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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Monroro

    Monroro Forum Resident

    Brooklyn NY
    I'm not a big solo McCartney fan, I was just cryptically pointing out that Garcia covered him with the GD in 1991.
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  2. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Listening to the acoustic set from 08/05/70, via the Deadpod Christmas episode. It's not a terribly kind mix, the guitars and mandolin are up front and everything else, vocals included, gets kinda washed out in the back. But it's a fun set, with a nice gospel run. I particularly like the "Mama Tried", "To Lay Me Down" and "Dire Wolf" run. David Nelson and Marmaduke both make their presence felt.

    Might have to see if there's a better source out there for this one.
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  3. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
  4. Jerry

    Jerry Grateful Gort Staff

    New England
    Listening to 11/6/77 on the way into work this morning, my cassette SBD. One of my favorite Truckin versions, with GREAT Garcia solo. Almost like he is dueling with himself. Love the November '77 Truckins. Seneca is another favorite. Latvala was right about Spring 77 vs Fall 77.
  5. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    What was Latvala’s position on the issue?
  6. Jackstraw78

    Jackstraw78 Forum Resident

    Reston, VA
  7. Archtop

    Archtop Infinity goes up on trial!

    Greater Boston
    More of an argument relative to 5/8/77 than a direct quote regarding Spring vs Fall here.
  8. hoggydoggy

    hoggydoggy Forum Resident

    Let's not forget that the MASTER REEL versions of Casey Jones through I Know You Rider circulate on shnid 97364, so there's a generation lost on this new seed.

    My favourite version of this show is still SirMick's remaster of the old shnid seed 1190 for the sterling work he did on making the level changes palatable, though there's still no very "best" version out there, that combines the best pits of the various versions out there.
  9. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

  10. pbuzby

    pbuzby Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, US
    Yes, for some reason Warners deleted the first Garcia album and Ace fairly soon after release. I think in the 80's there were hard-to-find reissues on the Relix label so maybe the Dead claimed rights to them.
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  11. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    Soaking wet and yearning for home, i sit in Pottstown PA awaiting truck repairs (long story for when im back ob laptop. Remind me. Its worth it.)

    But at least i finished my run through the Winterland 73 Box.

    It was like Shoreline 90. All 3 shows were excellent but you cabt really rank them. It really comes down to preference.

    For me:

    11 9 73
    Best setlist. Overall my favorite.

    11 10 73
    Unbelievable 2nd set for the ages.

    11 11 73
    Kinda a killer repeat of 11 10.


    So ive begun 11 14 73 from the porch crusher. Ive only heard it once before and i thought the first 2/3 untilbthe "meat" was jist ok and dragged.

    Not thinking that at all this time. Only up to song 7 or so.

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  12. budwhite

    budwhite Så länge skutan kan gå

    Götaland, Sverige
    A very nice Winterland Sugaree. 77-12-29
  13. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC

    20180112 135840

    At a pickup spot in NJ today this guy had a shrine to Jerry on his work bench with pictures of hos guitars and some concert pics alongside the Jerry photos.

    I couldn't stop to get a better pic. I was running with a bucket full of water to get it to our radiator (busted hose).
  14. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    I remember a few years ago i listened ti that run straight through. I kept going "ANOTHER PERFECT SHOW?!"
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  15. Dahabenzapple

    Dahabenzapple Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Great overall show found on Dick's 10. The wolf sounds amazing on this set.
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  16. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Like the Stones' Blues tongue and the Newest Jimi this cover looks designed for easy ID'ing for an app on tiny black mirrors.
    Fuzzy hair? Check!
    Bushy beard? Check!
    Both surrounding black aviators?
    Must Be Jerry!
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  17. DrLunchbox

    DrLunchbox Forum Deadhead #1604

    Hillsborough, NC
    Well, just under 6, but I did earn a PhD.
  18. budwhite

    budwhite Så länge skutan kan gå

    Götaland, Sverige

    I just listened to Jack Straw* from Eugene, OR one month later. Again. The Wolf is hungry. Fantastic version. Very intense. Band is on the edge!

    *Dave's Pick ..something..1978
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  19. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident


    5/17/77 Tuscaloosa, AL is on tap tonight. Let the long weekend begin!
  20. Bill Cormier

    Bill Cormier Forum Resident

    Malta, New York
    Yeah, I saw the debut of "That Would Be Something" at one of the Boston Garden Shows, took me awhile to realize what the song was as it was so out of context for me (and I have owned the album it is from for 45 years !).
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  21. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    One of our current loads is due in Tuscaloosa this week - thanks for the reminder of what to play! :)
  22. jazz_case

    jazz_case Forum Resident

    Once at Boston Garden in 1991 and that was it until three performances in 1993 (6/7 Michigan, 9/17 MSG, and 12/11 San Diego). At the time I prided myself on staying up to date on things but I have to admit being pretty damn confused when they went into it at the San Diego gig. (it became more frequent in '94)
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  23. Crispy Rob

    Crispy Rob Cat Juggler

    Oakland, CA
    Back in the mid-'80s not only those, but also Wake of the Flood, From the Mars Hotel, Blues for Allah and, less tragically, Steal Your Face were all out of print. MoFi put out a vinyl copy of Mars Hotel that I picked up at the time, very expensive to me at the time but the only way of getting it. By '87 or '88, at least all of the studio albums had been reissued on CD. (Side note, Reckoning was only available with terrible packaging/name as For the Faithful, I still have that version as my vinyl copy).
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  24. Bill Cormier

    Bill Cormier Forum Resident

    Malta, New York
    Re;Reckoning was only available with terrible packing/name as For the Faithful, I still have that version as my vinyl copy).[/QUOTE]
    Right, and on Pair Records confusingly enough !!
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  25. jazz_case

    jazz_case Forum Resident

    A cassette of "For the Faithful" (paired with a WB two-fer cassette of "Workingmans/American Beauty") both handed down to me in the mid-80's were my proverbial bus-stop.

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