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    From Marc Roberty Day By Day book:

    Renee Armand: "I wrote it in England with Jim and Eric when we were there at Erics house, recorded it in his studio. Its a scratch/demo vocal so they could get it down. No fixes, no echo, no eq. I always wondered what happened to the tapes. Its wasn't a session, it was just screwing around. We were there in London picking up record money and Jim's Ferrari. No Domino's. Just Eric and Jim in the little studio, both not in great shape. It was not my thing to a certain point. I have no metabolism to handle that level of stuff."

    Marc Roberty: The track 'Gold Devil Road' was sung by Renee Armand. It was originally recorded at Eric's house with just Eric and Jim. As the tape was found in the infamous Olympic dumpster, it would appear that the basic overdubs may have been made at Olympic. This was probably a demo for a future Renee solo album rather than for a Derek and the Domino's album. Then again, it may have been destined for a Jim Gordon project as a new instrumental version turned up on Bobby Keys solo album as 'Altar Rock.'
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    Just started to make a list of an alternate, Bootleg Series 1-3 style box. It could be done for sure but just not enough quality. Very interesting though and would be even better with some of those rare session tracks added. One day perhaps, would be good.

    I have a vinyl lp with the 1965 tracks he did with Jimmy Page, the Immediate All stars, think Wyman, Jagger and Ian Stewart play on them. Fun instrumentals, nothing stunning but worth hearing.

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    I'd also like to have seen I'm Your Witchdoctor, Telephone Blues and On Top Of The World with The Bluesbreaker's on Crossroads. Other compilations have picked up these tracks, the Deluxe of the Bluesbreakers w/EC album too.
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    The issue I have with this information, is the only person referenced as the source is Renee. She also posted a rather vague comment on youtube, if we can trust that its actually her. Why hasn't Clapton claimed credit. Who are the musicians that played on the overdub session. In regards to Altar Rock, I hear no resemblence to this track.
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    I'd agree with you. Doesn't seem a likely fit really. Eric and Jim working together too, at that time they weren't getting along. Its a dubious claim I'd suggest.

    Who gets credited with the song on the Bobby Keys album? The cynic in me thinks it could well be a solo Gordon track as we know he was trying to push his material on the 2nd Domino's album and later the same year on the Traffic Low Spark album. But a song with Clapton as co-writer is going to be worth more than just Armand/Gordon.
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    I agree that it may have been a bit short in quality if we just rely on what is available now. But keep in mind that there's still plenty of stuff left in the can that could have been interesting, such as more Dominos 2nd album outtakes, more Rainbow recordings (originally planned as a double album !), BBC recordings by Mayall and Cream, Blind Faith in Hyde Park and studio outtakes, ...
    Anyway, I'd love to see your list, so do post when ready !
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    I'll give it a go.

    I wouldn't have any Rainbow tracks though, I really don't like that album or think its a record/concert to be revisited.

    The 2nd Domino's sessions I think sound great, the tracks ive heard, the only issue being most are instrumental. But it you can get past that they are worthy and hint more at disappointment those sessions dissolving amongst the paranoia of heavy drugs.
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    Were those BBC Sessions available circa 1987 when the box set was under production? Levenson did pull an audience recording of Mayall and EC for inclusion, so it would seem conceivable that if the BBC Sessions for Mayall were available that perhaps something from them would have been included.
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    The Southwest
    While all of the Rainbow performances are ragged, I think "Bottle of Red Wine" should have been a contender, later released on the 1995 expanded edition of Rainbow Concert.
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    Not the BBC sessions of the Bluesbreakers tracks, I mean the studio cuts released on the immediate label.
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    Whilst they weren't unreleased I just suggested them as they were singles and not part of an official album, aside from being included on various compilations. And nice add to Crossroads.

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    Okay, i'll allow one on my compilation then :D
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    Okay, here's my alternate Crossroads. Removed most of the previously released tracks, but not all. Those stray singles, some of the Yardbirds tracks still remain. But this is a version that could have been released in 1988. It's 5 cd's instead of 4 (not sure how many vinyl LP's that would be,) but for ease its a cd tracklisting.

    It was done quickly, its only a first draft, i didnt have the time to analyse too deeply. It could all well change tomorrow.



    1. Too Much Monkey Business (live) 2:58
    2. Got To Hurry 2:35
    3. I Ain’t Got You 1:59
    4. I Wish You Would 2:19

    W/John Mayall

    5. Lonely Years 3:17
    6. Bernard Jenkins 3:47

    Bluesbreakers W/Eric Clapton:

    7. I'm Your Witchdoctor 2:11
    8. Telephone Blues 3:58
    9. On Top Of The World 2:48
    10. Maudie (live Flamingo Club, London 1966 w/Jack Bruce) 2:23
    11. They Call It Stormy Monday (live Flamingo Club, London 1966 w/Jack Bruce) 4.30
    12. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (live Flamingo Club, London 1966 w/Jack Bruce) 6:41

    w/Jimmy Page & The Immediate Allstars

    13. Draggin’ My Tail 3:08
    14. Tribute To Elmore 2:08
    15. Snake Drive 2:28
    16. West Coast Idea 2:18
    17. Choker 1:25
    18. Freight Loader 2:48
    19. Miles Road 2:25

    Eric Clapton & The Powerhouse:

    20. I Want To Know 2:13
    21. Crossroads 2:16


    22. Lawdy Mama (BBC Session) 1:59
    23. Steppin Out (BBC Session) 3:30
    24. I’m So Glad (featuring 1812 Overture excerpt) (BBC Session) 4:22
    25. From 4 Until Late (BBC Session) 1:55
    26. We’re Going Wrong (BBC Session) 3:25


    1. Born Under A Bad Sign (BBC Session) 3:00
    2. Blue Condition (Eric Lead vocal) 3.30
    3. Falstaff beer commercial 1:00
    4. Anyone for Tennis 2:45

    Blind Faith:

    5. Can’t Find My Way Home (Electric version) 5:52
    6. Sleeping In The Ground 2:52
    7. Had to Cry Today (live Hyde Park) 6:40
    8. Under My Thumb (live Hyde Park) 5:50
    9. Presence of the Lord (live Hyde Park) 6:00

    Delaney and Bonnie:

    10. Comin’ Home 3:13
    11. Only You Know and I Know (live Royal Albert Hall 1/12/69) 4:35
    12. We’ve Got To Get Ourselves Together (live Royal Albert Hall 1/12/69) 3:01
    13. I Don’t Know Why (live Royal Albert Hall 1/12/69) 5:09

    Eric Clapton:

    14. After Midnight (alternate mix) 3:17
    15. She Rides 5:08
    16. Teasin’ (w/king Curtis) 2:14

    Derek and the Domino’s:

    17. Tell The Truth 3:23
    18. Roll It Over 4:30
    19. Mean Old World (EC/Duane acoustic) 3:50


    1. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (alternate master #1) 5:54
    2. Tell The Truth (Jam #1) 9:38
    3. When Things Go Wrong It Hurts Me Too (EC/Duane) 1:56
    4. It’s Too Late (alternate master) 4:05
    5. Tender Love 2:42
    6. Key To The Highway (live) 23/10/70 6:27
    7. Crossroads (live) 23/10/70 8:17
    8. Got To Get Better In A Little While 5:31 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)
    9. Evil 4:25 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)
    10. One More Chance 3:17 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)
    11. Mean Old Frisco 4:02 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)
    12. Snake Lake Blues 3:33 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)
    13. High 3:30 (2nd Domino's album outtake 1971)

    Eric Clapton:

    14. I Shot The Sheriff (full length version w/vocal) 6:56 (461 OB outtake 1974)
    15. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby 5:26 (461 OB outtake 1974)


    1. It’s Never Too Late To Be Sorry (Eric and Yvonne on vocals/Slow Version) 6:33 (461 OB outtake 1974)
    2. Please Be With Me (solo acoustic) 3:25 (461 OB outtake 1974)
    3. Give Me Strength (solo acoustic) 3:29 (461 OB outtake 1974)
    4. Burial (w/Peter Tosh) 4:02 (TOIEC outtake 1974)
    5. Watcha Gonna Do (w/Peter Tosh) 2:44 (TOIEC outtake 1974)
    6. I Found A Love 3:41 (TOIEC outtake 1974)
    7. When Things Go Wrong It Hurts Me Too 5:48 (TOIEC outtake 1974)
    8. Fools Like Me 5:09 (TOIEC outtake 1974)
    9. Knockin On Heavens Door 4:24
    10. Someone Like You 4:30
    11. Eyesight To The Blind (Criteria Studio’s 11th June 75 – Tour Rehearsal) 6:20
    12. Hello Old Friend (Live Hammersmith 27/4/77) 3:58
    13. Sign Language (Live Hammersmith 27/4/77) 3:58
    14. Steady Rolling Man (Live Hammersmith 27/4/77) 6:55
    15. Looking At The Rain 3:39 (Slowhand 1977 outtake)
    16. Alberta 2:40 (Slowhand 1977 outtake)
    17. Greyhound Bus 2:57 (Slowhand 1977 outtake)
    18. Stars, Strays and Ashtrays 4:36 (Slowhand 1977 outtake)


    1. Before You Accuse Me (version 1) 4:39 (Backless 1978 outtake)
    2. When Did You Leave Heaven? 2:19 (Rolling Hotel Movie)
    3. To Make Somebody Happy 5:11 (December 1978 session)
    4. Cryin’ 2:54 (December 1978 session)
    5. Water on the Ground 3:00 (December 1978 session)
    6. Knockin on Heavens Door (live) 6:24 (Just One Night 1979 outtake)
    7. There Ain’t No Money 4:00 (Turn Up Down session 1980)
    8. Games Up 3:15 (Turn Up Down session 1980)
    9. Say Hello To Billy Jean 5:10 (Another Ticket 1980 outtake)
    10. Same Old Blues (live 1985) 8:36
    11. Heaven is One Step Away 4:09 (BTS 1984 outtake)
    12. Too Bad 2:37 (BTS Outtake 1984)
    13. Wanna Make Love To You 5:43 (August 1986 outtake)
    14. Miss You (live Birmingahm NEC 1986) 5:37
    15. Holy Mother (Live Birmingham NEC 1986) 6:21
    16. After Midnight ’87 4:05

    A few comments. I would have added more from the 2nd Domino's album sessions, the tracks are on youtube, the song titles are listed in the Marc Roberty book but as there's no vocals its impossible to know which song is which. I'm also now dubious if the sessions on youtube (poor quality) are all the original Domino's sessions. We know that Pete Townshend and Eric revisited the sessions later, i can hear some bass that doesnt sound like Carl Radle so not sure if maybe overdubbed by Pete? I have no idea, so decided to avoid those as already have a lot of Domino's.

    Same goes for the No Reason to Cry sessions, i wanted to add a few tracks but the outtakes with Eric singing have slurred vocals, alcohol! and i didnt want to post the Dylan or Van Morrison or Yvonne/Marcy lead vocals so i've avoided them.

    Lastly, where there's duplicate takes available to choose from i've just picked one.

    Happy with the rest though for a 1st version.
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    I burned this single disc cdr last night of some of my favorites from Crossroads etc...

    1. Crawling Up A Hill - BBC - Bluesbreakers.
    2. Crocodile Walk - BBC - Bluesbreakers
    3. I'm Your Witchdoctor - Bluesbreakers
    4. I Want To Know - Powerhouse
    5. Crossroads - Powerhouse
    6. Steppin' Out - Powerhouse
    7. Lawdy Mama - Cream
    8. Can't Find My Way Home (Electric version) - Blind Faith
    9. Sleeping In The Ground (Short version) - Blind Faith
    10. She Rides
    11. Roll It Over - Derek & the Dominos
    12. Evil - Derek & the Dominos
    13. Mean Old Frisco - Derek & the Dominos
    14. One More Chance - Derek & the Dominos
    15. Get To Get Better In A Little While - Derek & the Dominos
    16. I Found A Love
    17. (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too
    18. Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself) Electric version 1
    19. Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself) Electric version 2
    20. Too Bad
    21. After Midnight ( Slower remake version)

    The Bluesbreakers BBC tracks both have solos by Clapton and are interesting because he did not appear on the original studio versions of the tracks. They were also recorded at his first session with the Bluesbreakers.

    Other than the Powerhouse version of Steppin' Out, I avoided instrumentals. In addition, I tried to avoid the live material. I might compile an all live disc later.
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    The Southwest
    Nicely done. You didn't include anything from the Rainbow Theatre!
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  19. Almost Simon

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    Some tracks had to be cut to keep it down to 5cd's. ;)
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    Yeah, but I would have included Rainbow tracks in stead of the Jimmy Page tracks !
  21. kollektionist

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    Good call on the Powerhouse tracks ! Am I overlooking something or are they still only available on the What's Shakin' album ?
  22. John Fell

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    I think they used the Powerhouse tracks on the Steve Winwood box set The Finer Things as I recall. The Winwood box also contained the electric version of Can't Find My Way Home and live versions of Sleeping On The Ground and Under My Thumb by Blind Faith from the Hyde Park show. These tracks could have also been used on the Crossroads box.
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    Thanks for this thread - it's been interesting, but I have been trying to catch up and never quite making it in time to contribute. Anyhow it's been illuminating even if I am not convinced that the latter part of Clapton's career is as rewarding as the early period. I was listening from Five Live Yardbirds and I had no difficulty in making the jump to 461OB and I thought OIEC very good, and there are subsequent moments, but there is too much blandness, and I really couldn't warm to Behind the Sun and have never heard August. I did get EC Was Here when it came out, but that live material really made an impact with Crossroads 2, which will appear in due course.

    I did listen to some of that BBC radio documentary when it was broadcast and seem to remember Glyn Johns(?) saying something about Clapton's essential laziness and need to be stimulated to produce his best. So is this true? - that he needs to be put on his mettle and required to prove himself before he really puts his emotions and skill into best effect. This is certainly over-simplistic given all the other emotional factors that he has struggled with - not to mention ageing - but perhaps there is something to it.

    Crossroads1. Although Dylan had produced Biography a few years before, his was a special case and I guess that one factor with Crossroads was a question whether there was a market for such a set - and it was expensive initially. Biograph and Crossroads were a judicious mixture of 'greatest hits' and unreleased material designed to provide an intriguing overview of their respective careers. They proved the economic case and we have been flooded with these sets ever since.
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    No, I might've included one Rainbow track but I like the Page tracks.
  25. Almost Simon

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    Yes, the 2 Powerhouse tracks are both on the Winwood box. I took the Blind Faith live Hyde Park tracks from watching the you tube of the concert. They are decent performances.

    One of my other favourites is from Rolling Hotel. A drunken Eric singing 'Why Did You Leave Heaven.' Its only 2:20 long as fades in the movie. I think Jamie Oldaker sings a bit of harmony on the 2nd verse. Love that performance. First saw that on the intro to the 1987 ITV South Bank Show Clapton special. That deserves a place on the box.

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