2001 coming back in 70mm, unrestored

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by HiFi Guy 008, Mar 29, 2018.

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    detroit, mi
    Always wanted to see it on big screen,
  3. CraigBic

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    New Zealand
    Sounds great but I don't think there will be any 70mm screenings in New Zealand.
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  4. I've seen 2001 three times on the big screen - no matter how big your television is if a good print comes to a cinema near you treat yourself and go.
  5. Wingman

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    I saw it in a Cinerama theater when it was first released. What a fantastic movie for that format.
  6. Jim Pattison

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    Does this mean that it will include the footage that Kubrick cut after the initial screenings?
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  7. Looks like it is a 70mm print with no digital restoration or changes to it. It is not clear from what I can find on the net if it is the initial version but I very much doubt it.
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    Classic film.
    Pretty sure this and Spartacus are the only two films Kubrick shot in scope.
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  9. I think Barry Lyndon was 70mm also.
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    I've seen it 3 times in 70mm - an unmissable experience for cinephiles.
  11. htom

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    The initial article I read simply described it as being printed from the original negative. That is more commonly defined as a showprint. A release print is usually printed from an internegative or interpositive - so it is two or three generations removed from the original negative. That results in a loss of detail even at 70mm. Even a limited release would likely only use release prints, but then that is pretty much what most audiences saw upon its first release.
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    I saw it in 70mm twice- once at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria and a second time in 2001 when it was briefly rereleased in theaters- sadly it was very shortly after the 9/11 tragedy so it kind of got lost and overlooked. If you get the chance to see it youdefinitely should!
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    I also saw it in the year 2001 on a big screen, and they did everything, including the pre-film music, and the intermission. It's always been a hard to sit through the whole film on TV, but watching it in the theater, I never felt that way, it is a visual treat from start to finish, including the Dawn of Man segment.
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  15. Dirkwkirk

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    Saw it first in the movie theater. Was young then. Special effects were good for the time. Looking back on it now. It has held up reasonably well IMHO.
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  16. 2001 was shot with spherical lenses, not anamorphic or 'scope' lenses. A common misconception. The cinematographic tag is Super Panavision or Super Panavision 70:
    Super Panavision 70 Lenses
    Widescreen Museum - The Super Panavision 70 wing 1

    Either way, here's hoping that the new 70mm film-prints deliver the goods!

  17. jh901

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    I'll take my home theater over the typical commercial theater, but the 4K UHD will have to deliver! Can't wait. Fingers crossed that the transfer is brilliant.
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  18. Jim Pattison

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    Kitchener ON
    I last saw 2001 a couple of years ago at the Bell Lightbox - the home of the Toronto International Film Festival. It was a 70MM print. I’m unsure of its provenance, but it certainly looked spectacular.
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    Seldom has creative hubris been so justified.
  20. I think it was standard 35mm. It did use some state of the art wide angle lenses initially used by NASA for shooting by candlelight.

    Barry Lyndon - Wikipedia
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    Hopefully this means they will finally correct the color and sound issues that occurred when Warner took over the film and made their new version in 2001. You currently have to go back to the mgm dvd and previous Laserdiscs to see something more akin to the original color timing and to hear the original sound mix.
    Kubrick approved the Criterion transfer and the best I’ve ever seen the film look was a 35mm reissue print with Dolby SR that was before Warner’s new print of their version that has been playing ever since.

    I’ve long dreamed of seeing 2001 in 70mm but not only are there little to no venues left-but practically no way to see the original with six track mag as those prints must be deteriorated by now. If this new version can replicate that experience then I’m all for it. But I’m sure it won’t as very few people even realize there are issues with all Warner releases of the film and I was already wondering what the 4k release held in store.

    Where can this play outside of the big cities?
  22. JCM

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    Very excited that Gateway Film Center (Columbus, Ohio) will have a limited engagement of the re-release this June.

    Just last August (2017), they had a 70mm print of 2001 for one week. It fulfilled a lifelong dream to see 2001 in a theater. I'm excited to get another chance to see it, perhaps a couple of times, this go-around.

    The same theater has done engagements of BARRY LYNDON, FULL METAL JACKET and THE SHINING all in 35mm in the last two years. I feel very lucky. :)
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  23. JCM

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    Here's a list of 70mm film exhibitors. Good bet that if a theater has the capability, they'll have it. It doesn't hurt to email them first though to see what their plans are. The closest to your location is probably the Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.

    I read something last year that suggested that Criterion might be doing another Kubrick title in 2018. I believe it was on a Criterion blog so it's highly speculative, of course. But the two titles mentioned were 2001 or CLOCKWORK.
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    THIS is correct?

    [​IMG] (image from DVDBeaver)
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    Me too. Great!

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