Abbey Road 50th contents, outtakes and sound quality thread .. only

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiotom, Aug 9, 2019.

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    How was it?!
  2. beatleroadie

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    So I guess Apple decided to wait till Monday or Tuesday to drop "Oh! Darling"? I'm wondering if there's a lyric video attached to it, and changes or last-minute edits to the video were the cause for the overall delay...
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    Like the White Album multitrack Bluray - anyone extracted the channels? some reveal SI and track overdubs in their isolated form documented in the recording sessions book. Take WILD Honey Pie - turns out Paul recorded it 4 different ways for each track. On the surround mix, extract each track and you here the variations. Martha My Dear - they give you the Paul and Piano track without the brass. Check the book - he only recorded that track like that and the brass was added to another track next. Take the Surround sound version and extract the back channels and you can isolated and reveal the brass part completely.

    So while these boxes provide some outtakes, it's interesting to see they don;t repeat what is already on bootleg for years and you can take the release further and extract the surround sound mixes to get isolated overdubs since these were recorded on 8 track systems at that time.

    Have fun! This is an awesome time!
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    Is the "sister Pam" John talks about in Mean Mr Mustard Polythene Pam?
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    Yes. John changed the lyrics to include "Pam" as the name of the sister once they knew that "Polythene Pam" was going to be another song in the Side 2 medley. Originally, the sister in "Mean Mr Mustard" was called "Shirley".

    As heard in the Esher demo at the 0:36 mark:
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    Mean Mr Mustard originally had a sister Shirley as heard on Esher demos but John changed that to Pam to kinda link it to the next track Pollythin Pam as part of the medley.
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    I am likely going down the upward firing speaker route as well. I’ve been reading articles and it seems like that a good compromise between the full Atmos experience using ceiling speakers and all the trouble that comes with installing the ceiling set up.

    While Abbey Road 50 is the driving factor for getting this, I am also hoping that the Atmos upmix feature will add another sonic dimension to my existing movies, concerts and music discs.
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    Welcome Ms. Melanie. Since you're "new" here...but appear to have knowledge of this thread and posters involved and what they've posted, please see post below. And please consider the helpful option of doing a name search for your favorite posters/forum members.
    To be able to quickly review their recent posts. You can even choose to "follow" your favorite forum members. I hope I've provided useful information, Ms. Haber.
    "The only thing I can think of that might have made them push it back..."
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    Any movie with helicopters, definitely!
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    Our family didn't need Atmos speakers when we moved in 1967 to Texas and lived in a motel for a period of time directly across from Bell Helicopter. Where my dad had just started a new job. Our motel windows would shake when the helicopters passed right above, about to land. And the noise was incredible. Good times.
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    You can obtain a digital copy now for a few $ if you want to read the article.
    PM if you want to no more.
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    Of course I tried a search, I'm not an idiot. I already am feeling like joining here may be a big mistake by your tone. Yes, I've visited here for a few months before now. I hope that's not a problem.
    But, you do realize I meant the "Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition First Listen! debacle" -- NOT that falsely rumored "Oh! Darling" web sneak preview? I did do a name search and found no answer to my query, and mikecarrera's profile seems to be unavailable.

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  14. Carl Harrison

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the rock band version replace the white noise with a proper ending...? (not at my computer right now to check.)
    I wonder if it’s the same take?
  15. Carl Harrison

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    There is also a YouTube video that has Lennon talking about each song on Abbey Road where he confirms this. :)
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    What's with the quote?
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    The version I have doesn't have a proper ending. It ends at the same spot with the white noise and one can hear that junky reverb used on the game at the very end.
  18. Melanie Haber

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    I don't think he understood my initial question. I'll try to phrase things very simply from now on, if I post again.
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    At the beginning of the year, they were a band. At the end of the year, not so much. :cool:
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    Does it really count if they were not released until 40 years later? :shh:
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    Thank you for sharing. The "rumor" was actually posted by the forum member you referenced in your initial post. Take care, Ms. Haber.
    Quotes are allowed.
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    I didn’t delve deeper for An answer as for why delayed and when it would now be coming. I know I can be a pain asking about things so I try to limit my contacts. And since I had already done so both Monday and Tuesday with lengthy conversations, I tried to not bother them for the rest of the week so missed any update of the push back until I emailed Friday when I realized it never appeared on iTunes.
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    Not generating quite enough money? Still some toothpaste to be squeezed out of the far end of the tube?
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    I appreciate that the choices made by Giles & co., when remixing these Beatles records, do not make everybody happy. But a lot of forumnites fail to recognise the general improvement in sound that remixing bring to the originals. No simple remaster could ever achieve that kind of result.
    Ideally, I would like all the original volume and panning levels of the first mix replicated as much as possible (not to mention the effects used), but the clarity and definition that these “reinterpretations” provide to the sound are a real treat for the ears. Sometimes, in my opinion, they have been also getting right in terms of “post-production” ideas and changes (like in YS SONGTRACK and LOVE, not to mention many WHITE ALBUM songs). But I respect the “arguments” brought forward by the purists who simply don’t like changes, even though, as it has often been pointed out, they still have the originals to enjoy.
    However, I generally feel that some people fail to appreciate the real restoration opportunities that these remixes offer.
    And I actually think, contrary to what many others have said, that ABBEY ROAD is one of the Beatles records that can benefit the most from this process, with hiss and density reduction, both (hopefully) obtained naturally by simply going back to the pre-mixdown phase of the original production.
    I don’t even mind a few light changes in the placement of instruments and vocals in the stereo spectrum, but for me letting the music breath more is the greatest of the improvements that I crave for this album. Soo looking forward to it!
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    It's not "lost", it was deliberately mixed out of the final version, sometimes some experiments didn't work. And no, apparently the new set doesn't have an outtake or alternate version with it restored.

    Most of the "proper" endings in RB are fake and were made for sake of the game.

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