Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Discussion. What Can We Expect?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mark Fricke, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    Adding "you don't repaint Sistine Chapel!" and "you don't add moustache to Mona Lisa" as well :D

    I think it's to specify that it's not the 2015 "1+" remix.
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  2. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    Till WHAT?!? :goodie:
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  3. Shaddam IV

    Shaddam IV Forum Resident

    Till all speculative complaining moves on to the "Let It Be" thread !
  4. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    Oh boy. OK, setting my timer now.
  5. BlueJay

    BlueJay Forum Resident

    Nop! I won't buy it unless it ends with the Friar Park garden version of 'Ain't She Sweet'. It was part of the first Beatles' recordings and it should be part of their last.
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  6. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Resident

    Thank you for the info...
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  7. I would have enjoyed hearing that. ..
  8. Actually, those “Hare Krishna” b/v’s are in the released version, too, albeit way down in the mix.

    The fact that George did a demo, guide vocal for Ringo lends credence to the long-circulated rumors that Harrison had a huge hand in writing the song with Ringo.
  9. No, they used a bootleg copy of the 45. I’m not kidding. The box set version has the same distorted sections of the song as the bootleg. They probably bought it on eBay.

    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    yeah not gonna lie, it sounds like ****. We know Apple can make needle drops sound good (see love me do) but that was just... yeah
  11. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    I'm still wondering if the integrity of the original U.K. paper label first issue Abbey Road cassette will be maintained for the Abbey Road Remix 2019 cassette offering.

    My UK initial issue paper label Abbey Road cassette TC-PCS 7088 has Here Comes The Sun leading off side 1. Followed by Something, Maxwell's, Oh! Darling, Octopus's, and I Want You (She's So Heavy).

    Side 2 starts off with Come Together and proceeds from there.

    Integrity and what the Beatles intended.

    The things I care about for the upcoming stereo Abbey Road 2019 Remix cassette.

    And variable dynamics.
  12. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    I think they weren't even aware of this track order change which was made to even out the sides running time.
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  13. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Resident

    I don't believe that. Probably the bootleg is the copy of the acetate that Giles used for the set...
  14. The drums don’t sound watered down, but rather they are positioned very low in the mix. They have a little bit of echo on them but otherwise don’t sound muddy or indistinct. They just aren’t very loud.
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  16. revolution_vanderbilt

    revolution_vanderbilt Forum Resident

    New York
    Ringo's also admitted as much, at least on the VH1 Storytellers special.
  17. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    Love Ringo, but most likely what happened was something like Ringo and George were hanging out, and Ringo said "George I have this idea for a song, it goes 'It don't come easy..." and he sings a little and hums for a bit. Then George goes away, writes the whole song, then brings it back to Ringo to finish the lyrics together. George giving Ringo full songwriting credit was probably just a friendly gift.
  18. Wingsfan2012

    Wingsfan2012 Forum Resident

    Junior's Farm, IL
    Last year was:

    September- Egypt Station
    October- Imagine Box Set
    November- White Album Box
    December- Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway boxes (plus the "Big Barn Box")

    Amazing time to be a fan but a very expensive one too!
  19. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    One thing that I did not make clear, by disputing @XC70 , I in no way am calling him a liar so there is no need for any defense. I 100% believe that this was the information that you were given, but the fact is, the ultimate source of my info I am so completely confident in, plus my source at UM confirming what I have, that I spoke out. Just wanted to clear that up, didn’t mean as an attack, just pointing out that it was incorrect
  20. mikecarrera

    mikecarrera Forum Resident

    actually it was me, hints started like two weeks ago, and I've said something like we will get only ONE outtake (or alternate take) per song except for a few that we will get three takes:cop: which of course they are breakdowns plus one in full except for one track that we will take complete or near complete takes but in general only one per song.
    By the way, NOBODY noticed today's hint from early morning, weird, I think all of you all more interested to know if we will get 70 CDs and 30 BR with bonus Betamax tape.
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  21. Too true , mate. It was either the Lennon set or the White Album box for me. Had to go with the latter. No regrets.
  22. richierichie

    richierichie My glass is always full.

    Hey @maccawings, some people are jealous of the fact that yourself and @mikecarrera get inside info, this nitpicking started with Sgt Pepper then The White Album and now Abbey Road. Don't let the idiots grind you down they are an embarrassment to this forum.
  23. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    Your hint about "Something"? Probably got lost in everybody's arguing...
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  24. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    No worries, we are good!! But thank you!
  25. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    You mean it’s not a 65 8 track tape set????
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