X-files reboot?

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    I wonder how long it will take before the 6 reboot episodes see a DVD release?
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  2. Season 9 was ten times better then this new short season imho
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  3. It had a number of interesting story lines none of which are pulled together effectively. I think that, largely, Auden Es stayed away from it because it was a bad movie.

    Usually Carter and Spotnitz can come up with a way to invert cliches of the genre but, instead, they are just compiled in the hopes that it will make a good movie. The pacing is completely off and, as interesting as the plot seemed it was underdeveloped focusing on character development at the expense of plot. It reminds me of ARthur apenn's movie "Night Moves" but without the subversion of cliches common to the genre playing it straight without the necessary plot development to compliment the interesting character development. As I said at the time, it's characters in search of a movie and finding, instead, a series of situations that aren't developed.

    I find I agree with the late Roger Ebert.

    ""The X-Files: I Want to Believe" arrives billed as a "stand-alone" film that requires no familiarity with the famous television series. So it is, leaving us to piece together the plot on our own. And when I say "piece together," trust me, that's exactly what I mean"
    —Roger Ebert
  4. Sooner than later probably in a couple of months. I'll buy it only to complete by box and for the few I liked.
  5. Honestly while the wrong fonts did bother me a bit (I told my wife "this doesn't look quite right") it is a pretty minor issue when compared to the Improved image quality. NOT watching this in 1080p for that reason alone is rather silly in my opinion because the depth, image quality and improved clarity, lack of crushed blacks and compression artifacts, etc. just blows that decision out of the water for me. It's a night and day comparison. With it released in 2K (which I'm sure Fox might do eventually) for the 4K format might give it additional improvements but not as much as if the show had been transferred in 4K. My wish would have been thst Foz did the transfer in 4K and then went back to look for the missing film pieces or spent the time to recreate visual effects for a 4K version with the titles fixed. I doubt we will ever see that happen though.
  6. Bryan

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    I'd be surprised to see very many TV shows make the jump to the new 4K home format. Look how long it took for many to come to blu-ray (not counting shows contemporary to the format). Plus I think old TV shows, even the ones shot on film, are going to get very, very minor improvement from 4K.
  7. could very well be. While I feel that the 4K home format is likely the last physical format, there also has to be an audience for the show and boxed sets are more expensive. Perhaps for more popular series this might happen particularly newer shows but you are most likely correct.
  8. Yes and please,,please Chris Carter don't make Einstein and bland boy the new X Files investigators. I like the actress and the guy playing the male role was good in The Flash but he had no personality in the new series.
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    Early pre-orders on various international online stores cites mid-June (June 13 in the UK). It may be pushed forward slightly as the Australian release date was later changed to late May for both the standalone set and the 10-season box set so other territories may follow suit.
  10. In fact I preordered mine at Amazon U.S. Although I don't recall if there was a release date.
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    I really enjoyed the 6 new episodes and would love to see more in the future. They pretty much *have* to give us some more episodes... I mean, after a cliffhanger like *that*.... ending the series there and not giving us a proper resolution to such a beloved show would be basically be the biggest F-YOU in the history of television.
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    At least this new season wasn't Mulder-less.
    No matter how hot Scully is, the show is Mulder's show.

  13. Encuentro

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    The final episode of the six-part revival of The X-Files left fans with a major cliffhanger. And while the fate of David Duchovny‘s Fox Mulder and the entire world may eventually get revealed, don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

    Via Entertainment Weekly, Fox CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman told reporters that The X-Files will not be back with new episodes in the 2016-’17 TV season. However, Walden and Newman reiterated that series creator Chris Carter wants to do more episodes. That desire is reportedly shared by stars Gillian Anderson and the aforementioned Duchovny. It’s believed that the busy schedules of both actors prevented an immediate follow up to the miniseries.

    According to Warden and Newman, Fox is hoping that a new run of X-Files episodes will be announced at next year’s network upfronts for a potential fall 2017 or spring 2018 premiere. But it’s far too early to make that official.

    It has to be said that many fans and critics were not entirely happy with The X-Files revival, and the season finale was particularly unpopular because it left viewers without any real closure. As Carter noted in several interviews, withholding answers and ending on cliffhangers was a staple of the original series. However, modern TV fans don’t have a lot of patience for shows that endlessly drag out their storylines. That may affect the audience reception of the next run of X-Files episodes, assuming that it happens as Fox suggests.

    What do you want to see in the next batch of episodes from The X-Files? The truth is out there, but go ahead and leave a comment below!
    THE X-FILES Won’t Be Back This Season, But May Return Next Year | Nerdist »
  14. I hope if they do come back, get up their creative game. This last series was terrible!
  15. Bryan

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    I think they ought out to just let it be at this point. I'm prepared to pretend it never happened and isn't part of the series canon. It was that bad, overall.
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  16. kevywevy

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    I liked spending more time with those characters and that world. I sat back and enjoyed rather than watch through a microscope. I wasn't expecting much after all this time and I liked what we got. Bring on another mini-season.
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  17. Two episodes of the six were good but Carter should not have ended it on a cliff hanger. Given the amount of time between the episode and the next in 2017, they shouldn't have done it. It does a disservice to the fans.

    I think season 8 and 9 are criminally underrated and better than 7.
  18. Matthew

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    Ending on a cliffhanger with no guaranteed future is frustrating with most TV shows, so doing it with one that ended 14 years ago and lucked-out with a short-run series to really wrap things up, was a slap in the face for original fans like myself.
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    I'm not of the most fatalist mindset ever, but I have to say when something is touted wherein we *may* get it two years from now, I have trouble caring at all.

    (To be fair, I feel this way about movies too. "Ooooh. We're getting 'Godzilla vs. King Kong' in 2037? I can't wait!")

    Carter botched the new "season" and its ending (and if you're going to do it on a cliffhanger, at least make it good), and I can only hope that if they take another TWO YEARS to get what will likely be another tiny 6-episode mini-season on air, they do something compelling. I don't even need "all the questions answered", or a tidy wrap-up. Just get better writers.

    Carter should take on a backseat "executive producer" role (e.g. sit back and collect a paycheck and let someone else do it, maybe poke your head in once in awhile and make a suggestion).
  20. Wright

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    Fairly disappointing overall. What was the point of starting up the old machinery for only six episodes? Moreover, you would have thought that would least have made for a tighter focus. Yet it still suffered from the same problem as the original series: one week Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a worldwide conspiracy of great consequence for the future of humankind... the next week they're in Council Bluffs, Iowa investigating things that go bump in the night as if nothing had happened.
  21. malcolm reynolds

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    I loved the event series and want more. Give me more.
  22. Mirrorblade.1

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    You get nothing and thats it..
  23. Mirrorblade.1

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    I feel the same way It was all a Illusion ....
    It never happened ... Just the moon and having a bad fever..
    The Men In Black Say so..:D
  24. Rocker

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    I tend to agree. Making us wait until 2017 or 2018 (or maybe even longer), especially when the last episode ended on such a massive cliffhanger, is a pretty big middle finger to the fans.
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  25. Plan9

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    I thought the season 10 had 2 great episodes, 2 good episodes, and 2 could-have-been-better episodes.
    Unfortunately these were the first one and the last one. The first one especially felt so rushed...

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