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$1 Vinyl Sale at Walmart

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by ModernDayWarrior, Feb 3, 2021.

  1. psulioninks

    psulioninks Forum Resident

    Midwest USA
    I found Josh Turner and another Needtobreathe at one store today...the other had nothing.

    Also, this second store had a Santana GH...but it was NOT $1....first one I have found that wasn't priced as I expected.
  2. C Nick

    C Nick Active Member

    I bought 4 Santana records and 3 of them have bent corners or creases. Idk if the shrink wrap is too tight or what but it is a problem with this release.
    I kept the most banged up one for myself and I will say, it is a very nice play. Kinda makes up for it. Kinda
  3. C Nick

    C Nick Active Member

    Went to walmart(s) today. I got 4 Santana records, 2 REM, 2 tie dye John Fogerty 50 Year Trip: Live at Red Rocks (which I didn’t see on this list), 1 Katy Perry, 1 Needtobreathe, 1 Josh Turner, and 1 the 1975 record.

    All purchased tonight and last so it’s still going on as of today. Was really hoping to find that Jay Z, Haim, or Earl record. Willing to trade if anyone is interested. I’m keeping 1 of the Santana records for myself tho it’s super good :call_me:
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  4. C Nick

    C Nick Active Member

    some stores weren’t showing them listed as $1. I still bought them full price and exchanged them for a dollar at a Walmart on the other side of town that was selling it for $1. The associate got the manager because he thought something was wrong but the manager was cool and approved the discount haha
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  5. Gabes

    Gabes New Member

    Has anyone found these prices at a Walmart in Canada?
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  6. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    I thought Walmart in Canada didn’t sell vinyl.
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  7. Scatpack

    Scatpack Active Member

    Anyone want to trade: Needtobreathe OR Josh Turner FOR YOUR Rush, Santana or REM?
  8. sbsugar

    sbsugar Representing Benton County since 2010

    PM sent.
  9. floyd

    floyd Senior Member

    Spring Green, WI
    I check out a Walmart just to see the only thing on the list that they had was 1 copy of Santana which I picked up. There was a copy of Bing Crosby’s Christmas album there in white vinyl that I decided to have scanned and it was 10 or 11 dollars so I bought thAt too. Apparently there Christmas leftovers are marked to that, there was also a Mariah Carey Christmas album
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  10. parkmebike

    parkmebike Stupidly Happy

    I can confirm that these items are still available for $1. I stopped at a walmart I usually don't shop at and picked up another Katy Perry and Josh Turner.
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  11. masterbucket

    masterbucket Forum Resident

    Georgia US
    I went out searching around today to keep from getting cabin/covid fever along with the clouds and light rain.
    Got 2 Santana/1 Chicago and the biggest surprise was the Metallica Ride The Lighting on blue vinyl(only one as others come up full price) all for $1 each.

    Had a 2o percent off coupon for Barnes and Noble so I went to look for some of the Rhino Start Ear Off titles and grabbed Genesis/Cars etc.
    On the way out their was a stack by the entranceway counter of items that had been hand priced that did not have BN stickers and there
    set a brand new Abbey Road Super Deluxe cd box set for $21.99 and she even took another 2o percent at register.

    What a day!!
  12. Scatpack

    Scatpack Active Member

    Ride The Lightning at $1? Show receipt please!
  13. Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars Forum Resident


    Sorry these were $1 at Wal-Mart or Barnes?
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  14. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR

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