Vinyl Shops in Tokyo, Japan and Japan in General

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    I just checked EMS price to UK and is 166 UK pounds to send 16 Kg box.You get 50 records in a box.I put 2 cardboard stiffeners at each end and lots of tape and they arrived by post within a week.I took 2 boxes by plane and bought a $20 cheap bag to put them in and packed my boots and winter cloth around them and arrived safe. On top of that I managed to carry on luggage 18 Kg of records my favorites (7 Kg max) without being stopped.See if your air ticket allows you to buy more luggage Kg and compare the price. EMS Post Offices are every where and you will have no problem with English (Unless your Cockney)As for being a non Japanese speaker I have one word for you ! Hite
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    You are a diamond geezer - thank you! But you'll have to tell me what 'hite ' means. Yoroshku onehgaishimus.

    The cheapest option, it seems will be to pay the excess baggage charge on Korean Air, which might be as little as $100.

    And to be honest, I might not even buy that much.

    Actually, who am I kidding? Once I get on a roll, I'll be like a suburban housewife who has just won a trolley dash in Harrods.

    That's why I am doing g my homework. Wouldn't want to pick up lots of awesome records and have no way of getting them home safely.

    I know Tokyo is the place to be for.recors shops. But does Kyoto, Matsumoto or Kanazawa have any must visit shops ? (Those are the other places I am going on my trip).
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    damn that is brutal. Japan still does surface mail... I dunno... may have plumped for SAL.
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    If your flying in and out of Tokyo check out a few record shops and store them at your Tokyo Hotel for when you get back.Dont spoil your traveling lugging around Kgs of records in the heat.Google Kanazawa record shops and it will come up on your maps.Also google translate will read Japan writing and translate speech really well.There are times I bought records in a small town and they packed and sent them back to my Tokyo Hotel to save me carrying them around.Last trip when I spent too much time visiting every record shop I could in each town I would leave them in the train station locker until I was ready to leave to the next town.In regards to hite I learned a few Hello Goodbye Thankyou Japan words which got a bit mixed up .I since found that Japanese learn English at school but because pronunciation is so difficult they will not embarrass themselves to reply.So I will speak English slowly using facial expressions where they might understand and feel a little more confident trying to reply . Hite means YES with a nod in Japanese and they do it all the time while talking.Together with hand gestures thats all I needed.As you will be in tourist areas train stations speaking English will be OK. Your going to have a great time and the food is amazing. Good Luck.
    P.S Regarding buying records I myself bought mostly Japanese pressings with OBI strip of anything I liked from the 70s 80s.Also most record shops grade the records so I would only buy Mint or Near mint.Given the cost of taking back to the UK why buy something you can get at home or the cheap bargain bins stuff !!!!!!!!!
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    SAL is ok. / i use everytime when i sent records back to my home.
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    For major post office , they can speak english.
    For smaller one,it' s on your luck but finally i think you can communicate with them .

    my tips.
    please print form that you want (EMS,SAL registered,SAL parcel or SAL)

    and show the post officers, they will understand and calculate the price for you.
    it can save your time.

    good luck
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    Already excited for this year’s annual pilgrimage, and it is still more than three months away!

    Does anyone know how to determine which DU store has a sale on on any given day? I believe the stores have sales on specific days, but I could be wrong. I would often find that there would be a color-coded sale, for example one day orange tags were 10% off, red tags were 20% off, etc. But I found that one store in one location might have a sale, while another DU store in a different location on that same exact day would not have anything on sale.

    I cannot read Japanese, so I’m not sure how to tell from the website whether - for example - it would be best to go to the DU Shimokitizawa store or the Shibuya store(s) on a particular day. Is there any method to to understand which store has items on sale on which days?
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    du shimo will sales on the first wednesday of every month.
    other branch /you can check from website (you can use google translate)
    if you are disk union member/ they will mail sales date to you.
    happy hunting.
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