Abbey Road - Leaner, Meaner and MUCH Better!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mike Reynolds, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. dewey02

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    The mid-South.
    And what about Ringo? Seems he's always content to just go along as is. :D
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  2. BurtThomasWard

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    P.S. It is better ;)
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  3. Terry

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  4. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    Well, from the studio recording aspect for the four of them as a band, it was the dead end! :D
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  5. mando_dan

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    Salem, MA
    Gotta kill John's two throwaway's in the medley. Those clunkers stick out like a sore thumb. In fact is go as far as saying that the only Lennon contribution worthy of being branded as Beatles is Come Together. Ya, that's an unpopular opinion but I'm sticking with it.
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  6. dewey02

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    The mid-South.
    I don't think Brian had anything to do with track selection on their albums, especially later in their recording career.
    Isn't there a quote from Lennon when Brian made a suggestion about a song in the studio? Something along the lines of "We'll handle the music Brian, you just need to worry about your percentages." or something like that.
  7. Mr wiggles

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    I'm very partial to this kind of thing.
    I'd made a abbey Road / Let it be comp a couple of years ago for the car.
    also done a best of white album including the single version of revolution, hey Jude, lady Madonna and hey bullfrog.
    Also made a best of psychedelic Beatles comp including tracks from pepper, mystery tour and yellow submarine.
    And last but not least
    My version of revolver with love to you replaced by rain and paperback writer.
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  8. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain
    No, I don't mean that Brian had anything to do with the music. It's simply that Brian was the one who kept that whole Beatles machine up and running, which left the boys carefree to get on with their music. His death was devastating for them and it certainly took the wind out of their sails. The sadness, their disarray came through in the music.
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    Dayton ohio
    Chicken wings
  10. Sordel

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    Midlands, UK
    I feel that o/p is to be congratulated. In all my years here on a forum where people can disagree passionately over the most innocuous proposition I believe that he is the closest to bringing about almost complete unanimity! :cheers:
  11. Mike Reynolds

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    This thread can close as far as I'm concerned. Five pages of backlash is more than enough for me. Thanks.

    I did something that I thought was an improvement, and I can see that I'm the ONLY one who thought that was an improvement. Oh, well. Enjoy your Abbey Roads, and I'll enjoy mine.
  12. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke In Memoriam

    Don't let it get you down. It's only castles burnin', bro. H8ers gonna hate, Beatlers gonna... Eh, something :D

    I do not agree with you. But I agree with your right to start such a thread and I will defend it to the death or at least something slightly exhausting.
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  13. The Hole Got Fixed

    The Hole Got Fixed Owens, Poell, Saberi

    Absolutely horrendous and why was there a mention of Let It Be?
  14. sekaer

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    New York City
    I for one have enjoyed this thread immensely!
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  15. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    This is the most overused and meaningless saying ever.
    Those who toss it around are as guilty as those they accuse.
    And for the record, I also agree the OP of this thread is as entitled to his state his opinion as anyone here, and others are just as entitled to call him out on it.
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  16. Fivebyfive

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    East coast, US
    Well none of what you proposed made me angry. ;) At the same time, I have never understood why "Oh Darling" is so under-appreciated by some fans. I've seen folks diss it before. I just don't get why. I think it's brilliant, emotional, heart-breaking. I think Paul wrote it for John (not romantically) about their partnership. I think Paul was trying to say in that song what he couldn't say (for whatever reason) face to face to John. But for some reason, some people refuse to accept that McCartney was capable of being that personal, angst-filled, and confessional in a song. I think he meant every word. And even if he didn't, it's a great track with a tremendous vocal. The song is the other end of an obsessive relationship that begins with I Want You (She's So Heavy) and ends with Oh Darling.

    As for Maxwell, I always thought it was funny. Throwaway track. Not a song I would have given any more thought to than that. Certainly never understood the disdain/rage it inspires. I feel the same about Octopus Garden.

    Every single album ever made, by any artist, includes "filler" tracks.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Remy

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    Brooklyn NY
    Its always fascinating to see what some people don’t like that others love. Oh Darling is such an amazing performance that I couldn’t imagine the album without it. And though I have never really warmed to either OG or MSH but they fit.
  19. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke In Memoriam

    Every day is a gift, man. Life is like a box of chocolate. Wake up and smell the flowers.
  20. EddieMann

    EddieMann I used to be a king...

    Geneva, IL. USA.
    This has been a fun thread, and I'm sorry if you feel beat up by it. You ARE entitled to your opinion and I applaud you for starting the thread. Don't be afraid to start another. :agree:
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  21. a customer

    a customer Forum Resident

    Yea I agree.
  22. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist

    To the OP - though I disagree with cutting AR in this manner, don't sweat the backlash. You won't forever be dubbed "The Abby Road Butcher" or anything. We'll move on, you'll move on and we'll continue talkin' music.
  23. sekaer

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    New York City
    It's a good lesson...poke a nest of Macca fans and you're gonna get stung :shrug:
  24. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    All three of those are just statements.
    The haters one is an accusation and judgement. Big difference.
  25. ash1

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    bristol uk
    I don't like Oh Darling. It's an unnecessary pastiche with a completely oversung vocal. There are only 2 Paul vocals in the entire Beatles
    Personally I think your selection is an improvement but I'd junk Golden Slumbers as well. Oh Darling and Golden Slumbers are completely over-sung and Paul's worst two Beatle vocals by quite some distance. The years away from daily concert practice, not to mention smoking habits, certainly had a negative effect on their voices. Paul said himself, he could have got it straight off a few years previously and this time he is trying way too hard. As a song, Oh Darling is an un-necessary pastiche denying George another place on the album with one of his many "John can't be arsed to play on it" gems and I don't care who plays bass on it because I've heard it hundreds of times and never need to hear it again. Anyway, the bass is so bad that whoever played it should have been shot.
    Er...okay, that was unnecessary.
    As I stated in another Abbey Road thread, with Paul screaming in my ear I'm not sure how Golden Slumbers is supposed to get me to sleep unless he's being ironic. Flying has much more soothing and user friendly vocals.
    Maxwell / Darling / Octopus. all suck and the only redeeming qualities are bubbles blown through a straw. The bubbles are not enough to stop those 3 being the worst run of 3 on a Beatles album (including side 2 of Help) though as Abbey Road is basically a transistor-based Wings album with occasional guest appearances by John and George I just get on with my Beatles In Mono box and leave Shabby Road and Let It Rot on the shelf. I only miss I Want You (She's So Heavy) which along with The End is the exception track on Abbey Road as it has balls and edge. The cover shows them walking in the middle of the road. How symbolic.
    Let battle re-commence.
    Anyone up for a Dylan should have stayed acoustic thread ?
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