2019 Beatles UK Singles boxed set (Was: "Beatles Mystery Boxed Set")*

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  1. A well respected man

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    No, they created the cutting master by copying the analogue masters of each single/EP.
  2. dasacco

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    While I can't find the proof, I think they assembled the Mono Masters cutting reels from analog tape copies of the singles master tapes.
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  3. mne563

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    Ok, yes, that's it. They had to make analog copies because they didn't want to cut the priceless single & EP masters into an LP side master tape.

    So, assuming they didn't want to play the single master again, they could master each 45 from the relevant part of the Mono Masters compilation master... THAT would be the way to do it!
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  4. Dinstun

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    That would be the way to do it. It would get about half of them.
  5. They could have spliced the singles together into a master tape reel, too. Then there would not have been generational loss incurred with dubbing onto a cutting master. That would have been the optimal way to do it from a sound quality perspective but probably not the safest thing to do.
  6. mihu

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    Since they used the first generation master tapes for the albums, where they didn't have to splice anything, there seems to be no reason for them not to use the first generation singles masters for this release.

    This new singles box could sound fantastic, 2014 style mastering on 45 rpm, showcasing every single in all its glory!
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  7. A well respected man

    A well respected man Some Mother's Son

    Madrid, Spain
    Yes, the reason given not to do that was safety. They did the same with MMT, by the way, copied the masters of the EP and singles and spliced them into a new cutting master.
    PPM was cut from a copy too, in that case because the glue in the original tape was starting to go off, and there was risk of tape damage.

    In any case, those three albums sound great.
  8. mne563

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    Where are the other half?
  9. DRM

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    It's not a mystery anymore and so called "tacky" looking international sleeves, if the product has them, apparently are a deal breaker for some. Even if it is AAA. And sounds great. I wish Apple would pivot and change plans now that this mystery Christmas gift has unfortunately been leaked. But these are understood to be sitting on shelves.
    To give the Abbey Road 2019 Remix time to sell and be the main topic of discussion for a good period of time. And these vinyl singles are also being held back as a special festive Christmas offering. Similar to colored vinyl. Perfect for coffee table display during the holiday season. "That's why they better have U.K. sleeves."
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  10. Dinstun

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    Not sure. Album masters perhaps. These singles tracks (at least) wouldn't be on Mono Masters:

    P.S. I Love You
    Please Please Me
    Ask Me Why
    Can't Buy Me Love
    You Can't Do That
    A Hard Day's Night
    Things We Said Today
    Ticket To Ride
    Yellow Submarine
    Eleanor Rigby
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    Penny Lane
    All You Need Is Love
    Baby, You're A Rich Man
    Hello Goodbye
    I Am The Walrus
    The Ballad Of John And Yoko
    Old Brown Shoe
    Come Together
    Let It Be
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  11. marcb

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    He does have a great reputation, however my own personal experience is less than stellar with him.

    I bought a UK red Parlophone label Please Please Me 45 from him years ago which he described as NM-. When I got the record - even though it came with his certificate of authenticity or some sort - it had the previous owner’s initials in red ink on the label. The red ink hid them to a certain degree, but they were still instantly visible to me.

    I can’t recall exactly what the response was, but I think it was something along the lines of “well it’s NM- except for the initials.”

    In other words...not NM-. And not the grading I would expect from a moderately seasoned seller, let alone from someone of his reputation.
  12. mne563

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    Wow, that's quite a lot. I started thinking about that and the first ones I thought of were the Hard Day's Night songs. Thanks for putting that list together!

    I just hope they use the right tapes, versions, etc. Beatles fans have had years of botched releases with good intentions. Hopefully they'll continue in the same spirt of the Beatles In Mono box; I loved that.
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  13. Tommyboy

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    Yeah, that’s not good at all. I haven’t dealt with him in years but his product wasn’t cheap. I never had any issues with him.

    How is the condition of the record other than the label?
  14. Near mint for its age ;)
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  15. soundQman

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    The best that sellers usually manage to do is give two ratings: one for the vinyl grooves and one for the cover. They should also note physical anomalies like writing on labels. I once bought a copy of a U.S. Apple pressing of the White Album that was advertised as in pristine condition (mint or near-mint). The cover and inserts were perfect without any blemish or ringwear (not so easy to find with an all-white cover), but the vinyl and label had visible signs of play. I think there may be a subset of record collectors to whom the condition of the package and physical aspects such as labels and first-pressing matrices are even more important than the quality of playback.
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  16. mne563

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    I'm near mint for my age!

    Some inner-groove wear...
  17. Shaker Steve

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    Warped though!
  18. vinylman

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    [QUOTE="mne563, post: 22111537, member: 641"
    ]I'm near mint for my age!

    Some inner-groove wear...

    No ring wear, I hope.
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  19. James Bell

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    Wonder if there will be a CD version of this box - i hope so but doubt it. I don't collect or play vinyl but would still like to own a CD singles collection and indeed the Christmas fan club singles compilation (which i have never heard before).
  20. SJB

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    There was a CD singles box back in the 1990s (on both 3-inch and 5-inch CDs), which was primarily significant because a number of mono mixes were otherwise not yet available on CD.
    In terms of the Christmas singles, 1966 and 1967 are the most interesting. The other years are mostly spoken-word greetings, thanks to the fans, etc., with some entertainment value but not the kind of thing you'll immediately spin again right after finishing. But 1966 and '67 were surreal mini-plays that, for the most part, had very little to do with Christmas.
  21. sws2000

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    And there's the She's A Woman count-in at the beginning
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    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Did the singles box include the non echo PPM?
  23. sws2000

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  24. Dinstun

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    Not sure there is such a thing. There is a "dry" version of Ask Me Why however that has not yet made it to CD.
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  25. SJB

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    Ah, but that was in the CD EP box, not the singles box.
    There was a bonus disc with stereo mixes of "This Boy," "She's a Woman" (with count-in), "Baby You're a Rich Man," and "The Inner Light," with a cover borrowed from the "Strawberry Fields Forever" picture sleeve. Collector's items on 7" vinyl in 1981, but not so much on CD after Past Masters.
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