The Changling comes to Blu-ray August 7, 2018

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by wayneklein, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. wayneklein

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    classic and atmospheric horror film with George C. Scott directed by Peter Medak finally arriving on Blu. Great movie and a long time in coming.
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  2. Torontotom

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    Very excited about this. I saw the print on the big screen and it looks good. Synapse did a great job with Suspiria so I am looking forward to this one. There will be a limited edition "bundle" (including a ball! lol).

    One of George C. Scott's best performances.
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  3. wayneklein

    wayneklein Forum Fool Thread Starter

    Looks like so,e nice extras as well. I was afraid this film was going to be an orphan in the reissues. Glad to hear they did a great job
  4. Graham

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    London, UK
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  5. Coricama

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    Marietta, GA
    I've been trying to find this movie on a streaming service for a year or more! A forgotten classic IMHO!

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