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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Kiss73, Nov 25, 2017.

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    Seemed like a good day to bump this up.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
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    Deadwing - Porcupine Tree (vinyl reissue)

    Tool vinyl reissues

    Superunknown - Soundgarden (AAA vinyl on AF)
    Below is the answer I got a few days ago from their president,

    HI Mert, we put a request in a few months ago, and we were turned down bi Universal. We will try again in June.

    Marshall Blonstein - President
    Audio Fidelity-Morada Music
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    Brave Marillion - Steven Wilson 5.1 and vinyl
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    I know this is coming......but there's no actual confirmed release date is there???
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    No there isn't, however I think I remember hearing around the time Misplaced Childhood was released that Brave was going to be released in the first half of 2018. I'm on the band's mailing list and they mentioned it in their recent 'coming up in 2018' email so I am hopeful it will be released this year.
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    Hoping : after the superb RSD vinyl repress of the Sundays "Static and Silence", another LP by this great band. How could I pass by this LP at the time of its release (1997).

    Maybe a(nother) Brian Wilson / Beach Boys / Lana Del Rey collaboration ?

    Will be but wonder if I pay the cash : the analog My Bloody Valentine "Loveless" repress but seems crossing the channel with a horse.
  8. Boognish

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    That new McCartney album
    Pretty much any interesting RSD stuff
    New David Byrne album

    Kinks MFSL

    That on-again-off-again new Monkees album
    Really, any new Monkees release in general, be it new material or archival stuff. Maybe the 1967 Live footage with newly mixed audio. Or Japan 1968.

    Any new Grateful Dead vinyl release is always welcome.

    A while back, Dhani Harrison talked briefly about releasing a George Harrison album made of unreleased material.
    On the subject of George, how about the Live from Japan film?

    Also that 50s cover album Brian Wilson mentioned he was working on in his new book.
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  9. My understanding is that QPL's plan for this year is to expand Live Killers, possibly including video highlights of several concerts from the European leg of the Jazz Tour along with outtakes from the studio album. If we're ever going to get the Hammersmith '79 show, it would be in 2019 because of the 40th anniversary format recent Queen archival packages seem to have followed.

    As for OK Computer, there's little chance of Radiohead approving yet another set based around this album so close after the OKNOTOK remaster, even if they didn't include their Glastonbury '97 performance with any variation of that. At the very least, it's believed they're going to finally release a long overdue full live album from the tour in support of A Moon Shaped Pool.

    I agree that it would be great to see all of Noel Gallagher's demos from the "SOTSOG" period compiled together, but he's supposedly even more against the idea of revisiting that album than Be Here Now. Also, it should be noted that while a reissue seems logical, the so-called Chasing The Sun campaign was only ever meant to cover 1993 through to '97. I'd love a follow-up series looking at the last four Oasis studio albums, though I wouldn't hold my breath on this happening any time soon.

    Secret Messages in its complete form remains my holy grail, yet I fear my fellow ELO fans will have to wait for one of the two known sets of acetates to surface, or even a copy of the original CBS promotional cassette (assuming any of those still exist - all we know for sure is that engineer Bill Bottrell kept a safety tape for his personal archive, which partially leaked over a decade ago, providing us with an upgraded source of Beatles Forever).

    Finally, it's been suggested that the next 50th anniversary copyright extension release from The Beach Boys will focus on the Friends era. I'm curious to know whether this might extend to the later versions of four songs Brian Wilson supposedly completed in the early '70s with Stanley Shapiro and Tandyn Almer for a scrapped remake of the entire Friends album, these supposedly forming part of a larger collection known as the Bedroom Tapes.
  10. J. R.

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    Kansas City, MO
    Neil Young - Freedom
    Neil Young - Ragged Glory

    Both in hi-rez downloads.
  11. Boognish

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    I didn't know that he had planned a Friends remake. Do you know what was recorded if at all for this Friends 2?
  12. Are these analog or digital recordings?
  13. From what I can tell, the four songs Brian completed for his planned remake of Friends were Passing By (possibly with new lyrics by Stanley Shapiro and Tandyn Almer), Wake The World, Be Still and the original title track. While it seemed initially odd that Brian would choose to revisit one of Dennis' compositions first, it's also believed that he went on to recycle another '68 outtake by his brother - those who've heard Grateful Are We For Little Children, a Friends era piece written with Stephen Kalinich, insist that Brian went on to heavily borrow from this for Saturday Night In The City, which he first recorded in the mid '70s yet didn't release until 2004, much of the basic idea coming from his collaboration with Andy Paley in the 1990s.

    In terms of what else we can possibly expect from this year's copyright extension archival project, there are countless vocal only and instrumental versions of the main Friends album tracks, plus several alternate mixes. An early take of Busy Doin' Nothing' supposedly still exists in the BRI vaults under the working title of Even Stephen, while I've seen Our Happy Home and You're As Cool As Can Be frequently mentioned as also being worthy of release, along with My Little Red Book, which is one of the few pieces from this period to have surfaced more recently. What's almost guaranteed to remain firmly locked away forever are the two full takes Dennis recorded for the ending to All I Want To Do from 20/20... We really don't need to hear those!

    P.S. We can also probably expect at least something from Ol' Man River, since it's well known that Brian was absolutely obsessed with this song around the time of Friends and 20/20, driving the other Beach Boys to frustration through several different permutations of the song without ever finishing a single version. By contrast, he did manage to finally get Shortenin' Bread out, but only after years of similarly terrifying others with his dedication to something that seemed so simple to outsiders.
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    Don't you mean Blind? Or did I miss something?
  15. musictoad

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    Salt Lake City, UT
    I'm really looking forward to the MFSL of Miles Smiles. My Speakers Corner pressing is good but not as good as my other MFSL Miles releases.
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    Think these were 16-bit recordings?
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    I couldn't get the Blind reissue but this one still available sounds great
    The Sundays - Static & Silence
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    North East England
    Dylan - Bootleg Series 14 Blood on the Tracks.....
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    In the Hopes dept:
    New Bob Dylan album with original material.
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    After hearing Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix of Rush- A Farewell to Kings, I’d welcome more Rush titles from him.

    Led Zeppelin in 5.1 or live shows would be awesome.

    Since we’re in ‘pipe dream’ territory- I’d love to hear what Steven Wilson would do with surround versions of the Sabbath catalog.

    More Brown Acid releases would be welcome.

    I’ve always felt that KISS should do some kind of Super deluxe series... maybe a cross between the Metallica super deluxe and the Rush sector boxes. Installments of three- four albums, Including some restored video, a surround mix of one album, ephemera. I doubt there would be a giant market for 5.1 but KISS fans would go for anything that’s packaged well.

    Golden Earring - Moontan deluxe edition!

    Dare to dream.
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    Apparently the band are still not on good terms with Red Bullet, so very unlikely this would happen... Would make an excellent package though!
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    It`s driving me nuts just thinking about possible tracklistings and release dates of stuff that is coming this year!
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    Helsinki, FIN
    Excited that Speakers Corner will reissue Albert King's "Born Under A Bad Sign" in early 2018. From the original master tapes & out on January 25th. This German label puts out consistently high quality releases so this one should be good too!

    More info here: Albert King: Born Under A Bad Sign

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    20th Anniversary of Van Morrison The Healing Game on vinyl&Country Joe &Fish vinyl box if reviews are positive on it.Those are the ones I am most interested in as far RI.As far as new releases I am excited over yet another Dream Syndicate LP.That covers it unless the Dead come up with a gem from the vaults.
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  25. Haggis Wampovich

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    That’s unfortunate as this album is deserving of more attention! Thanks for the info.

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