The Monkees "More of the Monkees" Rhino Handmade Deluxe Box Set

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    If it is true that Davy (or in-laws?) had some shows recorded, I wonder if the tapes (audio and or video) survived the family dissonance after his passing? I was at the Atlanta Chastain Park show in 2011 and cameras were rolling the whole time, even before the venue screens came on (after dark). Davy stuck his foot out for one of them joking, "Look at that leg!"

    Still, even though some have hinted at pro recordings, no one I know who went to any given show ever saw a sign that mentioned recording, and I think that is pretty standard. Still..

    Best unofficial recording from that tour was at Niagra Falls.. Shorter set list, but captured the sound of that tour perfectly (Anyone who thinks they have better do let me know!?). The ending of "Someday Man", especially, still sends me right back to those days.

    Good Times, indeed!

    More of the Monkees? You bet! Thank you Andrew, Rhino and all those who made the music possible. Bring on the next deluxe whatever it is!

    I've run out of time and punctuation. Aren't you glad??
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    I love extra info like this. Thanks!
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    Does anybody know who owns the live 1986 concert that was sold on LP and cassette at their 1987 concerts, and I think also thru mail order? Maybe that could be something Rhino would consider releasing?
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    Props to FredV for showing that Warner put the Headquarters Sessions tracks on YouTube. The "All of Your Toys" session includes a number of breakdowns and false starts, but they damn near nail the very first take - and this was the second song they ever attempted on their own in the studio.

    I bought that album on CD at a Monkees show on the Justus tour. It was clearly mastered from a needledrop, which suggests that the tapes had disappeared. (One hopes they were later recovered.)
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    Ah, okay- I didn't realize it had been on sale at their shows that late in the game... Did it still have the original cover artwork, or was it something entirely new for the needle-drop release?
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  6. By the way, I don't know which thread is appropriate to ask but can someone be the designated "Nez social media" poster for those of us not on social media? I wanna keep up with Nez, but I don't wanna join that noise and fury. Please & thanks.
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    Here's what I bought, photos courtesy of Discogs:
    Discogs describes it as an "unofficial" release, but I bought it at the merch stand inside the venue, which would be a pretty bawlzy place to try to sell bootlegs.

    I'm guessing this is the art from the LP/cassette you mentioned:

    My CD says "all rights reserved" but doesn't say who holds the copyright. Then again, neither did the earlier LP. I notice that neither version actually says "Monkees," which indicates that whoever sold it was cognizant of rights issues regarding the name.
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    The 1960s sets are cool, but I’d have to draw the line at this stuff. Would leave one more for someone else.
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    Still enjoying the heck out of this box.. Andrew really hit it out of the park (again).
    I'm actually starting to enjoy "Laugh."
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    Michigan, US
    The TV Mixes are outstanding. Andrew really did a fantastic job with this set!
  11. FredV

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    I believe that David Fishof, the promoter of the 1986-87 tours may hold the rights to the recording. It’s also possible the Dolenz, Jones and Tork may also co-own the rights, which may explain the cd version.
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    I remember reading years ago (I believe in MBF) that it was jointly owned by Dolenz, Jones, Tork and Fishof. Don't know if that would still be true.
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    Skip the Reunion box and do a Missing Links Box with all 3 volumes plus add whatever is left like Nesmith's "Omega" etc ...
  14. Mike M.

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    I kind of remember watching a talk on Youtube where Andrew was saying that there just wasn't enough content to justify superdeluxe releases of later releases like Pool It, but that he wouldn't be opposed to putting something together like a 3 cd set that includes Changes, Pool It and Justus. Now that might be worth a release (perhaps after Pisces).
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    A Missing Links box would be the best way to put a nice bow on the Monkees Rhino releases, after the HQ and PACJ boxes, and just be done with it all. I would, also, like, at some point, down the road, a Pool It, Justus and Good Times! Deluxe (Anniversary?) 2 Disc edition......but I swear, that’s it.
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    I'm presuming the "long version" ypu reference is the one sourced from the Head movie. It is not a continuous take.

    In the film, the sequence begins with Davy lip syncing and dancing. The part where it grinds to a halt is deliberate - at this point the dancing stops, and the music cuts from the studio recording over to Davy singing alone on the soundstage. After completing the slow verse, the reprise (a flown-in copy of the intro) kicks off as Davy dances away.

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  17. cwitt1980

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    A vinyl edition of Missing Links Vol. 2 please! Along with a standalone mono "Birds, Bees, & Monkees." Maybe they could do something like the Byrds Sanctuary series with strays spread out over a few albums. That's me talking vinyl. As far as sets go, the Headquarters, PACJ, and a Missing Links is cool but I'd rather it be a chronological thing with all mixes being fresh with count-ins, studio chatter, and all the etceteras. While we're at it, why not a Changes Super Deluxe that gathers up some solo bits after the Monkees. I'd like to get some of those Davy tracks like "Man We Was Lonely."

    HELLOLARRY Forum Resident

    I think the budget to clear all this stuff from multiple sources would be astronomical and don't believe they could justify it given what projected returns would be. It looks like a cool list but I have similar compilations already from bootlegs and other sources in my personal collection (as I'm sure many others have) and for as much as I revisit them, I personally wouldn't shell out any significant money for the post '70 product. Once Headquarters and PACAJ Ltd. are released that is the end of the line for me. Perhaps if there are any scraps left, the best place for them would be individual downloads on ITunes but I have no idea if there would be any licensing restrictions for those.
  19. FJFP

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    Aren't all the missing links tracks basically covered by the bonus tracks in the super deluxe sets anyway, mostly in superior vintage mixes?
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  20. SJB

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    I know the film version includes a live soundstage vocal, backed by flutes. But Music Box includes a longer version with a different slow version of the "years have passed..." verse, clearly sung in the studio, backed by piano. The Head super deluxe box includes an even longer version of this extended recording.
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    They would have to do a much better vinyl transfer, or ultimately find a tape source, to justify doing that. The version in the deluxe set isn't anything to write home about.
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    I love how...if you point out a flaw, or inquire innocently about a flaw, you are "causing all kinds of grief". Monkees butt-kissers never change.
  23. I'm afraid I don't understand the request for a ML set in lieu of new/unreleased reunion era stuff, especially concerning the 2011-present era which includes Good Times, easily one of their best albums and touring years.
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  24. action pact

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    Note the poster on the backdrop?



    Look to the left of the jukebox...


    It was part of a Wurlitzer promotion!!


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    It would appear that final multi-tracks exist for more MOTM songs than initially thought.

    At this point, only the following songs appear missing:

    - Ladies Aid Society
    - I'll Be Back Upon My Feet (Version 1)
    - When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)
    - The Girl I Left Behind Me (Version 1)

    I suppose it's possible that "Ladies Aid" exists but has just never been remixed, but the other three are definitely missing. Interestingly, the last 2 songs were entirely recorded in New York and are probably on the same reel. So they are either buried in an East Coast vault somewhere, or are in a New Jersey landfill. It appears that everything recorded at RCA NYC is gone now, most notably the "Changes" tapes. Maybe Andrew can elaborate?
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