Why is Walmart not selling vinyl yet?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by honestabe316, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. honestabe316

    honestabe316 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    If vinyl is outselling cds as I have heard....why isn't Wal-Mart adding vinyl to their sound depts? It has been boggling my mind for a while now
  2. Deaf_in_ LA_1974

    Deaf_in_ LA_1974 Forum Resident

    Ive seen them at Target at least around Christmas time.

    Stuff like beatles, Britney spears etc

    Fortune magazine says cd sales are still WAY higher in 2016, many of these return of vinyl hype stories are from sources that don't normally cover financial data.
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  3. KDubATX

    KDubATX Forum Resident

    Oh I doubt that will happen. They're barely interested in selling five dollar CDs for the impulse buy crowd. I'm not sure if the store by me even has a shelf and a half worth of CDs anymore.
    The margin to shelf space ratio is no bueno.
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  4. Bowieboy

    Bowieboy Forum Resident

    Best Buy was invested in vinyl like 6-7 years ago, and ironically they moved past it when vinyl began to become more prominent elsewhere.
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  5. JustGotPaid

    JustGotPaid Forum Resident

    Ever see the people of Walmart?
  6. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    Vinyl is a no return item. Companies like Wal-Mart do not like one-way product.
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  7. KDubATX

    KDubATX Forum Resident

    This is correct, I don't think they deal with one-way product at all. With a vendor the size of Walmart the deal is very one sided.
  8. boboquisp

    boboquisp Close To The Edge...

    NE Ohio
    They look like people...:righton:
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  9. videoman

    videoman Forum Resident

    Lake Tahoe, NV
    Same reason I can't get a decent bottle of wine there?
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  10. DarreLP

    DarreLP Well-Known Member

    WA, USA
    The bigger question: Why can I buy records at Bed, Bath & Beyond? I get the "Beyond" part but...
  11. resistanceisfutile

    resistanceisfutile Resplendent in Divergence

    My local Best Buy has a small selection of vinyl. CD section keeps shrinking, however.
  12. KDubATX

    KDubATX Forum Resident

    Best Buy is more willing to let product sit before it sells than Walmart. WM micro manages turn rates, profit margin, shelf space.

    Many non traditional record stores are willing to let their capital sit on the shelf a little longer because the records are cool and make the store look somewhat more trendy. I'm thinking about the Fry's near my office. They brought in a ton of vinyl, not sure how much of it they are selling, but last time I was in there the records were right up front where the DVDs/Blu-ray's used to be.
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  13. monte4

    monte4 Forum Resident

    Ontario Canada
    Here in Canada Walmart doesn't have any vinyl in the stores but you can order online. Pricing is competitive if not a bit cheaper though I've never ordered from them as I like to support my local record store for any new purchases.
  14. honestabe316

    honestabe316 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Barnes and noble have quite a selection at least in one n.h. store I frequent....I buy my vinyl from used record stores and music direct , soundstage direct, or other on line stores......I probably wouldn't buy much from Wal-Mart anyway......I really figured they would get in on it...I do see the reasons why now
  15. Deaf_in_ LA_1974

    Deaf_in_ LA_1974 Forum Resident

    If a 37 dollar record was 15 at Walmart, I bet a bunch of people would put the local shop owner on the back burner
  16. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    In fact, the representative for Anderson Merchandisers at our Walmart hardly ever shows up to restock the CD shelves which is a shame.
  17. EdogawaRampo

    EdogawaRampo Forum Resident

    Maybe because major retailers are shutting stores and laying off staff all over the nation? Could be it's not the time to start something new when your business model might be failing.
  18. EdogawaRampo

    EdogawaRampo Forum Resident

    First -- vinyl is not outselling CDs. Vinyl records are experiencing sales growth while CDs are not -- though in some places sales of vinyl records are outpacing sales of digital downloads...

    But while all kinds of stores have been introducing vinyl record sections, big box retailers have been closing all over the country -- hundreds of stores and thousands of employees slated for layoffs, after several years of store closings and downsizing. Could be the business model is in question and Walmart might not see the benefit of taking on sales of a new product.
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  19. EdogawaRampo

    EdogawaRampo Forum Resident

    I heard there's a new bath-and-shower friendly Crosley player in the works. BBB might pick that up as a new lifestyle product. The high-end model will have a matching tile finish available to fit your bathroom decor as well as neat little record cleaner and conditioner dispensers that look like hair product bottles and give your vinyl that vibrant, young look and lustre.
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  20. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    Same here.
  21. honestabe316

    honestabe316 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I thought I read that it was...my mistake
  22. KDubATX

    KDubATX Forum Resident

    Really it's to the benefit of all those other places you shop that they just stay out of it anyway. :angel:
    I was not sure if Anderson was still involved with stocking music for WM or not. So I guess the dynamic is more like Anderson could stock Vinyl for WM and although they would be purchasing it as one-way WM would be able to return whatever they want to Anderson.

    Still doesn't seem likely, but I guess maybe they could bring in something like the top 10 SKUs for a copy or two each. Would be more likely if WM was trying to sell a turntable or stereo to go along with them, but I'm not sure that they carry much along those lines. I have seen a couple of low end USB turntables at Target before, so maybe thats why they tried bringing in some limited vinyl too.
  23. honestabe316

    honestabe316 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I prob wouldn't buy vinyl there....I simply was curious as to why they didn't when they still carry some very obsolete cd s in my opinion
  24. Jimi Bat

    Jimi Bat Forum Resident

    tx usa
    Because its not made in China?
  25. honestabe316

    honestabe316 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    We do need more Chinese labels, bands, & pressing plants....I've been saying that for eons:wiggle:

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