Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Discussion. What Can We Expect?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mark Fricke, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. autumn daze

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    Obviously this is a complete guess, given I know no party personally, but I think their relationships amongst each of the families is at a point where they probably do what is best for the Beatles image as a whole. I think they also have an eye on what could potentially improve their image individually, but the overriding thought would be on how do the Beatles come across from this.
  2. joeislive

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    Ruuber Soul and Revolver confirmed lol :laugh:
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  3. noahjld

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    5 seconds longer? Wow.
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  4. Lemon Curry

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    Not having the original mix on the blu-ray is criminal. A HUGE, infuriating negative, if true.
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  5. Arnold Grove

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    They probably are overprotective, and they won't release anything controversial or anything that shows George or John in a bad light.

    But in Olivia's case, she was not with George in the late 1960s, so she may be not be knowledgable enough. For better or worse, Yoko was there at the time, so she knows what John was thinking and actually doing. So Yoko probably has a better understanding of the situation. Olivia was convinced by Giles and/or whomever to not include "Only A Northern Song" on the Pepper box, supposedly because the song was rejected originally from the album. But if she really knew the history of the song, she would realize that it obviously belonged and would have insisted upon its inclusion.
  6. Gill-man

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    a Double Fantasy 40th would be better. Stripped down demos and rough mixes of a stark, stripped down album (POB) is a waste of time. A Double Fantasy 40th has a lot more potential and hidden gems to be found. If studio performance footage is found and released on DVD/Blu-Ray, it will be a holy grail of a release!
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  7. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    I love that and have listened to that video plenty of times, one of Mr. Martins greatest contributions. Just wish that extended jam was included that was my "Revolution Take 20" for this set.
  8. marklamb

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    You Never Give Me Your Money [Take 36] has been previously booted in so so sound quality and is incredible! This is one of the tracks I was really clamoring for....really glad to see it included.
  9. supermd

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    It's also a completely different take than the released version.
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  10. supermd

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    This isn't the official press release, merely *NOT FINAL* leaked contents. I'd wait until the official word, then start lamenting.
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  11. Gila

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    I wonder what will the story be this time for the new mix. With Pepper it was "mono was the real version", for White Album it was "different approach for every song" (but based on original stereo versions).

    The last time they had original mix on Blu-ray of White Album there were complaints raised here that 1) it was too quiet for some reason and 2) it had weird super brief silences between the songs.
  12. supermd

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    I feel ya. As much as I wanted a stereo, proper release of Take 20, I thought the version we got was also very interesting, and I'm glad to have gotten something NEW.
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  13. stevenson66g

    stevenson66g Paul sang the Ahhhs

    That's why I see it as the last album
  14. Who Cares

    Who Cares Forum Resident

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  15. multi.flacs.project

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    An early mix of Take 30 (the master take) with extended outro / jam ending has been booted (more recently in excellent quality - "Pope go the Beatles"), but the upcoming set's Take 36 (the final take of the backing track) is unheard. Looks like we're getting the other bootlegged alternate early mix of Take 30 on the early medley edit, with organ crossfade instead of crickets. That should be a nice upgrade, but sadly it lacks the outro jam.
  16. XC70

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    Thanks. You can see this girl in "True Detective 2". I like her songs.
  17. brainwashed

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    As long as said "cool tidbits" are released at some point in time. It is frustrating being an insider or knowing trusted people involved. I was one of those people and in some ways I'm glad you and Mike are carrying the torch now. Of course, it's beyond silly that Apple would be upset or that there will be fallout over a leaked track list. They take things TOO seriously. In this day and age, it's crazy that they still impose a 6=8 week gap between official announcement and project release. They should have their Sirius Channel all a-buzz by now. Have an in-house streaming site up and running with "cool little tidbits. IT'S TIME! Ron
  18. gmcjj

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    Wow now I'm gonna have to get the vinyl and the deluxe versions. I should've bought the 4lp white album at launch and I'm not going to make that mistake again.
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  19. brainwashed

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    I'd only add... the word "may". We don't know if the track lists are final and/or evolving. Ron
  20. brainwashed

    brainwashed Forum Hall Of Fame

    Boston, MA
    No need for that. We all gain knowledge from one another!

    BRODNATION Tomorrow Never Dies because Tomorrow Never Knows

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  22. Beatle Ed

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    Yes, I'm inclined to say that what's maybe on this set reflects that there was less to select from than The White Album? Perhaps all these supposed items omitted are just fragments or just not coherent versions. We can't make the Abbey Road extras comparable to the last box set if they aren't there to start with. We're maybe being critical too early and should wait and see when it's released.
  23. joeislive

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    I've curious if when we get to LiB do they even touch the "No Pakistani's" version of Get Back? Even though it was a tongue in cheek satire of a then current political figure/situation, I can totally see todays internet culture totally missing the point and stupid articles on sites like Buzzfeed like "Was Paul McCartney a racist?" Or do they get out ahead of it and point out it's satire of controversial politicians (how timely)
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  24. supermd

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    Campbell, CA
    So the video you replied to is really Take 30?
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  25. joeislive

    joeislive Streets Ahead

    Agreed. I'm sure they feel they rather give us something completely new, the booted stuff is there if you want to track it down and I respect that reasoning. I mean , in less then 3 years we've gotten about 8 discs of mostly unreleased outtakes so I can't complain, but I can't help if I'm greedy :D

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