Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)...*Contains Spoilers!!*

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    I’m not sure what you’re referring to here.... when did they kill her? When she covered his face?
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    While I agree that the sex act in the motel certainly had ritualistic overtones (not to mention that The Platters song was playing), I still don't necessarily see it as an act that "drew Judy out", especially when there are a number of other things that might be going on in that scene. Furthermore, I don't really see any parallels between it and the scene between Sam and Tracey, aside from the fact that both scenes involve sex. There's essentially nothing "ritualistic" about Sam and Tracey's act. If anything, Tracey is set up as a girl (a waitress?) with a crush on Sam and little else. The idea that she was "hired" seems completely vague and unsubstantiated, and unless you can point to something specific on the DVD or in the book that might indicate otherwise, it remains so. The idea that the sex scene overlaps with Coop's emergence seems likewise vague--the same kind of rabbit-hole thinking that caused some people to assume the last two episodes should be overlapped (or whatever that whole thing was about). Lastly, I remember an interview with Lynch once where he was asked about the owls in Twin Peaks, and his response was in the vein of "you'll have to ask Mark Frost about that". I only mention it because in my opinion that just goes to show there are many elements to Twin Peaks that Frost puts in his books (or in the second season) that Lynch is just flat out uninterested in. Hence, the idea that Frost refers to Crowley in a book that Lynch probably never even read means essentially nothing to me in regards to the scene between Sam and Tracey. In summary, I do think the scene in episode 18 between Coop and Diane is subject to a slew of interpretations, at least a few of which might directly involve Judy. But I'm still waiting for even a loose indication that the scene between Sam and Tracey was little more than just bad timing.
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    Just wanted to say that I read both books by Frost and they added very little to my understanding or appreciation of the show.

    I thought the show on its own was amazing and the best thing I saw all year on any-sized screen.
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