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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Drew D. Saur, Oct 19, 2015.

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    While I love Leroy Sibbles, and his abilities makes him qualifiy on all accounts - he wrote songs that have become standars in the genre, he sang lead on countless hits, and he was one of the most in demand session bass players in a genre where the bass is king - he is hardly well known outside Reggae circles, which unfortunately means he is really not known at all...

    I think Jack Bruce should definitely be considered. He often tops lists of Rock bass players, but he was as good as a songwriter, especially from a technical stand point, he had studied composition and his writing was quite advanced and he wrote in many genres, maybe not as much from a commercial stand point, but is writing hit songs the only parameter? He did write a few hits that are world famous and he also wrote songs that were covered by others. His singing was also very advanced and expressionistic, he used it to almost the same extent as his bass to express himself, I could easliy have seen him have sucess as a singer alone. He didn't really sing too much material that was not his own, except a few blues covers, so it's only speculation how well know he would have been as a singer without his songwriting. The fact that he is not really a world famous (household) name of course speaks against him, but that wasn't really the question, was it?
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    I voted for the 2 that are in my musical collection
    Buddy Holly
    Freddie Mercury

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    Drew D. Saur used the term 'world-famous' a couple of times, and given Sibbles was Jamaican, you're in Sweden and I'm in Scotland I'd say he meets that criteria :)
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    Bruce Springsteen
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    I would say he is known by people around the world, but only really famous in Jamaica, I don't think there are that many neither Scots nor Swedes, besides us, that have heard about him. But I won't argue too much, because otherwise I actually think he fits the criteria better than anyone I have thought of, including people like Stevie Wonder and Prince.
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    I will nominate a relative newcomer in Agnes Obel. Her debut in 2010 and sophomore effort contain some of the finest arrangements I've heard with world-class vocals, harmonies and lyrics. She also writes the string arrangements, programs/engineers and produces herself. She is a virtuosic pianist that moves the Satie style into modern, pop arrangements. She's not really a household name but the ones that know of her, love her.

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    Have another listen to "All Along The Watchtower", "Bold As Bold", "Long Hot Summer Night",...
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    While I have said a couple of times that I personally love Jimi's vocals, if I should try to be objective, as far as vocal technique he was below average, and he just wasn't very experienced as a singer, he hadn't worked on his voice like he had his guitar. Live his voice often cracked and he could be well off pitch. Also one of his things, which is something I personally like but which is maybe not something people in general appreciate, is that he half-spoke lyrics, melodical rapping, and those songs you mention are examples of that, and they are great for what they are, but they don't really show off exeptional singing abilities. It hurts me to have to say it, because I love Jimi, but there is no way he would have had a chance to make it big on his voice alone.
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    Of course, but his voice complimented his music perfectly. Whenever you hear someone cover a Hendrix tune, whether it's Paul Rodgers or whoever, it always sounds wrong, almost cheesy. Jimi remains one of my all-time favourite singers.
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    I agree, but this isn't what "the game" is about, as outlined by the OP. The voice has to be able to stand on it's own (be "off-the-charts-good"). I think many are misunderstanding. Any of the three abilities - songwriting, singing or playing - have to be enough on their own, in some sort of objective sense. Jimi has two but not the third (i.m.o.). I think it's an interesting question, and I have a really hard time finding anyone that I think just as likely could have gotten his/her fame via any of the three.
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    Paul Weller
  14. qwerty

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    Alison Krauss
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    Ian Anderson.


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    That's an interesting contribution that hasn't been made before.
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    Can't find a mention of Randy Newman in this thread!
    Nor Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens
  18. Let's put all of The Highwaymen in the 3 - Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.

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