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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by kwadguy, Oct 6, 2016.

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    oh c'mon. This goes back to who shot JR? The networks have tried every conceivable cliff hanger cliché in the book.
    I'm not saying your feelings aren't valid, don't get me wrong.
    But you have to expect games like this on dramas going on hiatus. It comes with the territory.
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    Yea, I wasn't very thrilled with the finale. At least, I thought they'd give some hint as to how he died. The previous episode strongly hinted that he'd die in a drunk driving situation.

    My guess is that he dies as a good samaritan, perhaps trying to stop a robbery or something like that. Maybe that's why they were showing him about to rob the bar right before he meets Rebecca. Almost like how he almost fell into a life of crime, and then later dies as a result of being good. He also had that speech about how being a good person gets him nowhere.

    But yea, I wasn't too thrilled about the finale. To me, there wasn't enough of a cliff hanger!
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    I hate this show with a passion. I've only seen about a dozen scenes and I find them so cringeworthy, so white knight, so...

    ...I've decided to highlight and delete the paragraph I had typed out and just leave it at that. I'm happy for those that found a show they like, just wish my wife wasn't one of them.
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    One page and two weeks ago I said I was afraid we wouldn't find out how Jack dies for a long time (I randomly picked the end of season 6). Still afraid of that. The show writers must know that Jack is their one ace to play. Especially with William gone.

    There is some really quality writing on this show but it just can't sustain itself for too long. This could have been one of the most brilliant one season shows in history, or even two seasons. Beyond that this is going to suffer and ratings are going to suffer.

    The combination of the previous two episodes (Memphis and What Now) could have been a series finale with the addition of the resolution of how Jack died.

    I saw someone on twitter last night who said they were shocked that the guy who sat down for the blind date with Rebecca wasn't Jack. Shocked? Ultimately who cares? We know that Rebecca and Jack got together and had a life and children. At what point do we no longer need anymore backstory on them?

    And I'll ask again, is anyone really that excited to see what happens to present day Kate, Kevin or Randall?

    I saw a new interview the other day where Chrissy Metz said she isn't contracted to lose weight for the show. Which is odd because I thought it was directly from her mouth a few months ago that it was in fact in her contract to lose weight. I don't want to watch a bunch of seasons of The Biggest Loser with Kate Pearson, but why would she be backtracking on that? The problem is that her weight is the only thing they've based the character on. I'm sure overweight people would say that there's more to them than their bathroom scale.

    Justin Hartley has the least amount of range as an actor and his current career isn't interesting enough to be a focus of entire episodes over multiple seasons. His ex-wife? They dropped her in out of nowhere, it's not that interesting.

    Randall is by far the most interesting of the lot but what's left after the great father/son situation? Do I want to see him get a new job? Adopt a kid? Not interesting.

    I guess the one way to make this continue in present day would be to have Jack's spirit visiting his adult children the way he did with Randall when Randall was tripping at the cabin. But how many times can you go to that well?

    Are we going to see the three kids at 16, 18, 24? To try to lengthen this out. Are we going to get more backstory on William? We already know how it is in present day for these people, too much information about the past isn't going to strengthen their characters. Darth Vader anyone?

    The one thing they should do is involve Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) in every scene. She's gorgeous!
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    I wish you'd left it in, I would have been interested to know what you think. Criticism of the show doesn't bother me.
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    The only ways this would have upset me is if last week was the cliffhanger and last night's episode was the first of season 2. That would have been extremely disappointing after waiting 6 months for the show to come back. The way it is now, there is a good change season 2 can be as good as the first. Or well, at least close - it''l be hard to be as good without William (I'm hoping they'll bring him back a little). But if they had wrapped up both his and Jack's story-lines in season 1, I'd doubt season 2 would keep my interest.
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    You know, a couple of months ago I would have disagreed with you, but after watching last night's finale, I am in complete agreement with what you're saying.

    The only thing that is interesting would be the backstory. The big 3's current situation is completely boring now. Randall adopting a kid? Kate starting a singing career? Kevin continuing acting in LA? Yawn.

    I'm guessing/hoping they focus more on the backstory. How did Miguel and Rebecca get together? Some more stories from Jack's childhood/maybe Vietnam tour?

    I do like that they made Jack more human and not this super fantastic best dad in the world! It was more realistic to see him as jealous/angry and the fight they had in the finale to me was quite well done, pretty realistic.

    But yea, I really can't see them stretching this out more than 1 more season. I do think they should have kept William alive a bit longer though, perhaps one more season.
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    Was last night the first time they mentioned that Jack was in Vietnam? I couldn't remember that being told to us previously. That said I personally have no real interest in seeing Vietnam war backstory. Jack even said he was a mechanic and he didn't have it that bad there compared to others. That would have been pre-Rebecca anyway and I don't need anymore pre-Rebecca backstory of Jack or pre-Jack backstory of Rebecca.

    Agree (and I forgot) that how Miguel and Rebecca get together needs to be resolved.

    And I forgot to mention the fight between Jack and Rebecca was very well done. Very chaotic and realistic in that it was hard to follow who was saying what. Usually a fight like that would be choreographed to have all of the dialogue clear. In this case a lot of it wasn't except the important lines they wanted us to hear. I bet it took a bunch of takes to get that timed right between the actors.
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    I find this to be a strange thread. Many people seem to like the show but are sure that the best is already behind us. Imo most episodes have been great and even the not-great ones are still pretty good. I really don't understand why so many people are so sure that everything in the future is going to suck. They put together a really good season. Why can't they do it again?
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    Obviously just speaking for myself I never said the show was going to start to suck. And I don't want to keep rehashing my points.

    But I've yet to hear anyone say "yes I'd love to watch these three characters (Kate, Kevin and Randall) for multiple seasons". As I understand it the show is renewed for two more seasons currently.

    Somebody said on the last page that they heard a cast member say we'd find out how Jack died this season. I didn't hear that, and I'm curious if this was actually said and by which cast member. It's not a good sign if the writers realized that Jack's death is the ace in the hole and decided to push back its reveal.

    My fear (and I think their fear) is that if they reveal Jack's death the show will dry up in the ratings as time goes by and yet if they drag it out for years the ratings will dry up because of frustration from viewers. I don't think they anticipated the love for the Jack character and how central he has become for fans.

    Again this could have been a fantastic one or two year show. I love the first season of True Detective (though it has faults) and can't imagine if they'd had a second season with Woody and Matthew solving another case.
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    If you watched the finale with no preconceived notions of what was going to happen, I think it was a good episode. What ended up being the resolution of Rebecca on tour was well done and the fight that ensued was top notch acting. I also enjoyed the circumstances that led up to their very first meeting together.


    I think I have figured out what is pissing me off about this show. And, if you go back, it started with the pilot episode and the synopsis that read something like "three people with very different lives experience events that intertwine". I understand that so called little white lie is needed to hide the big reveal at the end of the episode that everyone is related.

    But, starting with that and continuing from that point forward, there has been a conscious effort on the part of the creator, producers and actors to constantly provide misinformation about the direction of the show in order to swerve me the viewer.

    Other examples are the reports "Kate will be having surgery later this season" and "how Jack died will be revealed before the end of the season". The reason the finale is unpopular is because of the manipulation of the viewer before the episode even aired. I was watching Jack and Rebecca miss each other a couple of times at the bar thinking how tragic this is going to turn out and then a few minutes later I realized I was played the fool by "This Is Us".

    I will continue to watch next season and yes I'm part of this "strange thread" as one who thinks it will go down in quality. But, I will watch next season trying to acquire no information beforehand as to what "This Is Us" has in store for us and if I do stumble upon any information I will consider it an outright lie.
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    I wonder if they will open next season with Miguel driving Jack to Cleveland so he can retrieve his car :shh:
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    I thought Rebecca drove Jack home in the truck because she went to Cleveland with the band?
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    Oh're right

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    If you expected to find out how Jack dies,I can see how the finale would feel like a cheat

    But I thought it was a solid episode that gave us more insight into Jack (particularly) and Rebecca.

    And the fight scene between them was amazingly realistic. I wonder how they prepped for and shoot that scene because the timing and passion was spot on.
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    The fight scene was so well written, choreographed and acted! Made me really uncomfortable to watch it. Felt way too real!
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    I would agree, that's why I'm not overly concerned about how he dies. With all of the other high drama, double cross, dragon, zombies, cop, lawyer, superhero, drug kingpin shows on right now, it's nice to have one that can just build over time. We know he dies. We'll find out how sooner or later or maybe never. I don't think they are trying put on a huge conspiracy about it. They'll reveal it and move on. My suggestion would be to quit reading every little TMZ clickbait article on the internet about it and enjoy it for what it is.
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    I wonder if Jack's death will be something to do with 9/11? Does that fit the timeline? I've lost track a bit now.:)

    Sad to see William die. A great character and brilliant performances from the past and present actors playing him.

    In fact, William's story would make a great spin-off.
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    Doubtful. The family lives in Pittsburgh, and the kids were born in 1980. They've been shown at Jack's funeral in their early to mid-teens.
    If Jack's death was related to 9/11 the kids would be 21 when he dies.
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    I love this show. Love it! (Strange, since I did not care for Thirtysomething at all.)

    The S1 finale, though, was a horrible finale. A good episode, but a horrible choice for a season ender, IMO. I realize they have to now stretch the storylines over two more seasons...
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    My wife and I binge-watched season one this week, and pretty much loved it. Neither of us like spoilers, so we just don't read anything in the "news" pertaining to the show, and that way we aren't disappointed when something differs from the hype that's thrown out there week after week. Because of this, we were a little disappointed at not getting the reveal about Jack's death, but since we like the character of Jack so much, we're perfectly fine having that mystery carry over into season 2 or 3, or whatever.

    The bottom line is we know Jack dies. We know Jack dies when the kids are still high school age. We know Jack's death affected all 3 children deeply, and shaped some of the issues they have in adulthood. We even know that Rebecca moves on eventually, and gets together with Miguel. Since we already know so much, it really doesn't make that much difference how Jack actually dies, does it? It's just one thread in the whole fabric of the story - albeit an important one - that shouldn't change anything once it is revealed since we already know the repercussions.

    We're just not going to get hung up on it. Instead, we'll enjoy the show for what it is: a very well-written, emotional, well-acted drama with characters we're enjoying and stories we find compelling.

    Here's to season 2 being just as good as season 1. :cheers:
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    "This Is Us" is moving to Thursdays @ 9 p.m. this week as NBC revives "Must See TV". It will also be preempted multiple times by Thursday Night Football and the Winter Olympics. It also gets the coveted post Super Bowl slot.
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    I would love to watch these characters for multiple seasons, especially Randall and Kate. This show is a lot more to me than just the death of Jack and the death of William.
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