30 years Of Sting The Great & Really Bad

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mirrorblade.1, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    So whats great and really bad by Sting..
    Maybe I made thread about him.? I don't know? besides it's festivus season.:D
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  2. Gordon Crisp

    Gordon Crisp Forum Resident

    I liked it when he fought Ric Flair.
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  3. WHitese

    WHitese Forum Resident

    I Think his first two CD's are pretty good..I really like them..the rest I can live without.
  4. Mother

    Mother Forum Resident

    The Great

    The Not So Good

    The Really Bad
  5. music4life

    music4life Forum Resident

    South Elgin, IL
    I liked all of his albums until "Brand New Day" (and the only song I like is the title track). I havent bought any of his music since.
  6. Malina

    Malina Forum Resident

    I really liked the live album with the jazz band when it came out - Bring On The Night. I haven't listened to it in many years. He lost me pretty quick after that.
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  7. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

    Why would he post a photo like this? It's kind of spooky and weird. :(
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  8. saturdayboy

    saturdayboy Forum Resident

    agree with the previous posts: liked the police and his first couple solo albums, lost interest soon thereafter.
    i always thought "fields of gold" was a great single, and one of his best songs.
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  9. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
    I like the Police, but I can't stand him:cheers:
  10. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    There have been very few artists that I've completely lost interest in over the years. Typically, once I'm a fan, I'm IN, and I tend to be a completest (b-sides, etc.). However, with Der Shtinglehoffer, I have zero interest in his recent work and can't imagine I'll ever return to the fold. After "Fields of Gold" and "It's Probably Me", he disappeared down a hole of unparalleled pretentiousness and now I barely even listen to the stuff I used to like by him...
  11. Rubber65

    Rubber65 Forum Resident

    Sting never did it for me, either with the Police or solo. His signing and overall style never appealed to me. I don't care for his base playing all that much and the one thing he just can't get right is his A.R.T.I.C.U.L.A.T.I.ON when he's signing.

    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    Is that middle photo actually Al Roker?
  13. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    He looks more like Jasper from The Simpsons.
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  14. His third solo album also works for me, but otherwise I'm in total agreement. Whatever magic there was (collectively) in The Police, it seems nearly entirely absent in most of his releases since about 1992.
  15. pdenny

    pdenny 17-Year SHTV Participation Trophy Winner

    I love "All This Time" but to quote Lindsey Buckingham, that's enough for me.
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  16. Keith V

    Keith V Forum Resident

    Jersey City, NJ
    First album is great. Second is pretty good. Third is spotty but ok.
    Haven't really heard the rest nor care too. Once Dominic Miller became permanent it all seemed kinda pointless.
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  17. boboquisp

    boboquisp Karma 2004 - 2019

    NE Ohio
    I like to add a K at the end of his name.
  18. saturdayboy

    saturdayboy Forum Resident

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  19. Wounded Land

    Wounded Land Forum Resident

    Ten Summoner's Tales is one of my favorite albums of all time. Great songs played by a great band (in which Sting himself is playing bass). I like his earlier solo output but not to the same degree. His later stuff...meh...

    Love the Police, though. Ghost in the Machine gets the nod for me.
  20. Exactly the same for me.
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  21. fsutall

    fsutall Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    The first four albums are OK but none of them have aged particularly well. And while there are plenty of pretentious artists out there, for some reason he is much more irritating than most, frequently coming off as smug and condescending. I listen to the Fields of Gold compilation on occasion but haven't had any interest in listening to the full albums in quite a while.
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  22. JRColvin

    JRColvin Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY USA
    FYI for Sting fans -- On April 13 and 18, and on May 4, 10, and 12, Sting's Facebook page has posted new/current photos of him recording in the studio, alone. I can't find any information about what's going on, though, other than speculation in his posts' comments.
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  23. Diablo Griffin

    Diablo Griffin Synthpop, City Pop, and Rock Enthusiast

    United States
    I'm not much of a fan of the first album, but I love Nothing Like the Sun. History Will Teach Us Nothing and Be Still My Beating Heart groove like a mofo! Heck, HWTUN would've been very much at home on a Police album.
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  24. Eben Barnard

    Eben Barnard Well-Known Member

    My favourite Sting album by far!
  25. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    the police are classic

    his first half of his solo career was also tremendously good.

    the last 10 - 15 years he has been just horrible. he forgot where he came from, and when people forget where they come from bad things always happen.

    find a rhythm section, a really good guitarist, a keyboard player/arranger, and take your bass out of the closet...and play some f**king rock and roll.

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