Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Off:
    You failed to address either of concerns/capitulations for audiophiles/consumers.

    "1. Why should audiophiles support, by buying, inferior releases?
    2. Why should people waste time, effort, & cash on releases that are obviously [w/graphs seen on a "screen"] substandard?"

    Happy Holidays!
  2. Glenn Christense

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    I’m not failing to mention anything because I don’t really care one way or another if people here use their ears, charts, graphs, Ouija boards , or their moms advice to decide what to buy .:D

    I just provided a quote from a guy that actually helped produce Beatles music, and he reminds everyone that our ears should be the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to music.
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    Well by trusting my ears I easily came to the conclusion that points 1 and 2 in this statement are not accurate reflections of the wonderful AB release so I am really glad I went with my ears :)
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    Ouija boards :laugh:
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    We will never know unless we get to see every step of the process ourselves. There could have been bounces or effects (eq, compression) that have been already printed to tape for the remix. Demos or outakes are usually raw recordings that go directly into the tape machine. Even on the Anthology, most of the demo tracks sounded purer than the commercial ones.
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  6. BuCo

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    "Hold on, I think the forums are speaking to me!"

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    Next time, let's have a separate thread for the outtakes. That's how we did it in the past for (both?) Pepper and/or White Album. That seemed to work out better. With two threads, maybe neither proceeds at such a breakneck pace.

    The current thread turned into 30,000 people saying "Remix is great!" or "Remix sucks". I would have liked more discussion on the outtakes, the recordings new to us.
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  8. Off & Off:
    Enjoy wasting your time & money!

  9. Heck, the Please Please Me stereo LP is the best sounding of all the Beatles LP’s, in my opinion, and it was the one with the purist recording technique.

    That being said, the two-track stereo LP’s are the ones that could most benefit from a remix using digitally extracted stereo technology and are the ones I’d be the most keen to hear.
  10. FangfossFlyer

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    I really enjoyed the 50th Anniversary LP for quite a while but eventually went back to preferring the original release. Primarily as it just seemed to sound right to me but I imagine a large part of that is because I have been playing it on and off for 50 years and it is etched into my being!

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  11. A well respected man

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  12. No! I refuse to buy "The Sound of Music", "Oklahoma", or "South Pacific" (her favorite three albums). The very thought of hearing them again is rather traumatic for me. Please don't make me.
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  13. Mr_Vinyl

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    I agree that the stereo PPM sounds fantastic.
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  14. zipp

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    Kevin Howlett says only Paul played bass on Octopus's Garden, but this intriguing photo was posted early in this thread.

    Does everybody agree that this photo was taken at the 17th July overdub session and that it shows George did in fact contribute bass to this song?

  15. Gila

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    That's Fender Bass VI, could it be Oh! Darling photo?
  16. zipp

    zipp Forum Resident

    Yes, that occurred to me too.

    Neither Lewisohn nor Howlett mention the bass specifically, but Paul and George could be overdubbing piano and bass on Oh! Darling on that date.

    So it would be convenient photo proof that George played bass on Oh!Darling. :thumbsup:
  17. Summer of Malcontent

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    Just to be completely frivolous, I listened to the box the other day, realized that I find Lennon's and Harrison's tracks on the album far more interesting than McCartney's, so decided to see if I could cobble together a 'John Lennon Medley' in the manner of the closing Abbey Road medley, and came up with the following:

    Sun King /
    Because /
    Mean Mr Mustard / (I cut out the brief drum intro and started immediately with the vocals)
    Polythene Pam / (you need to include up to the "oh look out!" bit that's incorporated as the start of 'Bathroom Window')
    Come Together / (trimmed off the outro, so it ends shortly after the last "come together / right now / over me")
    Ballad of John and Yoko

    Comes to about 13 minutes. Minimal trimming and cross-fading, trying to replicate hard cuts on the beat in most cases (I think I faded down the rowdy end of 'Polythene Pam' slightly to let 'Come Together' start more naturally). It was fun and didn't take too long, so go and bake your own! I'm sure you could include all or some of 'I Want You' somehow (and thus fill a whole album side), but I couldn't find an easy way to make it work.
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  18. ssmith3046

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    Same here. I like the remix a lot and it's an enjoyable alternate but after a half a century of listening to the original it's still my go to.
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    Very cool ad !
  20. After reading the comments here about Goodbye, looking at the spectrograms, and comparing the 50th set’s Goodbye to the one in my digital library, I concluded that all the versions in my possession sound like crap. So, I found an old copy of the 1991 Yellow Dog Acetates CD and bought it for cheap. (The Yellow Dog CD purports to have been taken from the original acetate with click and pop removal). I then compared the Yellow Dog Goodbye to the one on the 50th’s set and the one in my library. The Yellow Dog CD sounds noticeably better. It still doesn’t sound what I would call “good,” as it contains distortion in places and has a moderately muffled sound (perhaps due to the circa-1991 NR employed by Yellow Dog). Still, apparently it’s the best that’s out there other than the actual acetate, whoever possess that.
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  21. The 1991 Yellow Dog CD is the same crappy NR'd source that Apple used. The 2-CD version from 2002 is a noticeable upgrade without the NR, and that is the version people have been referencing.
  22. Ah, the Japanese Yellow Dog release.
  23. Well, it’s a bit better as there was no intermediate conversion to mp3. (The 1991 CD vis a vis the source that Apple used).
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  24. There is no mp3 artifacts in the copy I have, either audible or visible in the spectral plots.
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  25. soundQman

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    Actually the Tony Sheridan sessions they recorded in Germany are even purer, and it has two Beatles-only tracks. No overdubs and no compression, full deep bass. Live to two-track, Bert Kaempfert engineering. It is an early audiophile recording, IMO. I have a German Polydor pressing from 1965, manufactured and distributed by Deutsche Grammophone. Superb sound.

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