Travelers on Netflix

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Maseman66, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Damien DiAngelo

    Damien DiAngelo Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    Not soon enough!
  2. tootull

    tootull John Norman

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  3. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    I just finished season 2. While there were a few parts that dragged, overall I thought it was excellent. And what a cliffhanger! It will be a long wait until season 3.
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  4. Yep. I also started watching season one as well just to revisit some episodes as it's been awhile. Terrific series.
  5. daglesj

    daglesj Forum Resident

    Norfolk, UK
    My other half noticed Season 2 was on last night and said "Ohhh let's watch an episode!"

    I said "Fine, sounds good to me!" And snuggled down on the sofa to sleep.

    "Oh I thought we watched this together?" said she.

    "Nope, I slept through every one, you just didn't notice!"

  6. Wingman

    Wingman Bored of the Rings

    Half way through Season One and enjoying the ride.
  7. marmalade166

    marmalade166 Grokkin' 'n' Groovin'

    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Here's hoping we get a Season 3...
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  8. we better.
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  9. Tree of Life

    Tree of Life Forum Resident

    Captiva Island, FL
    Damn, ended on another cliffhanger

    Traveler's is a excellent show

    There better be a season Three
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  10. Damien DiAngelo

    Damien DiAngelo Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    I haven't bothered to watch, or even sign into Netflix since I updated my phone in November.
    I had no idea that season 2 was out.
    I'm glad I peeked back into this thread.
    Time to binge!
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  11. Robert M.

    Robert M. Forum Resident


    Eric McCormack on Twitter

    Best regards,

    Robert Martellaro
  12. Gumboo

    Gumboo Forum Resident

    New Orleans area
    I binged both seasons and liked it. Glad it has been renewed for another season!
  13. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Happy as I was, nothing more excruciating than scrolling through that McCormick Twitter feed through jillions of clones of "yay!" in-between hundreds of useless celebratory .gif's. Yes, apparently the entire Twitter science fiction community loves minions; how original.

    It is now the month apparently the thing was starting back do we get some concrete information so I can start budgeting my TV grazing schedule? I am so sick and tired of streaming companies and cable netlets playing fast and loose with fans who just may have other things in their lives to attend to, and have committed the irredeemable act of not owning a smartphone...?

    Before the FCC started de-regulating everything, there weren't this many hoops to jump through to find programming you liked; you just waitied until September, picked up the Entertainment Weekly, and started circling whatever you needed to keep track of.

    Oh, and now that I have my tongue rolled back up into my mouth...Mackenzie Porter. That is all.

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