Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

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  1. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    Anthology 3 gave us 9 tracks from the Abbey Road era. And we lived with that for 23 years.

    The new anniversary super deluxe set more than doubles the official outtakes released, giving us 23 more tracks, and one of those is the 16-minute "Long One"!

    And yet some people still complain about the amount of content and the fact that the CDs are not filled to the limit.

    We now have 32 officially-released outtakes and demos from the Abbey Road era—plus a new mix widely available, the original mix widely available, the '87 masters, the '09 remasters, multiple CD and vinyl package options, and the entire AR50 super deluxe set available for streaming for free.

    I think we are spoiled, to be perfectly honest.
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  2. Haggischomper

    Haggischomper Forum Resident

    Aurora, IL
    Never mind the quantity, hear the quality
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  3. kevintee

    kevintee I’d rather be listening to McCartney

    St. Louis, MO
    I must admit I am spoiled. I haven’t even completely digested AR50 and I’m counting the day’s until the LIB50 announcement.

    I disappoint myself.

  4. A6mzero

    A6mzero One foot in the grave, one foot on the pedal

    Spartanburg sc
    Bought the 3lp set. The vinyl was tip top. Really enjoyed the remix, every song (gasp).
    Don’t know if I will ever play the original again. Maybe just as a curio.
  5. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    The vast majority of people seem to be digging it, what exactly is "botched" with it beyond you personally not liking it? lol
  6. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    If they bring out a Let it Be set I'll probably pre-order the Super Deluxe and the however many LP set that they do but admittedly I'm not going to be on edge waiting for the announcement the way I was for Abbey Road, The White Album and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  7. imsjry

    imsjry Forum Resident

    Neenah WI
    You think?! When I read people complaining about hearing John’s fingers on the guitar frets or Ringo’s snare sound, I bailed on this thread for the most part. This place can make you love music a lot or suck all the enjoyment out of it.
  8. swedwards1960

    swedwards1960 Forum Resident

    Canton OH
    Makes me want to cry.
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  9. John Boy

    John Boy Forum Resident

    Winnipeg, Canada
    Can someone please comment on the sound quality difference between the LP and CD? I have a UK 1st pressing and would prefer the CD format if the differences aren't large.
  10. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    Yeah pretty much honestly lol. I get that audiophiles get into the nitty gritty of whatever audio they are listening to, but a few of the posts here to me sound like they are listening to see if literally every single little miniscule detail lines up with their preconceived notions of what in their mind the remix should sound like, as opposed to joining Giles and the Fab Four on a wonderful ride with amazing music. I dunno, personally this remix I am finding just pure fun.
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  11. Lewisboogie

    Lewisboogie Forum Resident

    For me it was Amazon. I’m waiting for my replacement. Then mix and match. Did the same with the White Album.
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  12. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    My feeling is that the LP sounds better than the CD in the same way that the Blu-ray sounds better than the CD. I think the CD sounds good but I couldn't go into a lot of detail as to the exact differences as I've only listened to the CD once and I've listened to the LP twice and the Blu-ray once.
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  13. Lewisboogie

    Lewisboogie Forum Resident

    Yea, I was looking at all three deluxe sets together, thinking about being a teenager in the late 1970s, reading all the books, with *only my 8-tracks to play endlessly. I dreamed this but really, didn’t think this was possible.
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  14. Kassonica

    Kassonica Forum Resident

    PLaying it now for the 1st time......

    It's the quietest vinyl I've possibly ever heard.... Not a sound... also volume wise it's also quiet...

    I really like the Ballad mixes the best...

    Over all though there is an emotional quality missing thats a big PART of the original....

    I have an original UK pressing and the Black triangle version, the Black triangle version will retain it's goto status, Vinyl wise, the original UK can't be beaten...

    I'm slightly disappointed TBH, the White Album Giles remix became my goto stereo mix.... Although the original Mono mix and pressing is my favorite...
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  15. peteham

    peteham Forum Resident

    Simcoe County
    I must admit, I am struggling to believe this too, and I am a big fan of Paul's drumming. I listened to some of my favourites: 1985, My Dark Hour, The Dog Presides, Ballroom Dancing, Dear Prudence, Jet, The Ballad of John & Yoko, Helen Wheels and he is definitely better when he is the drummer in a band environment, but Old Brown Shoe would be an astonishing step up. What irritates me about the notes in the box is they don't seem to key in to how remarkable that performance is, for Paul. Too bad they didn't give us the early take of 'Something' with Paul on drums - maybe he was on fire that day?

    Plus, Paul has really surprised me with his some of his lead guitar work. House of Wax being the last one. The guy is a master.
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  16. Apollo C. Vermouth

    Apollo C. Vermouth Forum Resident

    Only have listened to the 2019 Mix and I have to say Giles completely missed the mark on the mix. Pepper Set was really good. White Album was better...I really thought he would knock it out of the park for Abbey Road. He didn't. Is it my set up or are the claps completely missing or buried on Here Comes The Sun?? For some reason John's vocals on the 2019 mix of I Want You (She's So Heavy) makes me dislike the song even more than I already did. Oh Darling is a complete mess...was it Giles intention for you to hear the echo chamber? Don't know how he could turn the medley into blah...but he did. Gonna go back to original vinyl and original '87 for this one. I am looking forward to the outtakes disc though. Hope that is as good as the only track I have heard from it which is the Something orchestration track. I give the 2019 Mix a C as far as a grade goes. Again just my opinion...
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  17. minkahed

    minkahed Forum Resident

    I'm enjoying my copy of the album remix.
  18. Tom Schreck

    Tom Schreck Forum Resident

    "Smiles awake you when you rise" still makes no sense
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  19. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    It's actually, "Smiles await you when you rise" At least that's what's written in the official lyrics, I don't have a problem with awake you when you rise. Lyrics don't need to make sense if they sound good.
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  20. thrivingonariff

    thrivingonariff Forum Resident

    Another missed opportunity by Giles.
  21. videoman

    videoman Forum Resident

    Lake Tahoe, NV
    Yeah. I was really hoping Giles would fix that in the remix.
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  22. UK first press will sound better than anything that comes after it. Nothing will come close.

    In terms of remix; CD fair LP better
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  23. BeatlesObsessive

    BeatlesObsessive The Earl of Sandwich Ness

    I think the drumming on OBS is much like the work on Day Tripper with similar fills. Plus the kind of drumming Ritchie was doing during the Let It Be sessions resembles the sort of snare fills he does as the song moves from one segment to the next. Especially the rolls at the very end.
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  24. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    What we need is a remix that uses all identical elements of the orginal mix set to the same volume levels and panned as they were in the original mix and mastered the same way as the original release! Are you listening Apple?

    Bonus if you release it exclusively on outdated inferior plastic media. The more colorful the better! :laugh:

    This thread was dominated by child like excitement before release and joyless people trying to prove how erudite they are after. Same as for every other remix.
  25. BeatlesObsessive

    BeatlesObsessive The Earl of Sandwich Ness

    ...there should have been an "Ahhhhh Ahhhhhhh" section to transition from Her Majesty into Polythene Pam!
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