2019 Beatles UK Singles boxed set (Was: "Beatles Mystery Boxed Set")*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Monasmee, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Susan Gagne

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    This is great news! Since we didn't know what was in the settlement, I've been curious if we would start to see songs reverting to Paul on schedule, and apparently they are! When I checked earlier in the year, MPL did not own "Do You Want to Know a Secret" (it should have gone back on April 26). Now it has. Below is a link to the listing from Paul's lawsuit of the contested songs published by Sony; it includes the termination dates:

    James Paul McCartney v. Sony/ATV Music Publishing: Exhibit A | Paul Mc Cartney | John Lennon

    All of the songs that should have passed back to Paul as of today have, except "Hello Little Girl", which just should have passed back August 23, and "Thank You Girl", which should have reverted August 2, but another party, Conrad, is also involved with "Thank You Girl" - potential snag there perhaps? While not recorded by the Beatles, the song "Tip of My Tongue" is also now owned by MPL.

    Please note that the songs "Love Me Do", "P.S. I Love You", "Please Please Me" and "Ask Me Why" got back to MPL via some earlier deal or purchase - I don't remember the details. In addition, six songs are now published by Round Hill Music/BMG, and, so, were not part of Paul's lawsuit against Sony and, therefore, not on the linked listing:


    I saw a Billboard article that indicated that these six were supposed to revert in 2019, but did not provide a date. As they came out in 1963, that would make sense to someone like me who knows nothing about copyright law!

    Please, if anyone else has additional or better information, chime in! But this looks to me like good news for Paul, with the last of the songs due to be returned to him in 2026!
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    Isn't it wonderful? :D
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    Paul still plays "In Spite of All the Danger" in concert. I'm really surprised he hasn't cut a studio version of the song.
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    My recollection [which could be faulty, of course] was the Love Me Do and PS I Love You were never owned by Northern Songs. They were published by Ardmore & Beechwood, so they were acquired in a separate deal.

    I think it was back in the mid 80's, hence Paul's re-recording of "PS Love Me Do" as a weird kind of "victory lap"... [and one we all wish we could forget.. :shh: ]
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    Your recollection about those two songs jives with mine, even about the unfortunate mashup!
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  6. marmil

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    The current Parlophone has nothing to do with Beatles releases. EMI, now part of UMG releases all Beatles product.
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    I'm looking forward to Paul's victory lap mashup this time: "From Me to Your Man There's a Place I Saw Her Misery." ;)
  8. Susan Gagne

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    But, imho, at least there are four great standalone songs in that mashup! :)
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  9. edenofflowers

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    I wasn't implying Mike was being malicious, just having a bit of fun with us. But if these sleeves are the ones they're using - including the several that were fakes - then Apple have lost their minds along with anyone who actually buys the set.
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    Better send Paul to his house to ask him not to release it at the same time.
  11. Bink

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    That is great news. Am I right in thinking this only applies to the US or does Paul own those songs on a worldwide basis?

    Also am I correct that Yoko sold her rights to Sony and therefore is not sharing ownership with Paul?
  12. I'm fascinated by all the "Songs reverting to McCartney" talk. Since it will be going on for a long time, wouldn't it be better to have its own thread, long after the UK Singles Box Set is old news?
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    Paul’s Songs Get Back! :agree:
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  14. Arnold Grove

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    Paul's songs ask him:

  15. saborlord123

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    So what's everyone guess on the Paperback Writer and I Want To Hold Your Hand picture sleeves? Or can someone point me in the direction if the ones that were correctly guessed?
  16. MILKEY

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    I was looking for the US picture sleeves set to be reissued.
    Guess not.
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  17. Dinstun

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  18. saborlord123

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  19. Susan Gagne

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    I think that Sony held the publishing rights worldwide, and that, if so, Paul would regain the rights worldwide, but I really don't know. It may depend on what was in the sealed settlement agreement. UK copyright law apparently doesn't grant reversion rights to a living author; there was a UK court decision a couple of years ago that went against Duran Duran's reversion request that muddied the waters, too. I'm no expert on all of this, so I don't know if Paul is regaining his rights worldwide or just in the US.

    John's estate would have been able to start getting the rights back for his half of the songs that he and Paul wrote 28 years after their writing per US law, since he died within that 28 year period, whereas Paul had to wait an additional 28 years to get his songs back. But it's been reported in Billboard that John's estate cut a deal with Sony for them to retain pulishing for his half of the songs until 70 years after his death, 2050. The court documentation that Paul filed also alludes to this deal.
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    has anyone heard an SRP for the box set?
  21. Tommyboy

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  22. OK. The breakup of EMI was very confusing.
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  23. JFSebastion

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    thanks for responding
  24. Avenging Robot

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    So I have a Blue Box of singles that I bought sometime in the 1980's and it's still in nice minty condition. Is there any compelling reason that I should fork out the cash for this one?
  25. paolo

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    Well, seeing as we have no real detail other than it’s a singles box with sleeves from around the world, the answer has to be no at this point. Please continue to enjoy your minty condition 1980s box.
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