The best versions for each David Bowie album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Haristar, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I'm with you 100%, however try to explain that to some other members on this site and your opinion will be "wrong".
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    thanks, i'll never get it, that is for sure.
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    Maryland, USA
    You know I really love David Bowie, but holy smokes, there are 5 Bowie threads on the first page. What gives? Maybe we need a separate forum discussion called "The Bowie Corner".
    Now back to our regularly scheduled program.....
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    If they won't do it for the beatles, they're not gonna do it for Bowie.
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    and bowie hasn't been gone all that long....i can only imagine what is to come from whomever is in control of his estate. i truly think that it will rival both experience hendrix and the doors in the overkill department.
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    continuing post-death interest plus the announcement yesterday of the next installment in the box set reissue series. one thread references another and away we go.
  7. Paul Saldana

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    Yes, you were correct. And indeed the 1999 virgin CDs are pretty damn bad
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  8. MHP

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    Thank you! Just one more question: How is the quality of West German pressings? And how about the 1983ish pressings?
  9. karmaman

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    of those i have the German pressings are nice, perhaps a little bright for my taste. the early '80s RCA International (green label) issues are also well regarded. i only have a couple so i can't really give an honest answer.
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    In addition to karmaman's advice I'd also mention / remind on the following albums on LP:

    During (at least) the 1970's mastering for the US and UK often differed in approach - a different sound was preferred in each market. If you actively listen and/or have a revealing sound system differences will probably be noticed.

    Young Americans is an example of this - even though it was originally mastered in the US, the UK mastering has different sound, and your preference will guide you.

    Another example, Low (RCA) was mastered in the US at Sterling for both the US and the UK, but the mastering differs from one to another. Lodger uses the same master in both territories.

    The Australian RCA LPs of the early 1970's (inc MWSTW), sound different ( or are of a lesser, noisier quality) than the US copies that share the same master - may be something to do with vinyl formulation or pressing cycle. I found this out when I swapped a brand new Australian Space Oddity LP for a US import due to better packaging, and was surprised how much better the sound was.

    With Hunky Dory, I think there is only one version in contention that I'm aware of - and that is the UK Bobil/Rasputin mastered RCA edition. Listen to the piano on side 1 - it sounds like it's in the room. Of the other versions I have, I haven't compared to the EMI 100 edition. That comparison includes the US originals. In the following forum the EMI 100 is described by one person as being lesser in sound quality compared to the UK version above.

    There's a forum topic on Hunky Dory : Bowie - Hunky Dory on Vinyl
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    @Haristar, @kaztor, @rjp: I made a thread where you can compare all the various digital masterings of Young Americans (more albums to come), with some FLAC samples. Level-matched, blind samples for the moment. It's here! (see post#4 for an up-to-date link!!)

    This way, you'll know whether or not the differences between the masters are important for you. Moreover, I see some of you like the Rykos, and I'd genuinely like to know what option you're going to chose, if you have some time for this. Thank you.
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  12. nikosvault

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    WG RCA
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  13. SinnerSaint

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    Proverbial Post:

    Dynamic Range Database -
    Album list - Dynamic Range Database
    just a guideline; of course ~
    Mind [Brains or lack-there-of ;) /Memories/Preference/Bias]
    Listening Position
    Source Component
    Power [Power Line Conditioning]
    all play a role; as well as the format software.

  14. rjp

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    i'm sorry, i tried everything that my limited technological mind knows to open this and i simply. for the life of me, cannot get these to play.

  15. Tsomi

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    You need to find this icon:

    I'll try to make things simpler for my next thread.
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    But he really did fall to earth. It's good for a fix anyway.
  17. rjp

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    did it.....didn't work :(
  18. Mikewest

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    Got 2 early unlamented Hunky Dorys, one had Rasputin in one side and Bobil on other on the runout while the other record just has Rasputin, any idea why ?
  19. karmaman

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    would help if you noted what what on the non-Bobil side... but usually when two sides don't seem to match it would suggest a later issue and a "hybrid" where two different masters have been used to cut the record, one each side. this tends to be more common among budget reissues, but i'm not suggesting this is one of those.
  20. andrewskyDE

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    I only have a few CDs by Bowie. Especially the 1999 remasters of Station To Station, Low and "Heroes".
    Plus The Next Day and the 3 disc compilation Nothing Has Changed. It all sounds great/satisfying to me (I cannot compare copies, so don't judge).

    I tried to get some vinyl versions of certain albums but, at the moment, the prices are a bit too high for me.
  21. BlueSpeedway

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    London, England
    I've heard or got a lot of (early 80s?) German RCA vinyl reissues of 1970s albums over the years what with being a Bowie, Presley, Iggy, Nina Simone and Lou Reed fan (all on RCA), and it's very reliable, and cheap (well, it used to be). Often on the bright side as karmaman suggests but not in a huge way, different to originals but powerful and crystal clear with not a shred of IGD. My German Low (black label with a glossy sleeve and printed, non stickered rear) and Lust For Life are particularly fantastic FWIW.
  22. Mikewest

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    BTW , ignore all the Black International labels , they really are Rubbish , i had a Ziggy and it looked perfect and it played like it had scratches , pops etc , as for the Green international , these are excellent , My Diamond Dogs and Aladdin Sane are for an example !
  23. If I was starting out with CDs I'd just get the most recent boxes. They sound good. Just enjoy the music and don't read about clicks and burps and edits and all the things you'll never noticed until Pointed out to you.
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  24. Solace

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    My go-to list on CD (mostly original RCA WG discs or vinyl rips):

    MWSTW - RCA WG or Parlophone 2015

    Hunky Dory - RCA WG

    Ziggy Stardust - RCA WG - the best there is. I don't think they've ever managed to really capture Ziggy on CD. I much prefer a great white vinyl rip that I 'found'....

    Aladdin Sane - RCA Japan for US CSR (quite superb, though the 'standard' RCA Japan for US or Japan for EUR are both great as well)

    Diamond Dogs - RCA Japan for US (though the Parlophone 2015 ain't bad)

    Young Americans - RCA WG (though the 2016 is OK)

    STS - 2010 Analogue (re)master (wonderful!)

    Low - RCA WG (I've always thought this disc sounds particicularly good!)

    "Heroes" - I have a couple of great vinyl rips that are my go-to s here but the RCA WG is second best.

    Lodger - RCA WG (I think - I rarely listen to this one)

    Scary Monsters - RCA WG but I think there's better to be had for this. I'm just about to buy it on vinyl to see....

    Blackstar - Vinyl ONLY I'm afraid....

    Remember that the RCA discs have great re-sale value so you needn't be out of pocket if you just wanted to hear what all the fuss is about.
  25. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Yeah, mate, that's the spirit! They all are rubbish! Especially since the defects you are describing sound like a physical issue.
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