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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by antoniod, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. antoniod

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    DECADES showed complete hour episodes of YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS with the musical numbers last night. They looked very good, like official copies from Caesar's(or somebody's)estate. A company must be offering them anew!
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  2. JozefK

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    Perhaps you might give a hint about what episodes were shown? Sketches? Guests? Any word of lost shows being discovered?
  3. antoniod

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  4. OldSoul

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    Sure it wasn't Caeser's Hour? Your Show of Shows was 90 minutes, so 1 hour wouldn't have been complete.
  5. antoniod

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    I forgot that. Yes, they were cut down to one hour. They weren't Caesar's Hour, because Imogene Coca was in them, not Nanette Fabray.
  6. Alan G.

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    Ugh, we don’t get Decades here, but I just watched a Show of Shows from March 21, 1953, from the first page of the classic tv section of Hosted by Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, it was the whole hour and a half. Quite enjoyable.

    (When I was young, I really didn’t “get” Kukla, Fran, and Ollie’s humor. Plus Ollie’s mouth didn’t move correctly with his voice, which I would notice. OCD, maybe.)
  7. antoniod

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    Whatever, the picture quality of SHOW OF SHOWS on decades was very good, so it looks like some company is reinvigorating the syndication package for any prospective buyer, as opposed to some kinescope that was assumed to have fallen out of copyright.
  8. sixtiesstereo

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    Still the funniest and most brilliant sketch in the history of television...and
    Howard Morris as Uncle Goopy is simply unbelievable.
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  9. JozefK

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    It's actually not my personal favorite. I prefer (just off the top of my head):

    "Aggravation Boulevard" (parody of Sunset Blvd, w/some Singin In The Rain thrown in -- written by Larry Gelbart, later creator of MASH)

    "From Here to Obscurity"

    "Gallipacci" (opera spoof -- this is the sketch where Caesar's makeup pencil broke on the air and he improvised around it brilliantly)

    "Vacant Holsters" (western spoof written by Mel Brooks)
  10. Jamey K

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    I saw this in the 80s and laughed so hard, I woke up the family. Genius from everybody here. I count this in my top five "funniest things I've ever seen."
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