USA
    Nice! My UK original sounds as you described as well. I doubt I’ll spring for the new one but kinda tempted.
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