2020 and not on Blu Ray. Your favourite VHS/DVD/unreleased concerts

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ponkine, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. stagnation

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    I agree with this - however they could do one better and release the show that was shot in Dusseldorf that broadcast live to cinemas. Although the show has the same setlist (and the same setup) its a completely different feeling gig, been set in a football ground (with the roof closed so effectively an arena) so doesn't have the grander feel as the Rome outdoor gig.

    I remember that someone hacked into the hi-def cinema stream and it ending up doing the rounds on the Genesis torrent trading sites, so the concert is "out there" in HiDef.
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  2. adam_777

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    Agree on all of the above in a big way.

    1. Atlanta Pop footage of the Hendrix set and clips from the Allman Brothers show there is some very useable footage from this festival along with some pretty decent multitrack audio recordings of presumably many of the bands. A few years back a documentary was test screened in Georgia, but not much has been said on it since. My assumption is that this is the year we will see something for it's 50th. If nothing is released this year I can't see it ever being released. Like the Woodstock release many of these artists may sign off on copyright extension releases. How can the Allman's not be wanting to release probably the best footage of Duane with the band? Hopefully a decent amount of this comes out this year.

    2. Hendrix at RAH is holy grail level stuff, more than anything else this needs to see a release and the Hendrix camp doing a screening last year is a good sign, but so far no news and a bit of a back log of unreleased material presumably needing to be released as well. I think we will definitely see this sooner rather than later, but it may be a year or two off still.

    3. For all the money grubbing Sharon O is accused of she has absolutely in no way taken advantage of archival releases of live material. Both Sabbath and Ozzy solo have had almost zero archival releases of live material despite a number of things being clearly of acceptable quality. This early Sabbath film really needs a release and it can be padded out with other material to fill up the disc.

    4. Led Zeppelin is just frustrating beyond belief. Their DVD is nearly 20 years old now and despite the obvious fact they could release stand alones of some of the concert material here, and potentially other material not here they have done next to nothing on the video front since this release. At the very least some of this material could really benefit from a blu ray release, even if not expanded.
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  3. markreed

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    On Hendrix, I would be surprised if we don't see something this year as it is the 50th anniversary and there's the Copyright Extension situation. For RAH maybe the screening last year was the way of achieving the Copyright Extension if it had any new material in it.

    Zeppelin? I don't think Page was ever satisfied with the visual quality of the retrieved tapes for Earls Court and Knebworth, and what was on DVD did show bleed and wobble. That said, being the custodian of the Zep recorded legacy is Page's job these days, and after the reissues over the past few years, and the book last year, I feel that Page will be focusing on the live archive and visual material next as well as maybe something like a definitive documentary.
  4. newelectricmuse

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    ...with the 1979 Place de la Concorde concert where he played Oxygene (or mimed to it - I don't care) on French TV as a bonus...
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  5. markreed

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    Personally, given how expensive many of his now out of print DVD's are, a box set of everything is what I want, ideally restored and rescanned at 4K if possible and audio remastered/remixed. JMJ does enough superfluous compilations, he should give people what they want!
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  6. allbrosca

    allbrosca Dancing Madly Backwards

    Allman Brothers Live at Great Woods. VHS was brilliant, but the two DVD releases were both botched. First one wasn't even the right show. They put out a Japanese tv special unit with excerpts from the show. Second release had substandard audio. It would be hood to see them get it right on Bluray.
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  7. ponkine

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    Deep Purple - Copenhagen 1972


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  8. hyntsonsvmse

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    Fleetwood man mirage on beta isn't out on bluray.
    It's a great gig. I had the beta version which obviously was light years ahead of its VHS counterpart. I had a Sony beta hifi deck which was truly marvellous for the time
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  9. Eiricd

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    release both, as a double feature
  10. ponkine

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan - El Mocambo 1983

    As well many other historic performances

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  11. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Eric Clapton - Montreux Jazz Festival 1986

    Historic gig with Phil Collins on drums

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  12. adam_777

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    I wonder if Stevies commercial viability has dipped in the minds of those who green light these projects. When i got into Stevie in 2004 in high school it seemed there was a great deal of Stevie hitting the market, including several live dvds, and a large box set among regular reissues. But over the last 5-10 years it seems like little new material has been released, or given expanded treatments. Im still waiting for a complete version of both ACL shows footage in one set instead of piecemeal portioned out across several.
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  13. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Duran Duran - Live from London

  14. Indy500

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    Rural Oklahoma
    Just bought laser discs of:

    Kool and the Gang - New Orleans 1984

    Kajagoogoo - Hammersmith 1983
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  15. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Paul McCartney - Paul is Live 1993

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  16. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Steve Hackett - Once Above a Time


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  17. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    One of the best MTV concerts

    An Evening With Bon Jovi 1992, back when the band really delivered. Interesting that a year before Nirvana, Bon Jovi played a set with originals and a selection of covers, just as Kurt Cobain and Co did for universal acclaim.


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  18. ponkine

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  19. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Coldplay - Live 2003


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  20. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited Live At Hammersmith

    The one which started it all.
    Yes, after it there's been several Blu Ray, but this one was the first. Would be great to have it on Blu Ray at last

  21. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    How about this one from Warren Zevon, originally shown on MTV back in its infancy (Full telecast):

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  22. Mr Hankey

    Mr Hankey If you eat fiber on Xmas Eve...

    Dallas, TX USA
    Paul Simon - 1980 concert as well as his One Trick Pony movie.
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  23. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Kiss - The Lost Alive II Tokyo 1977

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  24. Quadboy

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    The Who Toronto 1982 final concert.
    The previous VHS (and unofficial DVD) don't feature the full show.....3 songs omitted.
    It was also multitracked and could be remixed in hi res as with the Shea stadium release.
    In my opinion it's a better performance.
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  25. Demolition Man

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    I see a few copies on eBay for around $20 right now which is reasonably priced.
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