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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pathosdrama, Dec 7, 2017.

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    My post from the other thread on the topic

    7,792 minutes
    1,059 tracks
    207 artists
    29 genres

    Top artists
    Hawkwind - because of the album by album thread
    Festetics Quartet - because of one listen to the complete Haydn string quartets
    Eli Keszler
    Lloyd Miller
    Christian Tetzlaff​

    Top songs
    Sudden Laughter, Laughter Without Reason - Eli Keszler
    Equality & Death (Mothers, Fathers, Where Are Ye?) - Angles 9
    Breaches Breaches - Eli Keszler
    Dar Shems - The House of the Sun - Yacine Boulares
    Is Stage Director - Eli Keszler​

    Top Genres
    Experimental Rock
    Contemporary Post-bop
    Art Rock
    Psychedelic Rock​

    I usually stream on my phone and the fact that you can't clear Spotify's cache without deleting the app means I haven't streamed a lot on Spotify over the last year. I stream much more often on Qobuz and Bandcamp. My profile is more accurate, although it's not complete either.

    Over the past 365 days

    25,885 tracks
    70 tracks per day (average)

    Top artists (excluding single listens to boxed sets)
    The Tallis Scholars
    Eli Keszler
    Neeme Jarvi
    Kuniko Kato​

    Top albums (excluding single listens to boxed sets)
    Eli Keszler - Last Signs Of Speed
    Yacine Boularès/Vincent Segal/Nasheet Waits - Abu Sadiya
    Avishai Cohen — Cross My Palm With Silver
    Gyan Riley/Julian Lage — Midsummer Moons
    The Still - The Still
    Daniel Schmidt - In My Arms, Many Flowers
    Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus
    Bounce Trio - Contrasts
    Waclaw Zimpel/Tim Daisy — LAM
    GoGo Penguin - Man Made Object (Deluxe)
    Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    Kristoffer Lo - The Black Meat
    Colin Vallon - Danse
    Bonobo - Migration
    Gidon Kremer - Kancheli: Chiaroscuro
    Bonobo — Migration
    Bobby Hutcherson - Total Eclipse
    Nate Wooley Quintet - (Put Your) Hands Together
    Binker and Moses - Journey to the Mountain of Forever
    Paolo Fresu / Uri Caine — Two Minuettos (Live in Milano)
    Jason Sharpe - A Boat Upon Its Blood
    Herbie Hancock - Inventions and Dimensions
    Gnostic Trio - John Zorn: The Mockingbird
    Chihei Hatakeyama - Mirage
    Bushman's Revenge - Bushman's Fire
    Banana - Live​
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    I haven't listened to The Bamboos for a few years. Great band
  11. CBS 65780

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Hard To Laugh! TPOH!
    It's Toddtastic!
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    OK here goes (only a month late!)

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    Illuminating ... but of the "Top songs" I don't think I've ever heard No. 2 and No. 5. Never heard of those two artists -- CamelPhat???

    Guilty on the rest -- Would have thought Miles and Monk and Sun Ra would have figured in there

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    Most of us know about Spotify, but not all of know what this "Wrapped" business is all about. I see it's your total listening time, but in only one genre? Or it just shows what your preferred genre is?
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    7,199 different songs
    1,652 different artists
    120 genres
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    It's auto-generated — showing all kinds of different stats. The graphic people are posting is the summary: shows total time, most listened to genre, most listened to artists and most listened to songs.
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    Thanks. Guess I should have figured that out.
  19. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    Top 5 Artists:
    1. KISS (because of the thread)
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. Faith No More
    4. Ramones
    5. Van Halen
    Top 5 Songs:
    1. Be Aggressive by Faith No More
    2. Moonshine by Dennis Wilson
    3. A Dream Away by The Cars
    4. FFF by PiL
    5. Rosanna by Toto
    Top 5 Genres:
    1. Rock
    2. Classic Rock
    3. Album Rock
    4. Hard Rock
    5. Mellow Gold

    Listened for 58,072 minutes
    3,796 songs
    591 artists
    134 genres
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    I don't got one :hide:
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    Slidell, Louisiana
    I'm 18

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    I find Spotify quite handy at certain times, and I do like it, but most of my listening is done either on iPod while driving, or on vinyl when I'm at home. As such, while I would stick on a lot of favourites on Spotify, I tend to use it to plug gaps in my collection, or for a quick and easy playlist, especially in advance of seeing someone in concert (hence the appearance of The National, U2 and St. Vincent in my most played). I also used it to create a playlist for the Doobie Brothers, whose catalogue I didn't know that well, beyond "the hits": I would be seeing them support Steely Dan, and wanted to familiarise myself with their back catalogue. As such, several Doobie Brothers songs have ended up in my Top 100 for 2017. A few listens of Roger Waters' Is This The Life We Really Want? album propelled several tracks from that to the top of my most played songs, including - bizarrely - the brief opening track, When We Were Young, which is somehow my most played song of the year on Spotify. I have no idea how that happened.

    36,306 minutes / 3,526 songs / 137 artists / 33 genres

    Most played: a-ha, The National, U2, St. Vincent, Roger Waters
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