50th Anniversary all things Beatles White Album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by tinnox, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    It is, yes, but you should be able to crank it up without it all turning into a horrible mess :) This waveform is encouraging in that respect.
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  2. brainwashed

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    Boston, MA
    Did everyone catch Sir George Martin uttering the f-word to Paul after the Mother Nature's Son outtake? Paul just finishes a decent version, but certainly not THE take and asks up in the control what they think.n George says some of them are good, but on others h f-upped. In a nice way. Paul seems taken aback and asks if they are really listening and George says yes they are. Interesting dynamics, but nothing said in anger, perhaps a bit of frustration on Paul's part. Sir George is just being honest, but politely. Ron
  3. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    Great to see, but it would really be nice to see a music critic like this talk more about the sound quality as well. No doubt we already know what a masterpiece this amazing album is, so when a classic like this gets this kind of treatment, talk more about the sound quality experience, both on vinyl as well as CD, but hell, we got Mikey Fremer for that I guess...as well as the wonderful folks on this marvelous thread!
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  4. noahjld

    noahjld Witchfinder General/ Das Boz Boz

    Funniest thing I've read all day (not for you though). At least someone will be happy with some freebie music.
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  5. ODIrony

    ODIrony Forum Resident

    Danville, VA
    Just finished listening the the LP1 songs. I've never (NEVER) heard the Beatles voices sound this good. Clear, delicate, searing, magical. And I'm only listening to Spotify (the Deluxe is coming from Amazon sometime today).
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  6. Bern

    Bern JC4Me

    Can you look at the blu-ray disc and see if it's the same?
  7. yardbuzzard

    yardbuzzard Forum Resident

    Outstanding post! Both a non-fanboy & non-hater perspective. Very rational and levelheaded judgement. Wish more opinions were posted in this tenor around here. Thanks!
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  8. hlennarz

    hlennarz Forum Resident

    They had the esher demos playing at a second hand musicstore in cologne. "why don't we donit in the road" sounded great, julia a little off. But it was weird having Jon Speak in that store *g*

    Nice to see it spreading this quickly.

    + Saturn (retail shop) had 5 copies of the super deluxe sset for 139€ right at the entrance with all other formats on a display.
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  9. Rupert_Bear

    Rupert_Bear Forum Resident

    West Sussex, UK
    Yeah I wonder if that was intentional. They obviously chose to fade it in on the original mix. It doesn't sound terrible but I guess we're use to how it was originally presented.
  10. Mister President

    Mister President Forum Resident

    Generally the remix is fine but not great...one horror for me is Yer Blues...John's echo vocal which was never there before and it seems slower but isn't. They have obviously tried to make this album sound more modern, but I don't think it works that much though Birthday does now sound better....it just doesn't sound like the White Album I know and love.

    Thankfully the remaster (2009 I think) is still on streaming and will be the one I will go to...plus my vinyl edition.

    Also unrelated....do we know who plays that spanish guitar at the beginning of Bungalow Bill, didn't think John could play like that...I always thought it was stock music from a library or something.
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  11. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    It's just a Mellotron tape. Nobody seems to know who played it originally.
  12. Dean R

    Dean R Forum Resident

    so not really smashed then - for a track designed to be loud.
    The DR values have been published already, and we know this is a 9
    Perhaps the poster would like to post pretty pictures of the less loud tracks - although that might be just as lacking in illumination ;)
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  13. lemonade kid

    lemonade kid Forever Changing

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  14. YpsiGypsy

    YpsiGypsy Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    In spite of all the criticism the Peppers50th got the vocals were awesome, lead, harmonies and background were just superb.
    But not much harmonizing and singing together on the White Album but I can't wait to hear the vocals.
  15. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    No I guess not. There is some clipping though. It doesn't sound like posting any more images like that would be illuminating for you, but they are to some.
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  16. ODIrony

    ODIrony Forum Resident

    Danville, VA
    Why don't we call it the "George's Psychedelic House in Surrey on a Lovely Thursday Afternoon Demos?"
  17. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    [QUOTE="Dr. Pepper, post: 19924021, member: 12998"]Walk toward the void that's labeled The Beatles![/QUOTE]
    And how do you do that?
    "Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream!" :D
  18. Rupert_Bear

    Rupert_Bear Forum Resident

    West Sussex, UK
    I'm loving the little videos that play in the background on Spotify.
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  19. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    There is echo on the mono mix.
  20. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Listening to the unedited Not Guilty it is very clear to me why it remained an outtake. And while i do not much care for what Geoff Emerick did on the sessions mixes this was the one where his edits made a presentable song out of something that wasn’t.

    Long story short. By accident walked by a newly opened record store (a very very rare occurance in Denmark) and lo and behold, they had one super deluxe left. Bought it and canceled my amazon.de order which was not arriving before nov 22.

    What a lovely set this is.
  21. Bewaremylove

    Bewaremylove Forum Resident

    New York City
    I can't wait for my copy to show up today. Somehow, I've managed to not hear anything from this box as of yet. Judging from all the reviews that I've seen on here, I'm in for a real treat. Have a great day everyone, and happy listening!
  22. slane

    slane Forum Resident

    I've only listened to a few tracks so far (I'm still in Dylan Blood On The Tracks mode, and probably will be for a while longer yet), but Not Guilty was one of the tracks I listened to and yeah, the vocals are weirdly quite far back in the mix. Particularly the opening line (it gets a bit better after that). It's the opposite of the Anthology mix, which had the vocals too out front! I like that we now get the full length version, but not sure about that mixing choice.
  23. dasacco

    dasacco Forum Resident

    You just put me back 50 years.

    I was 10 when the original LP was released, just after my birthday and a month before Christmas, so it was a "wait until Christmas" time for me back in 1968 and it was torture!

    But on Christmas morning I had 30 new Beatles songs to digest with Apple labels, a poster, photos, the works.

    The deluxe box and 4 lp box JUST got delivered and I'm toying with the idea of waiting until Christmas to open the LP's.

    But... nahhh, ain't gonna happen. :)

    Good for you to wait, and to share with your brother!
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  24. Bern

    Bern JC4Me

    Hoping the mail deliver takes the time to make the journey down the driveway and drop it off...lots of time I get "cards" telling me to go to the Post Office the next day to get it.
    It's ALL WHITE outside with a nice blanket of snow. Very appropriate!

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  25. Marcust99

    Marcust99 Forum Resident

    As it is also all on Spotify.....
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