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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. BurtThomasWard

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    In spite of being a horrible Unbeliever of the worst kind, spiritual music still have the ability to move me. This was incredibly beautiful.
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  2. US Blues

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    Those were so good, organic and revealing.
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  3. ianuaditis

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    I went flipping through for some contextual clues; it's a bit jumbled - It'd have to be sometime after July - Jim Morrison's death is referenced in the book, but the New Riders are still looking for a pedal steel player (Garcia's last NRPS gig was 10-31-71.) Then when Garcia talks about Pig's illness, he says something like 'he's getting better, but for a while he was really sick,' which doesn't fit July 71, when Pig was still with the band. They also talk about the Garcia Wales album, which wiki says was released on November 1

    So then I read the introduction, and it turns out the first interview was sometime in July, with Wenner and Reich, and then Reich went back alone a few weeks later (the Stoned Sunday Rap section,) and Wenner had another interview with Garcia 'a few months later.' So that might explain some stuff that makes more sense for mid-november rather than mid-july.

    The book has a publishing date of 1972.

    Also, I know I've posted it at least a couple of times, but it has the best quote ever about Dark Star:

    Reich: Well then if we wanted to talk about "Dark Star", could you say anything about where it comes from?

    Garcia: You gotta remember that you and I are talking about two different "Dark Stars." You're talking about the "Dark Star" which you have heard formalized on a record, and I'm talking about the "Dark Star" which I have heard in each performance as a completely improvised piece over a long period of time. So I have a long continuum of "Dark Stars" which range in character from each other to real different extremes. "Dark Star" has meant, while I'm playing it, almost as many things as I can sit here and imagine, so all I can do is talk about "Dark Star" as a playing experience.

    Reich: Well, yeah, talk about it a little.

    Garcia: I can't. It talks about itself. (p. 58)
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  4. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Speaking of Dark Star, we were in the car on the way back from story time at the library - I had the radio on WESU which is the Wesleyan station, at very low volume, when I heard the intro to the studio version.

    I pumped it up, all excited 'no way, they never play this!' They played the full intro and even the first line of singing before it faded out and there was a voiceover.

    It turns out it was just the intro music for a science show about dark matter or black holes or somewise. Still very cool, but I'd rather have heard the tune myself.

    (it's probably from NPR or Pacifica or one of those, they typically play that programming in the daytime. )
  5. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    6-24-70 at the Capitol Theatre, which for some reason became the unique segue capital of the universe (we already got Good Lovin>NFA>Good Lovin and He was a Friend>Viola Lee Blues>the Seven>Cumberland Blues back in March there.) (Port Chester is that kind of place)

    This one has Dark Star>Attics>Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia>Dark Star>St. Stephen>China Cat>I Know You Rider, which is not a far cry from what they've been doing with Dark Star all year. It's Attics instead of the post-verse silence/space, then the '1970 Dark Star' theme which morphs into 'Soulful Strut/tighten up,' then Sugar Magnolia takes the place of 'Feeling Groovy' (it's actually Garcia that ends the jam with a Weir tune this time...) and leads into the final verse.

    There's also NFA>Easy Wind to start the electric set, which is great. The transition could have been slightly smoother, but it's still cool. Weir in particular is on fire; he plays a serious lead on Easy Wind, I had to listen actively to be sure it wasn't Garcia.

    These AUDs from the Capitol sound really good, especially compared to others from the same time. The way these are posted on the archive is hard to piece together, though. I wonder, now that we seem to have a good handle on what tape belongs with what date, do they circulate in the 'usual places' with the early and late show fragments in the correct order? There doesn't seem to be a single one on the archive that has either all of the early show and all of the late show without some weirdness. (e.g early show acoustic set, both NRPS sets, late GD electric set, or electric early show plus partial acoustic late show etc.)
  6. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
    the famous usher was able to do a mike spread off the balcony so that explains why these sound as good as they do. little crowd noise and great pick up from the stage and p.a. for more unique segues check out the 11/70 shows.
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    So I don't know if this will be new to anyone, but this was just posted onto the YouTube very recently. Apparently it's "newly discovered" footage of Grisman and Garcia rehearsing in the early 1990s. I always take "rare, newly discovered" things with a grain of salt when posted on the internets, but I personally have never seen this before. It's quite wonderful!! Jerry in particular seems to be in great spirits throughout. I just love stuff like this.

    Anyone seen this before??
  8. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Yes, there's those and even in that first February 71 show you get Dark Star>Wharf Rat>Dark Star>Me and my Uncle, which kind of thing was not really common at the time.

    They didn't really play that much at the Capitol - its heyday was a bit shorter than a year, and yet it has this reputation as an iconic Grateful Dead venue (maybe this was amplified in my mind growing up right down the street, and certainly promoted by the current management.) I suppose it must have had a lot to do with those tapes, but I never knew until the archive days as the only Capitol tape I had was 2-18-71.
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    Detroit, Michigan
    This is super super cool!
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  10. budwhite

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    Götaland, Sverige
  11. Mr. Rain

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    They took one channel from the available tape, so it's mainly just the guitars. That show was taped with just a partial instrument mix - only Jerry, Bob, Phil, and low vocals - which is interesting to listen to. (The other channel, not included in the youtube tracks, is mostly loud Phil!)
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  12. Mr. Rain

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    There was a discussion of the Signpost interview dates in these comments -- basically in July & October '71, with the interviews combined into one.

    6/24/70 still seems to be scattered across several incomplete copies without one single Archive source combining all available sets. Kind of hard to believe, given the fame of this show!

    It has a lot to do with the excellent quality of the usher AUD tapes (compared to most 1970 AUDs); and even though the Dead only played there for a year they played over a dozen shows there, including many of the best shows of 1970 with some iconic performances; and the February 1971 run is very well-known, though the playing is generally not as good.
  13. Wright

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    I almost can't believe that's actually the released take. I never paid any particular attention to the vocals on the studio version. But Jerry's really putting in an effort here. It reminds me of his work on the Compliments album. I also think it shows the influence of Keith & Donna turning him on to gospel.
  14. Olompali

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    Gotta' remember that Delaney & Bonnie were on the 1970 Festival Express
    Their gospel rock scene was enormous influence back then via Leon Russell, Derek Clapton, George Harrison, "Englishman"Joe Cocker, and The Rolling Exiles.
  15. US Blues

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    I fail to see a problem here. Other than the fact that we don't have the Phil channel!
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  16. US Blues

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    "We have a little bit of technical preparation, Mickey's gonna get his gongs together and we're going to do Dark Star. There'll be a moment or two of respectful silence while Mickey fiddles aimlessly about the stage."

    ~ Jerry's intro to the 24 June 1970 Dark Star
  17. Wright

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  18. Wright

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    Love the random "Shakedown Street" at the end. Nice juxtaposition between public and private Jerry.
  19. Sredni Vashtar

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    Dismal Swamp
    I too wondered the same. I did a little research some time ago and discovered compelling evidence that the substance was not mescaline as advertised, but LSD-25 at a low dose, 50-75mg. The argument is based on the fact that such a diminutive pill isn’t large enough to contain a effective dose of mescaline. I am not a chemist, but I tend to agree with the argument, citing the total disappearance of said Microdots.
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  20. warewolf95

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    Drove times up in an hour. Lots to report. FOUR shows heard today. A personal record. :D
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  21. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    Anyone got any good pics of Jerry from 1995?

    All i can ever picture is the grimacing, pained looking sad Jerry.
  22. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    I do not recall anyone eating just one. Like a certain brand of potato chip. ;)
  23. bzfgt

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    Yes, I don't think it was actually mescaline, I did similar research a few years ago. It didn't seem like acid only weaker though; it had its own character although I suppose it could have been LSD, but I don't remember it being that weak...
  24. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
  25. warewolf95

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    Greenville, SC
    So today i listened to:

    3 28 91
    3 29 91
    3 31 91
    4 01 91

    Fantastic. Some thoughts so far, since ive begun this casual re-marathon , its been nice not listening to make a review etc. Just throw it on and go lol.

    Secondly, for all the shows Bruce has missed so far there still wasnt a dud kr even the usual "tired" show. Vince held his own. Not amazingly, but he was there and was jist fine. I wasnt pining for Bruce the whole time cuz the shows were still that good.

    That being said, theres been a distinct lack of full on, start to finish amazeballs shows. The standard base quality level has been excellent bit the X Factor has been pretty limited to either jist a set or a few sobgs each night.

    Except for a few gigs.

    3 31 91
    4 01 91


    xoxo Love ya Lemieux ;)

    Peace guys. I think tomorrow will be a non Dead day.

    Also, everyone blame @ianuaditis for making me want to revisit the year. :)

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