WHT (Aussie) Loudspeakers - HiRez, High Sensitivity & No Crossover

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Jim Ricketts, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Jim Ricketts

    Jim Ricketts Active Member Thread Starter

    Freedom, USA
    Press Release - April, 2012

    tmh audio is US distributor for WHT Loudspeakers

    We are honored to be named the US distributor of WHT loudspeakers (Australia) as these are remarkable, award winning transducers with leading technology are a perfect fit for our other ultra-high performance product lines – our focus at tmh audio.

    A few highlights of all WHT models
    NO Crossover
    Custom, ultra-high precision Mid-Woofer (paper-based composite designed & mfd by WHT) eliminates xover
    Ultra fast ribbon tweeter for ultimate in resolution, air/space
    6N Silver internal wiring (PR models)
    ● NO solder - hard crimped connections for highest quality sound
    ● High Sensitivity with unrestrained dynamics
    ● Ultra fast (ultimate PRAT!)
    ● 10Ω driver load offers lower distortion & better damping
    ● Extraordinary transparency & resolution

    Compatible with low watt tube amps and high quality solid state designs…especially our “edge-of-the-art” NORMA 2Mhz solid state designs from Italy!

    The model PR3 was named Italy's "Monitor of the Tear"!

    More info, photos & review excerpts at: http://www.tmhaudio.com/WHT.htm


    A few review excerpts….

    --- Monitor of the Year ---
    "Fedeltà del Suono"(Italy)
    "On Opus records Test record, J Haydn's strings were reproduced with ambience & soundstage of very high quality and allowing one to hear the wood resonance."

    "On Track 11, the instruments are perfectly reproduced and reconstructed in front of the listener. the strings vibrate and delineate precisely the material composition."

    "The transition from one movement to another is perfect in attack and release. One hears the fingers touch the keys of the piano of the first big crescendo then move on to the simple percussion accompanist and its rhythmic dynamics including presenting strong micro-dynamics.

    "Concerto for Violin by Telemann is presented with its ethereal environment to be remembered and harp Concerto is distinguished clearly by the nails striking the strings with great dynamics during the flow of the melody."

    "Another instrument is the crystal clarity of the plat-drum, vibraphone - every stroke is sustained with rapid speed in both attack and decay at the same time without distortion."

    "On Barb Jungr 'Just Like a Woman' (Linn Records), the PR3 demonstrates the correct tonal variations that Jungr used profusely in its tracks - its position in the soundstage is precisely well defined and focused."

    "The ribbon tweeter does an excellent job drawing con'etteza with panache and the characteristic imprint of the singer. the sound flows and is open without excessive preponderance and the accompanying instruments are defined intelligently and the great bass sax is vibrant and full. the piano is tonally correct."

    "Eric Clapton's "Live on Tour"is one of the few really well live recordings and the live reverbs are very well reconstructed. The Hammond organ whispers but maintains its dynamic nature and is delineated with awareness and decision. The drums remain the strong point of the WHT. The voices of both Clapton and the supporting chorus are very well detailed with clarity and give perfect placement of the microphones used."




    My name is Paul DiGiacomo "DC". Being the owner and operator of a small recording and mastering studio in Manly, N.S.W. I get to see and hear a lot of interesting musical projects, who by difficult forces of nature want to create something unique sonically or just reproduce what they have already recorded giving it that extra tweak along the way.

    In came a set of PR 3's small monitors with matching sub woofer. Now as a rule I have never had a lot of luck with this combination, because the cross over from the bass end of the speaker to the sub gives a overlapping effect.

    This was definitely not the case with the PR 3's, I got it all with this combination, this, mids and bass (not 2 basses from different areas) just Bass.

    The sub woofer worked so effectively, the sound and clarity of the signal was astounding, add to this the PR 3's beautiful detail and sweetness of sound, there it was, all I have dreamt of, plus they looked fantastic.

    The end of this story reads, me putting aside money for the WHT PR 3's & Sub Woofer, whilst also trying something else like

    " Dear Santa, haven't spoken in a while but...”

    PR3 Monitor (Piano Black, Jarrah wood & Leather face)
    PR1 Floorstander
    US Specs & Pricing (typically 10ohms)

    ps: Stay tuned for announcement of 300B Monoblocks featuring the finest transformers available...100Khz and far surpassing tango designs

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  2. Metralla

    Metralla Joined Jan 13, 2002

    San Jose, CA
    Nice efficiency figures. Since there is no crossover, it must be the natural driver rolloff that comes into play. Can you explain how it works?
  3. House de Kris

    House de Kris Well-Known Member

    With such a small ribbon tweeter without a cap in series with it, I'd be afraid to play full bandwidth music at anything above a whisper for fear of destroying it. IOW, I don't believe the NO crossover claim.
  4. Metralla

    Metralla Joined Jan 13, 2002

    San Jose, CA
    That's kind of why I was asking.
  5. Jim Ricketts

    Jim Ricketts Active Member Thread Starter

    Freedom, USA
    Sorry for reply delay - just wanted to confirm my understanding with the designer.

    Of course there is a small passive capacitor on tweeter to insure safe, normal output – and not too different from the few other loudspeakers that market their designs as “crossoverless” (i.e. Reference 3A).

    That said, over 8 years went into the R&D to develop a mid-woofer design and the correct modification to the ribbon tweeter to properly & perfectly match the 2 drivers without the complication, coloration and distortion of a crossover. The custom mid-woofers (that are direct connected) are highly proprietary but include specific VC windings & a unique “mushroom stopper” among other creative, edge-of-the-art attributes to achieve his goal of a high resolution, easy to drive design.

    As a personal aside, I have known the designer, Mark Mozgawa, for a number of years and have found him to be a truly honorable individual - no dishonesty disguised as hype. That is in stark contrast to a Far East amplifier company that engaged in deep unethical practices at my expense (and poor construction/parts) that caused me to stop representing them in US market.

    Not only is Mark (also a musician) an amazing designer that thinks outside the box, but his honesty is refreshing in this industry and it's truly an honor to represent his magical designs.
  6. Metralla

    Metralla Joined Jan 13, 2002

    San Jose, CA
    As an Australian I am delighted to see these speakers under your distributorship. As an owner of Lamm SETs, I am interested in high efficiency designs and the absence of power-sapping crossovers. These look quite interesting.
  7. Jim Ricketts

    Jim Ricketts Active Member Thread Starter

    Freedom, USA
    Thanks, Geoff for your kind words - mucho appreciated!

    As you mentioned, the crossover does zap LOTS of energy as well as detail/information.

    In addition, high sensitivity provides more benefits than just being easier to drive. Because the driver does not have to move as far, it is faster and easier to resolve the detail/information that is feeding the loudspeaker.

    So high sensitivity mated with a no crossover design can offer state-of-the-art sound. This was the driving force and mission of why WHT was created - to offer the finest sound by avoiding the limitations of lesser designs.

    Finally, as a side note, WHT designs achieves the above by avoiding horn-designs and their accompanying colorations and room limitations. The aesthetics of Piano Black, Jarrah Wood and Leather is simply stunning!

    btw, the PR3 monitor is certainly the equal (or more) of the magico monitor....

    Additional information simply contact us at jim@tmhaudio.com.

    Thanks, guys!
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