Tarantino does Manson ?*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Mazzy, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

  2. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

    Think it will be bloody ?
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  3. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

    Thought Oliver Stone
    was making one.
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  4. Holy Diver

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    Greater St. Louis
    I'm not really surprised.
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  5. beccabear67

    beccabear67 Musical Omnivore

    Victoria, Canada
    No thanks. Pass.
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  6. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident

    New Hampshire
  7. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    It sounds interesting, but I'm wondering how he will be able to manifest his classic style and still make it at least somewhat tasteful. It sounds like it would be kind of difficult when telling the stories of real people.
  8. Daily Nightly

    Daily Nightly Well-Known Member

    New Jersey, USA
    Just in time to be, then: a "50th anniversary WHITE ALBUM extra":hide:
    (but...nobody, other than 'ol Charlie himself, could POSSIBLY outdo Steve Railsback's 1976 performance:tiphat:).
  9. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

    Jeremy Davies was pretty good!
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  10. Tim S

    Tim S Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    Based on his previous films, I think you and me have a different idea of what the word "tasteful" means.
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  11. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    Keyword: somewhat ;)

    What I meant, though, is it seems like going a bit too far to put the Tarantino spin on a story like this, whereas he had more freedom to go crazy with imaginary characters.
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    MAYBEIMAMAZED Don't think Twice it's alright

    This doesn't surprise me all his films are strange and bloody... I assume this one will be the same.
  13. jojopuppyfish

    jojopuppyfish Forum Resident

    Helter Skelter is a great book!
    Hopefully they can finally make a great film from it
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  14. Bender Rodriguez

    Bender Rodriguez RIP Exene, best dog ever. 2005-2016

    New Jersey

    Is Odenkirk available?
  15. But what part will Samuel L. Jackson play?
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  16. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man


    "No, Charlie."

    I don't see how Quentin can tackle this real life horrible event without upsetting many people. Its like Rob Zombie making a film about the Kennedy assassination or something.
  17. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

    Hey remember how he treated Hitler? :tiphat:
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  18. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

    Squeeeky Frome
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  19. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    Yeah, Hitler was asking for it though. :laugh:
  20. chacha

    chacha Forum Resident

    mill valley CA USA
    Me too. A tragic ghastly story like this should not be entertainment.
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  21. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    Not that Charles Manson wasn't, I should add. It just seems harder to inject any fun into this story without stepping on toes.
  22. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

    A Musical ?
  23. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    Hmm... you might be on to something!
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  24. Mazzy

    Mazzy Sir Mazzy Thread Starter

    Composer John Adams wrote an Opera about Klinghoffer.
  25. Solaris

    Solaris a bullet in flight

    New Orleans, LA
    Lotsa Poppa, no doubt.

    Karina Longworth did a 12-part (I think) series on her You Must Remember This podcast about Manson, which went into detail about how far-reaching this story was within the Hollywood community. It's conceivable that Tarantino could tackle this story from that angle, rather than the sensationalist one, but I think he'd have to do something more restrained in the mold of Jackie Brown to make it work.

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