The Beatles Past Masters- come up with a better name.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PaulKTF, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Lost Tracks and Knick-Knacks
    Hot Wax and Lost Tracks
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    Bærum Norway
    Songs you know by heart :hide:
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    The Beatles-Hits!
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    Either way, GM and the folks at EMI did *something* right with this set. Even with the name "Past Masters," it's sold millions of more copies than whatever band you're in :D
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    Off The Record
    Missing Links
    Tasty Leftovers
    Non-album Tracks
    Songs That Could Have Been Included As Bonus Tracks on the Official Albums, But We Wanted To Make You Pay For Separately
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    Compleating the Beatles

    Mass Pastors
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    The Compleat Singles
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    The A-Sides
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    33 1/3 - and not a 1/3 among 'em
    (To be pronounced in a bogus Irish accent)
  10. PaulKTF

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    But it isn't.
  11. Gila

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    This is approximate:

    Please Please Me
    Love Me Do
    From Me to You
    Thank You Girl

    With the Beatles
    She Loves You
    I'll Get You
    I Want to Hold Your Hand
    This Boy

    A Hard Day's Night
    Long Tall Sally
    I Call Your Name
    Slow Down

    Beatles for Sale
    I Feel Fine
    She's a Woman

    Bad Boy
    Yes It Is
    I'm Down

    Rubber Soul
    Day Tripper
    We Can Work it Out

    Paperback Writer

    White Album
    Lady Madonna
    The Inner Light
    Hey Jude
    Across the Universe

    Let it Be
    Get Back
    Don't Let Me Down

    Abbey Road
    The Ballad of J & Y
    Old Brown Shoe

    Something like that.
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    On my music server, there is
    • The Parlophone Singles, vol 1
    • The Parlophone Singles, vol 2
    • The Apple Singles
    The primary source being The Beatles in Mono. I've also got mono rips of all the US LPs from The Capitol Albums sets, so I'm pretty much covered with the remaining stray tracks.

    I've no desire to listen to Past Masters as an album. It's a valuable source for individual tracks, but it's not an enjoyable listening experience as a whole.
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    I personally think they could have made a "Singles Collection" out of ALL songs released as A and B sides (stereo and mono). It doesn't matter with repetitions. The band did it themselves several times. There seems to be some kind of obsession that repetitions of are not allowed. Why? The album tracks released as singles, were just as much singles as those tracks that released as standalone tracks.
    There are 8 tracks left, that could be attatched as bonus tracks at the end of that Singles Collection:

    Long Tall Sally
    I Call Your Name
    Slow Down
    Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
    Sie Liebt Dich
    Bad Boy
    Across The Universe

    "Magical Mystery Tour" should stand as the album we all know and love.

    Another idea could be to just let the Red and Blue collections be as they were, and then make "Rarities" the collection that could collect the rest of it.
  14. Jesse Reiswig

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    Past Masterb***rs
  15. PaulKTF

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    Well with all those girls hanging around I guess that would be in the past, wouldn't it? :)
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    Take a BEATLES Song and Make it Better
    A Collection of Assorted Non-Album Songs
  17. lobo

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    The Beatles "More hits"
  18. SJB

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    A microquibble about the chronological running order of Past Masters - they put "Bad Boy" before "Yes It Is," even though Yes It Is was released more than a month before "Bad Boy" was even recorded.

    A few ideas for alternate titles:


    Last Word.

    Rarities, Verities, and Singularities.

    What's Left of the Beatles.

    Because it fills all the gaps for completists, you could call it Fixing a Hole or All Together Now. (I know some people chafe at a compilation named after a song that is absent from the compilation. They can relax because that didn't happen here.)

    Put it in a featureless brown cover and call it The Green Album.

    Because the compilation includes some of the biggest hits, but also a lot of (relatively) obscure material, how about A Feast with All the Trimmings? Show a banquet table strewn with singles, EPs, and a doll's leg.

    Maybe a lyric from the compilation?
    Something I Think You'll Understand
    Words Inside a Letterbox
    When I Grow Up I'll Be a Singer
    I'll Get You in the End
    Have Some Fun Tonight
    It's Just a State of Mind
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    Ognir rrats
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    Still Masters
  21. artfromtex

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    Thank you.
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    Already taken:

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    The Beatles with Tony Sheridan and Their Guests, Minus Tony Sheridan and Any of Their Guests
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    Songs That Made Dick James A Millionaire

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