Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. Octavian

    Octavian Forum Resident

    How is splitting the vocal track an "effect"? That's just a panning change, which is literally the main focus of these remixes...

    And what's so tacky about it? It adds a little fidelity to those doubled vocals and great harmonies, especially to one of the greatest bridges ever written!
  2. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    I don't see them repeating the '69 version at all for Jackson's film. Will probabaly be used for an inner sleeve in the LIB50 box though. :righton:
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  3. mbleicher1

    mbleicher1 Tube Amp Curmudgeon

    I'm glad you like it.
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  4. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    I prefer the new mix of Something's vocals in the bridge to that of either the original or Love. It opens them up in a way that enhances the emotional impact, imo.
  5. jamiehowarth

    jamiehowarth Forum Resident

    Disrespectful that it was not included.
  6. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    Disrespectful of fans? The original LP? Perhaps, but I can see why they would choose not to include it.
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  7. jamiehowarth

    jamiehowarth Forum Resident

  8. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    Its inclusion would tend to undermine the rationale for and the aesthetic integrity of the new release. Also, although this is not a reason for excluding the original mix, there's no reason that fans should have expected the original AR mix to be included, because original stereo mixes were not included in either of the two previous anniversary releases.
  9. Beatle Ed

    Beatle Ed Forum Resident

    Yes, that dead cardboard box drum sound has always bugged me about certain tracks on Abbey Road. No ambience or atmosphere; like they've not been produced at all. The new Something mix seems to be a big improvement on that though, from what I can tell so far.
  10. Yayastone

    Yayastone Forum Resident

    Monterey, CA.
    This is a fun listen.
    doubt itll be included in the set seeing there is an F bomb dropped by John.
    Also George saying "Kick out the jams!"

  11. Beatle Ed

    Beatle Ed Forum Resident

    Yes, I find that the arrangement plods (something you could rarely say about a Beatles arrangement as they were masters of tweaking a song to reach it's full potential) and the drum part is a factor in that, as regards Something. But, as you say, I'm sure it's because Ringo was asked to play it that way.
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  12. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    It is a bit odd considering there would be plenty of space on the BD to include it. However, the original stereo mix is available in 3 separate CD masterings already so it's not a huge deal.
  13. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    Just because you have the space there doesn’t mean you’ve got to fill it up. It’s not odd at all that they didn’t include the original in high resolution.
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  14. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana jazz vinyl addict

    SE USA
    It’s not odd at all, it is entirely consistent with this series of reissues. It’s not included because the original stereo is not on ANY of the deluxe-with-remixed-stereo releases.
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  15. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    It's only consistent on a surface level "it's not mono so it's not on the box" line of thinking. If the plan was to release "definitive" mixes then it'd make sense to include the original Abbey Road stereo mix. If the plan was "rare" mixes (i.e. not seen on the standard 1987 or 2009 CDs) or "different" mixes (both Pepper and WA have significant differences between mono and stereo versions), then it wouldn't make sense to include it. Who knows what their reasoning is.
  16. shmuckler

    shmuckler Forum Resident

    Munich, Germany
    I guess there will be a separate hirez release with all the available mono/stereo/multichannel official mixes included.
  17. Carl80

    Carl80 Forum Resident

    I was wondering will take 1/Instrumental of Because on disc 3 have singing and maybe some chatter or will it be instrumental right the way through ?

    There was a take 1/instrumental of Good Morning on the pepper said if I remember right , sounded great and quite raw but would have liked it to be abit longer and maybe some talking or singing in there.
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  18. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    I do NOT think that there will be any singing, as the version is specifically listed as "Because (Take 1 – Instrumental)".

    Chatter? --- Possible, as is the case with any of the alternates included in the set.
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  19. WildHoneyPie

    WildHoneyPie Here's a autobiographical song for ya


    I do wish we got a track from the overdub vocal session for "Because" like the "Penny Lane" vocal overdub track we got on Sgt Pepper 50th.
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  20. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    I'd be interested to know what the reasons were for using the Moog on the four songs that it appears on- don't recall any of the Beatles discussing the Moog in an interview. Or why it was limited to those four songs. A touch of Moog would have made "Something" even greater
  21. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    The drum sound throughout "Abbey Road" has always bothered me. Unlike you, though, I didn't think the new "Something" mix helps it much. In fact, during the verses, it actually seems quieter than before. Like someone flicking a box with their finger. Compared to earlier recordings, these drums are lifeless. Just dead. Some songs are better than others.
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  22. graystoke

    graystoke Forum Resident

    Well, I've always loved Ringo's "tea towel" drum sound on Abbey Road. It adds to the different sound the album has from their earlier work. I often replicate that dry drum sound on my own recordings. Not everything has to be bathed in reverb or snap in your face.
  23. Gary7704

    Gary7704 The girl with colitis goes by....

    One if the reasons why I love the album is because of the great sound they got from the drums. Unlike any album before. It won a grammy for best engineered album.
    Compare the sound to the album that won best album of the year: Bridge Over.....
    and you see just how great the sound is.
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  24. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    Am I missing something? When Abbey Road was first released, my friends and I were blown away by the sound of the drums. We’d never heard anything quite like that before.
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  25. DragonQ

    DragonQ Forum Resident

    The Moon
    How do you all feel about the Love mixes of Abbey Road tracks then? Fairly different drum sound there.
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