Albums known to have been released against the artist's explicit will

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    I'll refer to my previous post on this topic.
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    I've read that Motorhead was none too happy about the live album No Sleep At All that GWR released in 1988 and there was some legal back-and-forth. The band much prefer the Live at Brixton '87 set, which I've not heard but believe is essentially the same set list.
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    I believe it was Chess's studio cats rather than Rotary Connection
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    Christina Aguilera pre-fame recordings. She sued and the best she got was her writing 1 page liner notes essentially saying careful what contracts you sign.

    That Page/Clapton/Beck instrumental album.
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    Aimee Mann Ultimate Collection is a compilation album by American singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. Released on September 12, 2000, by Hip-O, the album predominantly comprises tracks from her major label days in addition to a few tracks from the new wave band she fronted, 'Til Tuesday. Before its release, Mann issued a statement disavowing any involvement with the creation of Ultimate Collection, writing that the compilation was never authorized by her and that her offer to assist in putting the album together after she heard of the project's existence was "flatly refused."
  6. Michael

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    Aimee Mann has one...Greatest Hits IIRC.
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    Maybe-- but they also didn't apparently like the Missing Links series, for the most part
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    How about The Beatles' Rock 'N' Roll Music double compilation album from '76? Capitol put that out with little regard to the Fabs' wishes, possibly because aside from McCartney, they had all left the label by then (even though his was obviously the biggest solo career of them all...but they obviously weren't too concerned with pissing him off). George Martin remixed several (or all?) of the songs, not by invitation of the label, but by him volunteering out of fear that the old two-track productions, in particular, would sound horrible alongside the later stuff. And Ringo was quoted as saying the guys particularly disliked the artwork, because it was too "'50s-like", and they were from the '60s: according to him, John even volunteered to do the album's artwork himself, but was turned down.

    Another one would be The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, which they still won't allow to be re-released in its original form.
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    George Harrison was not happy how his record label forced him to change Somewhere in England. I am pretty sure the album was not what he wanted by the time it was released.
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    The Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits CD that came out in '04. Axl was not on speaking terms with Slash or Duff at the time yet they all were unified in trying to stop the release of it via a lawsuit that didn't succeed
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    Many albums by a couple labels for punk bands; many records Mystic Records put out in the '80s, pretty much always the band said they didn't authorize it (and were getting nothing from it).

    And the first that came to mind were some by CD Presents, which has involved lawsuits: Avengers (S/T) (also a live download only release of them at Winterland opening up for the Sex Pistols and doing a much much better performance; I spoke to Peneleope Houston in 2010 who was incensed it was released though, as it was without their permission but a legal release), D.O.A. - Bloodied But Unbowed; The Subhumans - Incorrect Thoughts (it was not only without their consent, but the tracks were remixed and out of order too; they hated it so much they re-recorded the songs later, 30 years after the original, as Same Thoughts, Different Day)*. (wow some lunatic is asking 300 dollars for the CD - original one - on Discogs! My copy's worth that much?!? Crazy...)

    *Discogs: This was done after the band ran into problems with CD Presents Ltd., a label that reissued "Incorrect Thoughts" in 1985, who threatened legal action if the band tried to reissue the album.
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    Christina Aguilera - Just Be Free

    "Just Be Free" is a demo album released by Warlock Records andPlatinum Recording featuring music recorded by Christina Aguilerawhen she was only 15 years old. Six years after the completion of the album and Aguilera had achieved mainstream success, the producers released the record against Christina's will.

    In the album booklet you can read Christina's letter:
    "Just Be Free was recorded when I was 14 and 15 years old. At that young age, I made the recordings as a possible stepping stone to a career in music, which is my ultimate passion. They were made just so that I could get my foot in the door of the music business. I did not intend that the recordings would be widely released, especially after I signed with a major record label. I have not updated or finished the versions recorded in my childhood, and they are being released "as is," although I tried to prevent the release for several years. The recordings do not in any way reflect my current musical taste and where I am as an artist. The growth and vocal development I experienced as I matured into young adulthood is not reflected in the recordings. The album of new recordings that I intend to release this fall will be the album that truly reflects my artistry, my vision, and my passion. The Just Be Free recordings will hopefully be a footnote in a musical career that I dream will last for many years to come."
  14. Lynivevoli

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    Along with:
    Long Gone Daddy
    Ramblin' Man
    Take as Needed for Pain
    Greatest Hits
    These were all compilation albums that Curb released to cash in on Hank III. They really screwed him over!
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    Forever Wild by Sebastion Bach was released for RSD without his knowledge or agreement. A horrible VHS recording put onto vinyl.
  16. Lynivevoli

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    I'm curious about all those crazy old Pickwick records. I would think that A lot of them were without permissions...
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    How the hell do you run into him??
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    If you’re a fan of Self Portrait, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like Dylan. The quality and style is similar.

    Of course, a lot of folks dislike or even hate Self Portrait...
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    John Cale "Helen of Troy" 1975. Cale said "Island Records released what essentially are demos"
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    Van Morrison- Blowin Your Mind?
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    Wouldn't anything by Van Morrison qualify? By the time a song's recorded, he doesn't want it to exist...
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    The Stone Roses -'Garage Flower'. The recordings for what would have been their first album circa 1986/7, scrapped and with a very different sound to what became their actual debut in 1989. Released as part of the endless cash ins by previous labels.
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    Well, that may be exaggerating it slightly, but I get your point. :). He sure does not seem to want reissues. And Tupelo Honey seems to have been condemned to the eternal and metaphorical freeze box.

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