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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Chester0711, Nov 14, 2017.

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    when you audition equipment do you choose a specific volume level to listen at? I don’t have a specific level I listen at in my listening room, I am all over the place or I would audition at the typical level I listen at.....is there a volume level that is considered nominal for auditioning speakers, amps, etc.....
  2. Snoflo1998

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    Hmm, I've found it depends on the speaker / amp. Some speakers only sound 'opened up' at a higher volume level and 'closed-in' at lower listening levels. If a speaker I'm auditioning does that then that's the end of the audition for me. I prefer speakers that are dynamic and sound open and alive at low listening volumes (where I normally listen). Some amps sound best past the first watt. I'm only interested in the first watt.
  3. JakeMcD

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    I try to listen critically at two levels using acoustic type source material. Initially, I aim to be as close as the dial will let me to hearing instruments/voice as if the performers were playing live in the room. If I'm still interested, then the low level test as described by Snoflo1998. If it passes those two tests, it's usually good at other levels, then I'll move on to other source material. I definitely do not listen at a static listening level in my home.
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    When I audition I listen mostly at my "typical" volume, but I also check out how things perform at low and high volume levels to see if anything jumps out at me or causes me concern.

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