The "Picture of your Turntable(s)" thread, Pt. 4

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  1. Davey

    Davey very clever with maracas

    Nice table. There's a restored one done with cherry for sale right now on one of the sites, looks very nice ...

  2. My non humming Project RPM10. Table is original version of this model and now several years old but all I need at this stage. Finish is excellent and build quality high, problems, nil. Have fitted one belt in that time and I do remove the platter about once a year and lightly lube the bearing with Project oil.
    The table sits on a stand spiked through carpet onto concrete. I'm no light weight but can jump up and down next to it without causing a ripple of concern.

    Currently running a Dynavector XX-2 in the Project arm and a Hana SL in the Wand arm. Just waiting for an AT33mono cartridge to arrive. Original premise was to fit this to the Wand but its combo with the Hana is sounding so good that it could be the XX-2 that gets replaced.
    The Hana is a pretty light cart and I had to add a 2gm weight to the head shell to get within my preferred tracking force. For those of eagle eye at the time of these photos
    the arm was running without the weight.
    Only downside of the Hana for me is the lack of a threaded body so it gets to be a rather tricky operation fitting the cart, weight and extra long screws which must be done with the stylus guard off. Having an easy dis-mountable unipivot arm is a lot of help.

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