Vernon Joynson's "A Melange of Musical Pipedreams and Pandemonium."

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    The newest title by renowned musical historian Vernon Joynson "A Melange of Musical Pipedreams and Pandemonium" is ready for pre-order! This volume covers prog, psych, folk and beat music 1963-1976 in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Turkey and the Middle East. Limited to 850 copies worldwide, this is by far the best pre-order price I have found. Also contains a good product description. Pre-order your copy today!

    A Melange of Musical Pipedreams and Pandemonium: Vernon Joynson: 9781899855216: Books
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    Just saw this thread!

    how much was the pre-order
    to US?

    $75.76 now
  3. Stuggy

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    I read that this has added a section on Afro-rock since its previous incarnation which only incluuded South African alongside Australia/New Zealand.
    Has anybody read taht and can confirm?
    I'm looking for something that covers the best of the psychedelic stuff from Africa especially.
    & preferably accurately

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