Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Discussion. What Can We Expect?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mark Fricke, Sep 25, 2018.

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  1. MrRom92

    MrRom92 Forum Supermodel

    Long Island, NY
    Random initial thoughts...

    • I remember the first time I heard the long “Something” outro jam and being amazed… now I’m equally amazed that something like that most likely will not make the set. Not because I’m ungrateful or unhappy with what we are getting, but it just seems like something that would be the most prime for inclusion and would be most revelatory for fans who have not heard it before. And now its forever locked to the crummy sounding boots. Why are we getting an isolated orchestral overdub instead of this?

    • “Long One” rough edit is going to be underwhelming if it’s anything like I remember being on the boots. Sitting through the Abbey Road medley all over again just to hear Her Majesty come in before Polythene Pam... nice to have but definitely not my first choice when they have a history of not even approaching the disc capacity, and the SDE will only have 2 discs of outtakes. There is a big upcharge for a collector to get 2 ~50 minute outtake discs instead of 1 in the standard edition. This is going to be 15+ minutes of one of those discs.

    • no indication of “direct transfer” of the original stereo mix, seems this was just something they were doing to make the mono mixes available outside of the 09 box. this was a HUGE additional value to the other sets for me, so I’m sad to see it go

    • What is the greater significance of the Dolby Atmos remix vs. a traditional surround mix? Does this mean in theory particular isolated mix elements could someday be extracted from the disc? My understanding of Atmos and other object based audio standards (admittedly something I’m not incredibly familiar with) is that “mixing” happens “live” / in real time in the pre/processor, for lack of a better way to put it. How far off base am I?
  2. arnt

    arnt Forum Resident

    This situation, with more information available already (provided that is is correct), is indeed different than was the case with Pepper and White Album.
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  3. Carl80

    Carl80 Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    Where are the track lists ?
  4. KirkK

    KirkK Forum Resident

    Yokohama, Japan
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  5. crossroads69

    crossroads69 Forum Resident

    London Town
    Thanks @XC70! Wasn’t expecting this until few more weeks, so certainly a Friday surprise!

    To start with - ATMOS! I guess I finally need those ceiling speakers :)

    With that out of the way, this is exactly what I was expecting for AR50 - a new remix, two discs of outtakes and the Blu-ray.

    What I certainly wasn’t expecting is the demo of Goodbye! Now how did that make it here? It was never intended for The Beatles AFAIK but I’ll take it!! It has been on my list for a long time waiting for MPL to do something with it. So thanks Apple!

    @mikecarrera menyioned a different “Something”. I was hoping for the extended version with piano coda but I guess it will a different version of the demo, perhaps with some more overdubs?

    I need to look up all the mentioned takes but seems in line with what Mike was saying - just one outtake per track. It would’ve been nice to see bit of Pepper-like generosity for outtakes but at least we have almost no overlap to Anthology.

    Surprised they didn’t include Come And Get It. The A3 mix sucks and I was hoping for simpler studio mix to be included here. Since Goodbye made it, they perhaps could’ve also included outtake of Que Sera Sera as well....

    Some similarities continue - no remixes of the singles, so definitely being back for different future release (along with Hey Jude and Revolution).
  6. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Forum Resident

    Dearborn, MI
    Page 252
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    JOSERENATO Forum Resident

    Fake tracklist?
  8. crossroads69

    crossroads69 Forum Resident

    London Town
    Yeah, the exclusion of the extended version of Something with piano coda will be a disappointment. Makes me wonder if some of these outtakes (add Revolution Take 20 to same category) are being saved for future Anthology update.

    I too hope that the Long One provides some additional differences than just having Her Majesty included. Let’s see what that is...

    Atmos is new form of surround sound that creates more 3D spatial soundstage by including more speakers, especially ones on top of the listener (ceiling speakers). I’ve actually never heard an Atmos mix and so very furious to experiment with AR50.
  9. Changingman

    Changingman Forum Resident

    Yes, Paul Weller did that in 1992. This is track 6 from his 12-track debut self-titled CD. The last 30 seconds recreate the sound of an LP being flipped over and the needle being dropped at the start of "side 2". ;)
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  10. Cristiano Cortellazzi

    Cristiano Cortellazzi Forum Resident

    Sirmione, Italy

    Not at all. The guy who posted it is quite reliable :righton:
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  11. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    Actually it's OGG Vorbis but the bit rate is pretty low, particularly on the DLC tracks. Basically the best source for the on-disc tracks is the Wii version (these have been digitally cracked and distributed) and the best source for the DLC tracks is the Xbox 360 or PS4 version (which so far have only been extracted in the analogue domain).
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  12. psychedeliceddie

    psychedeliceddie Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    Take 32 of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" would be fantastic to hear, since it includes the real, natural ending of the song. The take plays on for at least 20 seconds beyond the released version. According to Lewisohn's Beatles Recording Sessions, everything after the middle eight through the end of the released version originates from take 32.
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    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    Where can this new mix be found?
  14. That all is assuming that the tracklists are correct. Do we (other than the original poster) even know where they came from?
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  15. EdwinM

    EdwinM Grumpy old man

    That's what Apple wants to know as well I guess
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  16. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Forum Resident

    Dearborn, MI
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  17. anthony_beat

    anthony_beat Forum Resident

    Something [Orchestral – Take 39] by the way can be at 5:32.

    It was edited in the end, August 19.
    I hope that we will get the long version.
  18. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    New Zack Island

    BRODNATION The Future Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

    So at best it’s a harmless trick
  20. WildHoneyPie

    WildHoneyPie Here's a autobiographical song for ya

    I love Paul's version of "Goodbye". The circulating version we have of it sounds fine to me and I don't think the sound quality from this new version from what I'm assuming is Paul's master copy will be a drastic improvment like the Esher demos compared to the bootleg counterpoints.
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  21. makedatmusic

    makedatmusic Well-Known Member

    Thanks, @XC70!
    If your source from Universal Music gets any info about a "Seeds of Love" (Tears for Fears) 30th anniversary box set, post here please:
    Tears for Fears: Seeds of Love 30 Year Anniversary Love

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  22. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    New Zack Island
    Wow! So it'll be packaged the similar way like Sgt. Pepper then!
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  23. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    It has to be 12x12 because of the cover, it is too iconic to not have it square.
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  24. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    The Analogues
  25. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    New Zack Island
    Hmm, there's an Atmos mix of Sgt. Pepper but wasn't included in the big box however.
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