2019 Beatles UK Singles boxed set (Was: "Beatles Mystery Boxed Set")*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Monasmee, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Monasmee

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    Let’s discuss The Beatles Mystery Boxed Set. Hopefully there’s enough room for speculation. What could it possibly be?
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  2. dsdu

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  3. joeislive

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  4. savemenow

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    In 2019, that approx. 1965 phonograph would now cost $243.30
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  5. jfire

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  6. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    So we have (not really) narrowed it down to a singles box. UK singles with new cover art. Aaaand that’s about it
  7. omikron

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    Perhaps it would be easier to discuss what we know it isn't going to be. Or do we even know that?
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  8. delmonaco

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    Let summarize what we know so far:

    - The “Mystery set” is already confirmed, with firm date of release targeting the Christmas market.

    - it’s big, with many things inside, but not as big as the eventual Abbey Road SDE. Not sure if “big” addresses its size, content, or importance.

    - It could be the only Beatles box set released this year, as the AR remix can be canceled or postponed.

    - It will appeal to many fans and collectors, but the insiders who know what it is are not very excited.

    - The cover art color palette is expected to be dominated by red and yellow (although I’m not sure where this came from and how valid it is).

    Am I missing something?
  9. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Thanks to Eppy's great negotiating skills, the Beatles got only 10% of the sales $.

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  10. illwind64

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    Approved by the Beatles themselves. Approximates the sound you would hear at one of their concerts.
  11. Monasmee

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    Might also help to consolidate direct quotes from the other thread. I tried but there were too many.
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  12. MPLRecords

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    It's smaller (in size) than the Egypt Station suitcase.
  13. kwadguy

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    I wonder if if will include a repro of the recalled Tragical Misery Tour album artwork.
  14. Brodnation

    Brodnation The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Hey @mikecarrera or @maccawings wink if i am getting close. A Beatles singles box of all the UK singles mixes. Maybe inspired or have mixes of 1. Maybe AAA. but definitely a singles box at Christmas
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  15. dormouse

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    Well, here we go in a different room. My vote is for a live set. Either a mixture of audio and video, plus extras or live companion for the 1+ dvd/blu-ray with Shea, Japan etc. I suspect some licensing issues have delayed this a bit and hence its sudden appearance at this point. Still think we'll get AR50 but that this will follow before Let It Be ramps up next year. I'm supposing some sort of book(let) and maybe repro tickets/programmes to add the 'many things mentioned elsewhere.

    I guess a nod or something instead of a wink!
  16. petem1966

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    Ok, what are we talking about here? What did I miss?
  17. jmxw

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    Smart money is on some kind of vinyl set.

    I'm guessing a Singles box. Of some sort or another...
  18. Beatmaniac

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    What would be the point of a singles box set? I mean for sound quality at least, they were released in the Mono Masters LP for the most part. Only way this makes sense is remixes, most of which have already recieved one.
  19. Who Cares

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    That's not true. No official announcement...
  20. jmxw

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    Here. This should get you started down this rabbit-hole...

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  21. Capitol set Vol. 3 for the win. :angel:
  22. jmxw

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  23. petem1966

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    Thanks very much! I'm way behind on my Beatle threads
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  24. jmxw

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    More tidbits:
  25. Jerry

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    Yes. It will be brick-walled.

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