Vintage Speakers making a come back... JBL Klipsch etc...

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Lovealego, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Dennis0675

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    I did not know that, thanks!
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  2. enfield

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    Despite the good looks many vintage speakers suffer from various troubles.Invariably the drivers are past their best.

    If you want all the benefits of the vintage sound/looks/build quality, then some manufactures are reviving their vintage classics.Although the prices are normally steep.Tannoy produce an excellent range currently.

    Tannoy Speakers, Brand Tannoy Speakers at Audio Affair

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  3. SandAndGlass

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    Then come to Florida!
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  4. scotpagel

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    Those JVC's look like vintage early 80's speakers but the prices are way way higher :eek: I was comparing my parents old 80's AAFES catalogs and the new Music Direct catalog.
  5. bluesky

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    AlNiCo !!

    I'm 'hooked' on them. Love the sound.
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  6. Nephrodoc

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    Same here. Just replaced my old Heresy’s. Heresy III was at the top of my list, but went with another brand. My brother will try his hand at refurbishing the old Heresy speakers.
  7. soundboy

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    Those expensive JBL speakers featured in the latest Music Direct catalog aren’t new; those speakers have been offered in Japan for years.
  8. 56GoldTop

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    I have always loved the sonic presentation of a great 12" 3-way; so, I'm good with it. Bottom wrung cheapies to high end models (Harbeth Monitor 40's, Spendor Classic 100's...) have always been around. Not sure I could call it a new trend.

    As much as one can glean from yootoob (Kenrick's site), the JBL 4319's have everything I've come to love about 12" 3-ways. It's nice to know there is an options if my L112's were to ever poop the bed.

    Essentially, my take on it is, if it's a good speaker... it's a good speaker... regardless of when (the style/design/engineering) originally came into being.
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  9. Bullis

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    My klipsch Kg4 are still smoking, moved five times and their still mint. My babies
  10. Sax-son

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    Three Rivers, CA
    I have a pair of AR3's that were professionally modified to include Braun ADS top end and vintage AR woofers. They sound incredible to me and won't be going anywhere any time soon. I also have a pair of Original Large Advents as back up. No need for speakers at this time.
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  11. PhxJohn

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    Phoenix, AZ

    There is a guy who has managed to rebuild the 3/4 AR black dome tweeters that were used in the later 2ax's, the 3a's, and the 5's. Pretty amazing. He can be found on the Classic Speaker Pages. I realize you said AR 3's....but in case anyone else can learn from this......
  12. Sax-son

    Sax-son Forum Resident

    Three Rivers, CA
    Yes! the Classic Speaker Pages are a great source for those looking to restore or find out information on a variety of vintage speaker systems. It's a great forum in my opinion.
  13. samurai

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    Are those the speakers you would buy if you had that kind of play money?
  14. searing75

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    Western NY
    Klipsch Cornwalls FTW!
  15. PhxJohn

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    Phoenix, AZ
    If I had that kind of play money, I would move. Forget the speakers. Perspective. LOL.
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  16. PhxJohn

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    Phoenix, AZ
    Good choice. Dynamics !!
  17. I'll second the Klipsch KG4's. Stellar!
  18. PhxJohn

    PhxJohn Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ

    I really enjoy my AR's but there is no way that a drum strike will hit you over the head like a Klipsch will. You can't beat Klipsch for transients. I don't care how the vintage AR's measure. They sound slow. Klipsch's sound fast. I like both brands. Not all models either.
  19. PhxJohn

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    Phoenix, AZ
    I had 2 pairs of those over the decades. No complaints.
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  20. Bullis

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    My wife has never asked me about selling them and getting something smaller. She would be out the door, joking of course
  21. GroovyGuy

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    Halifax, NS Canada
    So ...... the way I see this is it all depends on what you are looking for. For instance:

    in our boathouse I have a 1979 Realistic STA-2100 (serviced and fully functional) receiver paired with a set of Realistic Mach One speakers (original drivers but replacement OEM woofer foams) and for filling the boat house, dock, and lower deck at the cottage with sound and for that purpose that combo is amazing! That said - would I use that combo for my reference system or even a secondary listening system which focuses on fine music reproduction - NO!

    Things evolve over time and by that (in my case) I mean both technologically AND in regard to what my "critical listening ears" consider "good" sound. In my case, what was AMAZING sound 30-40 years ago is NOT amazing sound today. That said, I still do love crankin' out the sound from the Realistic rig in the boat house all summer long lol :)
  22. BMWCCA

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    Central Virginia
    Hell Yes!!
    As it is I have to settle for these reproduction 4345s. Actually I'd love to hear the DD67000s in the same room as my 4345s to compare. Until that happens, I could not be happier than when I'm listening to music on my vintage JBL reproduction 4345s.

  23. EasterEverywhere

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    I love my Heresy IIs.They were meant for tubes.Only thing that would be better would be Klipshorns or La Scalas.
  24. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    Yesterday I drove almost two hours away from my house to finally hear a pair of Forte II's, that a nice guy had listed on Craigslist. They were great sounding on his SCOTT 299c, but in the end, I couldn't reason myself to buying them as they weren't as smooth, especially in the mid range, as my "Chorus 1's" sound, with Bob Crites upgrades and a sub. I will admit that the Forte II's are very nice speakers that I may consider down the road, if I ever need speakers for a smaller room or smaller set-up.
  25. Gramps Tom

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    Here's a website link to an independent mfg in New Hampshire who offers a full line of vintage-style speakers. One model was designed by Mr. Burhoe, founder of EPI Speakers, which were mfg in Conn., 40+ years ago.

    2016 Model Guide

    Human Speakers has provided passionate service and product support to keep vintage EPI and Genesis speakers singing.

    EPI is not an often mentioned name in speaker lore, yet to my ears, they have delivered sonics that provide wide dispersion, natural high end and vocal performance, absorb amplifier power well and REALLY start to perform at about 10 o'clock volume position. The cabinetry and crossovers are well constructed. I own (5) pr of 1972-74 vintage EPI models, and most are still in use daily.

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