A Christmas Carol/Scrooge

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Batears52, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Steve Carras

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    Technically, Jim Backus would be Magoo LOL.No mention of the original Frosty? :D
  2. Luke The Drifter

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    I highly recommend the new film The Man Who Invented Christmas.

    It is the story of how Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. It stays very close to the truth, and is a very moving film.

    It is a must see for fans of the book and films.
  3. Tanx

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    Glad to hear this. The trailer looked good, but these kind of films can go very wrong...
  4. Luke The Drifter

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    We did some research after we watched it, and were amazed how true it stayed to life.
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  5. letmerollit

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  6. MikaelaArsenault

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    Mr. Magoo

    George C. Scott

    Vanessa Williams

    Patrick Stewart

    Alistair Sim

    Kelsey Grammer

    Jim Carrey
  7. cgw

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    I'm big on A Christmas Carol. I'll watch any version anytime (except possibly Mr. Magoo and that musical version).

    That said, true to life is not a ringing endorsement to me. This is me though. I am not a docudrama fan. They are OK of they are well made and we understand they are fictionized to make a better movie (e.g. Amadeus).
    I would just as soon watch a straight documentary.
  8. Keith V

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    Mr. Magoo.
    The Mickey Mouse one with Alan Young as Scrooge is pretty good...a little weak and corny but fun.

    I’ll save the non cartoon reviews for the grown ups on the forum. :)
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  9. Ginger Ale

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    I know this is an old thread, but there is only ONE Christmas Carol: starring Alistair Sim.
  10. mmars982

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    For those interested in the book, there is a new edition that includes reproduction of the original manuscript.


    I'm reading this now. I have never actually read it from beginning to end, and am determined to this year.

    EDIT: I thought this was the first time the manuscript was reproduced when I posted this, but I don't believe that is actually the case.
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  11. Tanx

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    I will add my (now annual) plug for "The Muppet Christmas Carol." I'm not a Muppet-head by any stretch of the imagination, but Michael Caine is brilliant. He conveys so much without saying a word.
  12. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

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  13. jmobrien68

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    I love how much 'rage' he bought to the character as opposed to just playing a grumpy old harmless man... then the way he breaks down during the 'deleted' scene with Belle... brilliant job!
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  14. jupiter8

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    Those are my 2 favorites! Lump of coal for you!
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  15. GeoffC

    GeoffC I'm listening

    I know it's not a serious take on the story but it's the Albert Finney version for me. I remember my grandfather who was a cinema projectionist showing it! I enjoyed the upbeat songs like 'Thank you very much' which got me in the Christmas mood for buying unexpected presents for friends!
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  16. Sgt Pepper

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    It has to be Alister Simm, A Christmas Carol......no other can touch it.
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  17. JerolW

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  18. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

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    "I was in love once...would you believe that?" A short exchange that tips the scales to the Scott version for me.
  19. HGN2001

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  20. jmobrien68

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    I saw it last night... really enjoyed it!
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  21. Malinky

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    There is really no contest, it has to be `ALASTAIR SIM` all the way....The supporting cast is fantastic!
    It made me cry....and the ghost of Xmas future scared the hell out of me when i was a kid.

  22. dewey02

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    I actually like almost all of them, and I have nearly all of them on DVD and watch each year.
    Each brings something different and tells the story in a slightly different way, including some things from the book and excluding others.
    The things that bother me are the way they change things from the book. Ebenezer's sister is Fan in the book. Some movies have her as Fan, others have her as Fran. In the book, Ebenezer scolds Crachit saying he'll lose his situation. But some movies have him saying losing his job. And the story just isn't complete if nephew Fred doesn't burst in and say "A merry Christmas uncle! God Save You!" Why any telling of the story wouldn't include that is beyond reason.

    The one Christmas Carol I don't like, haven't bought on DVD, and won't watch again is the Disney/Jim Carey/Zemeckis version. I took my family to see this at the theater and I thought it was very poorly done. The Zemeckis motion capture was not good (why not just use real characters if you try to make them look lifelike, but end up making everyone just look creepy?) and the 3D effects were done seemingly to just highlight the 3D effects. They bought nothing new whatsoever to the telling of the story.

    I even have The Fred Flintstone version on VHS, which I still watch each year. It actually isn't bad. The most memorable line is when the two gentlemen come to the E bone ezzer (love the caveman version of the names) Scrooge/Marley office to collect for the poor. They ask Cragit (Barney) if they will have the pleasure of addressing Mr. Marley or Mr. Scrooge. Cragit responds "Mr. Marley has been dead these seven years. And I assure you, addressing Mr. Scrooge is NO pleasure!"
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  23. Dude111

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    Alastair Sim is the best one!!!
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  24. mmars982

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    I try to watch one version of this story I hadn't seen yet each year, and this year it was the Patrick Stewart one. I was very surprised how much I liked Stewart as Scrooge. It also seems like this is the adaptation most faithful to the book, not always for the better (the scene where they go out to sea just seemed confusing, and the couple that couldn't pay their rent that had never been seen before seemed odd). But I did really like it.
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  25. JamieC

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    Sim's performance can break my heart "I'm sorry Fan, I'm sorry"
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