Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

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  1. Kim Olesen

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    Yes they have some magical new stuff. Rockband was done with Retouche which is spectral extraction. Now they have their own in-house machine learning tech which is many times better. It was used on 1+, Hollywood Bowl and Pepper. But they went didn’t go overboard.
  2. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Pepper title track comes to mind. Drums and guitars seperated.
  3. bherbert

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    Well, then I must apologize to Mr Okell & Mr Martin for my criticisms. I didn’t realize that there were so many technical challenges involved in the remixing. It seems that for certain songs that it is simply not viable to put drums in the middle. And where they could put drums in the middle they did.
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  4. Shaddam IV

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    Yellow Submarine: 1+.

    On the multi-tracks, the acoustic is locked into mono with the bass and drums. On 1+, the acoustic has been extracted and mixed left. The bass and drums are mixed center.

    It's flawless.
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  5. Beatlebug

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    I remember reading somewhere that the Carnival of Light tape was played at the event in 1967, and that the original tape had a demo after it that shouldn't have been played but was, upsetting Paul in the process.

    Anyone know more about this?
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  6. Who Cares

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    Club Sandwich autumn 1995 No. 75:

    "Grateful Dead - A Photofilm is a short art-film, running 9 minutes 17 seconds"

    "In all, Linda had shot four 36-exposure 35mm black-and-white rolls, meaning that there were 144 images of the Dead available for what Paul began to call a Photofilm. All 144 were used as he assembled the 5x4-inch prints into a sequence that pleased him and then set about the job of storyboarding them - compiling what he came to call "a grocery list" of progressive ideas. Using a variety of styles, speeds and angles, the photographs were then shot by a Rostrum camera, creating many hours of raw uncut moving film.

    Paul then chose the music tracks, exercising his familiarity with the Dead's work to select excerpts from three numbers - 'That's It For The Other One', 'New Potato Caboose' and 'Alligator' - that perfectly align with the images. Because everything about Grateful Dead - A Photofilm is authentic, even the applause heard as accompaniment to the Central Park concert stills has been taken from one of the band's concerts at that time. "Truly," says Robby Montgomery, Paul and Linda's co-producer on the Photofilm, "the attention to detail throughout the whole film has been painstaking. It's a total act of love, not something done for commercial purposes or with a specific release date in mind." "
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  7. beatleroadie

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    Why isn't this on Grateful Dead's website or YouTube??
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  8. Beatle Ed

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    Maybe he doesn't want to centre them all the time?!? There isn't any legislation passed which says it has to be so (thankfully)! :confused: If perfecting the demixing technology only means being able to centre drums, I for one hope that it's never perfected!
  9. Beatle Ed

    Beatle Ed Forum Resident

    Yes, I'm wondering what's on the b side!
  10. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Afraid not. WMGGW is just one example. Come Together is another.
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  11. Tommyboy

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    Thanks for the website. It was one bad hair day after another for Ringo in the early days. The haircut started to get better by the summer/fall of 1963.
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  12. Ricardo Cosinaro

    Ricardo Cosinaro Forum Resident

    Kevin Howlett demo'd the Abbey Road extraction tool during the Studio 2 lecture. Impressive!
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  13. TonyClifton63

    TonyClifton63 Forum Resident

    Thanks Beatlebug! I missed out the last time they featured Abbey Road.
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  14. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    Rockband "multi-tracks" were made out from the 'final' tapes. Maybe Sam/Giles have access to YS pre-mixdown tape where these elements are separate? I don't know all the available recording info regarding this song, but weren't they already using reduction mixes in those days?
  15. Tom Daniels

    Tom Daniels Forum Resident

    I doubt you will find much “music” inside
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  16. Shaddam IV

    Shaddam IV Forum Resident

    Hmmm it's possible. But the Anthology DVD 5.1 and stereo and YS Songtrack stereo and YS DVD 5.1 all have it in the same place IIRC.
  17. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Just because they bounced does not mean they didn’t record instruments together. Bouncing went nowhere nears as far as in 67.
  18. jtiner

    jtiner Forum Resident

    I think I've read that one unique element of the process in use now is using existing sound samples from various tapes/sessions to build very specific profiles for instruments and vocals. I assume the samples provide more subtle sonic detail like harmonics, room sound, decay, etc. I don't know if that means a significantly better extraction though. I don't think I've heard any real details regarding their process.
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  19. spindly

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    Not sure when "centered drums" became such a big deal for Beatle Peatles.
  20. paolo

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    Here’s a link to a video I posted last year when Hollywood Bowl came out. It is by James Clarke of Abbey Road Studios and he runs through the demixing process and even gives some sound samples!
    Audio Source Separation: "Demixing" for Production Video
  21. Ephi82

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  22. hamishd91

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    Pardon the redundancy...wasn't Oh Darling supposed to be out by now?
  23. kevintee

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    Yes. However, there was a decision made mid-week to postpone it.
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  24. Jeff W. Richman

    Jeff W. Richman The Richman Curse

    It's been out since 1969, but we're all waiting to hear how it sounds with the bass closer to the center.
  25. gibtti

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    It’s currently one of the videos playing in a room at Linda’s photo retrospective in Glasgow. I watched it when I was there last month.

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