SH Spotlight A few angry (but sort of funny) notes people sent me about my mastering work, imagined defects.....

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Sometimes people work to find a gripe. I am not in the music biz, but the auto service biz. A couple of examples of strangeness...
    I once replace a cyl head gasket on a customers Dodge Neon and they came back the next day with:
    " Everything is fine except now my a/c blower fan does not blow as much air as it used to on the middle 2 settings. Hi and low are fine though".

    I replaced pistons and rings on a Cadillac SRX and about a month later:
    " My AM radio reception is very poor now. Especially in city driving. Also it buzzes at times when I am stopped at a light" . (And they were furious!) Is was hard to keep a straight face and wonder if they had nothing better to do.

    These stories are not that uncommon. One dealer I worked at for 11 years was right next to a huge retirement community. Some of those guys could come up with some stuff.
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  3. I have all the McCartney DCC (and the other solo Beatles ones)... any songs is too long in them...
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    It's a good thing it wasn't a Mozart recording. There would have been too many notes.
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    In 1989 I found out Talk Talk had released Spirit of Eden because someone was returning theirs and told the guy behind the counter "Theres no music on this tape".
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    Teenaged boy returns The Music Machine's "Talk Talk" 45 single, because his mother doesn't like it. Ouch.

    Love the one, Steve, about the guitar being out of tune. Guess you forgot to tune it before mixing. :edthumbs:
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    Not a return, but the store I worked at in the late 80s-early 90s, was asked for Pink Floyd’s album....

    “The Brick”.

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    did you have it in stock and sell it to them? :hide:
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    We sold them that well-known Pink Floyd 45 instead, “Another Wall in the Wall” :)
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    This is by far my favorite from your notes...
    DCC Gold CD/Wes Montgomery "Goin' Out Of My Head":

    "Guitar totally out of tune, not that way on my LP."

    I wonder how that guitar for so out of tune...on the cd???
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    This made me laugh, as ever since discovering your Remastering work(DCC for 4 Doors Albums, The Cars-St, Elton John-Greatest Hits & Jethro Tull-Aqualung & Original Masters all bought NM Condition) and most CDs I own that were released prior to the Loudness Wars, I realized that my Car Audio System and other CD Players, actually does have a Volume Control that I can use to crank those CDs up(then need to lower it for most of my CDs that came out post 1994-95, except for more recent Audiophile CDs(mostly AF, including your Best of the Doors SACD, other 2 Doors Titles-Morrison Hotel-2 Corrected Version and 'Soft Parade', The Cars-Heartbeat City-I am hoping you will be doing more E W & F Titles in the future, and a few KG Remasters-Stevie Wonder-Songs in Key of Life & Innervisions).

    I will add System Components to my Profile in the next few months(as I know you would prefer for Members to do at least for those commenting on Sound Quality, which is understandable), as just building a decent Entry Level System, and still need to order the Outlaw 2160 Receiver/Amp. Having spent more money than expected on some components, I will need to hold off on getting a TT another year(as instead of buying now a $400 TT, would rather wait and be able to but the Pioneer PLX-1000, as prefer to get a Direct Drive TT(the Technics SL1200GR is way out of my budget), although have bought some of your(with KG) Remastered Vinyl Albums though including; 'Rumours'-45rpm, 'Stadium Arcadium', 'Electric Music for the Mind & Body'-Pure Pleasure Label when Music Direct still had them in stock, that I assume is your Remaster, although could not make out the Deadwax information and my prize possession, 'Hounds of Love'(the 2nd version, so not Numbered, but was a great price of $75 for a New/Sealed Copy and love the Purple Swirl).
  12. Grant

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    What are you trying to say?
  13. Grant

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    If I may offer up an explaination:

    In the 70s, some turntables, usually BSR changers, ran at a fast pitch. If one didn't know it was running too fast, one could easily get used to it and believe it's correct.
  14. Grant

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    Me too.

    I guess you aren't aware that AF has already released gold CDs of:

    Music Of My Mind
    Talking Book
    Fulfillingness First Fanale
    Songs In The Key Of Life

    If you cannot find these AF CDs, a good alternative are the hi-rez versions on HD Tracks, 7-digital, and ProStudioMasters. They also have the hi-rez versions of:

    Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants
    Hotter Than July
    Original Musiquarium I & II

    and pretty much everything else Stevie Wonder. But, if you don't download, well...
  15. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    Actually, I am planning to get 'Music of my Mind', 'Talking Book' and 'Fulfillingness First Finale' soon as the prices are low. I got the AF 'Innervisions' on Acoustic Sounds last year, but see that they are now sold out, so glad I got it(also bought the MFSL Ultradisc version, due to the high praise. I had to pay about $75 for the AF of Songs in the Key of Life' as those are hard to come by in New/Sealed Condition, and that is the most I ever spent on a CD(although actually a 2 CD Set), but I had to have it, as the prices are only getting higher.

    If you buy Vinyl, this might interest you as I bought a KG Remaster of 'That's The Way of the World' on Music Direct(think the label is Impex), and limited to 1,500 or 1,800 Copies(forget which number). They also sell a Vinyl version by Speakers Corner, who I know has a good reputation, but no idea who did that Remaster, so felt it was better to buy the KG Remastered Vinyl for that album. It upsets me that the Vinyl for 'All 'N All' sold in Barnes & Nobles(Gold Color) and now Black version sold on the typical Vinyl Websites, is a Friday Music, JR Remaster, as not wasting money on that, and wish KG would also Remaster that album.

    I actually bought the Bowie Box Set for 'A Reality Tour' from Amazon UK to get the EU Sony version, as the US version is Friday Music(both the US & EU are Blue Vinyl). I have a 2nd copy(also the EU Version) that I plan to put up for sale on here soon(and maybe on Discogs & Ebay, but will give SHF Members first shot if any are interested after I determine the price I want for it, and shipping costs being a Box Vinyl Set).
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    I returned a CD once because it skipped. Seriously. It turned out to be a needle drop and at one point in the album it skipped for about a full minute and they released it that way! I don’t recall the title anymore. But it was funny to return a CD with the excuse “it skips”.
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    I have had a few c.d.'s that have "skipped" over the years. Wether that was the fault of the disc or the actual player, I don't know. What I do know is that if they were tried on a different, cheaper, player then generally, but not always, they were fine.
  18. Grant

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    This is why you shouldn't wait to buy these CDs.
  19. Billo

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    I once was ordering an album by Barclay James Harvest

    the young female shop assistant said; 'I don't know of HIM !'

    re music it used to drive me up the wall that my record player was 'going wrong' on the second track 'Working On The Road' on Ten Years After's album 'Cricklewood Green' as the sound seemed to go off speed just for a moment

    - years later in a CD booklet note it was admitted someone in the recording studio briefly lent on the tape machine during the recording and altered the pitch for a moment !
  20. Markyp

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    I was 11 and had a cassette copy (boot) of Scary Monsters . I thought something was wrong with the tape because of the noise at the end of the last track, “It’s No Game (No.2)” and I had only ever heard the song on the cassette boot.
    It was a year later when I was bought an original vinyl copy, that I realised it was supposed to sound like that!
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  21. That are perfect! :righton:
  22. elaterium

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    My CD didn’t skip, the record being transferred skipped.
  23. BigDanT

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    I could understand if the person who wrote the note said that it simply played too fast, but it would make everything sound different...and not just the guitar. Let alone that only the guitar was out of tune.
  25. Grant

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    Unleash the guitar was the only thing the listener listened for. I'm just trying to attempt a rational explaination.:shrug:

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