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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Boswell, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. mikedifr0923

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    New Jersey
    Same here. All this talk about it, I am grabbing that for the ride to work tomorrow morning!
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  2. Matthew Tate

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    i remember is because i thought it was weird to have 1 track from the 80's on cd 2 and one track from the 90's on cd 1.

    i just pulled out the booklet. these are the show dates listed

    other tracks from these dates used are
    -kickstart my heart (7/31/90) on DOD and Demonic Relics

    my guess is that the live 1989-1990 ep and the 5 live in 1985 ep also come from the dates listed above
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  3. artfromtex

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    I was at those shows. Me and my friend even checked out the mobile recording truck before the show in '98. Basically a regular sized U-Haul with a buttload of equipment mounted in.
  4. Matthew Tate

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    Richmond, Virginia
    30th anniversary of the bands biggest album doesn't even have all the demo's from previous releases . these guys are so clueless
  5. Music_dude

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    That’s why I’m flat out refusing to buy it... gotta make it worth my while!
  6. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    The statement about Dr. Feelgood on the official Motley Crue website is priceless. I won't paste the whole thing but my three favorite parts are quoted below.

    Jesus! The lyrics on the album are the absolute worst part about it. Every album has what some people consider 'filler' and what more hardcore fans consider 'album tracks'. Not as good as the obvious singles but solid tunes to make a record feel cohesive and satisfying. More than half of the songs on Dr. Feelgood have the laziest and most pathetic lyrics possible.

    W the ever loving F!!!!!????

    Do you think if Nikki read this thread he would conclude that us wanting more Motley Crue means more t-shirts and hats?

    There's got to be some kind of happy medium between the Metallica model for box sets and the Van Halen model of doing nothing. If this is the best Motley Crue can put together I'd rather they just do the Van Halen thing. I ain't buying another copy of Dr. Fillergood!
  7. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident

    Metallica understands their fan base and gives them what they want :righton::righton:.

    Van Halen hates us. :thumbsdow:thumbsdow I think that's fairly clear to any die hard fan.
  8. DML71

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    Tracklisting for the 30th Anniversary

    Motley Crue announce Dr. Feelgood 30th anniversary reissue | Louder

    Motley Crue: Dr. Feelgood
    1. T.n.T. (Terror ‘n Tinseltown)
    2. Dr. Feelgood
    3. Slice of Your Pie
    4. Rattlesnake Shake
    5. Kickstart My Heart
    6. Without You
    7. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
    8. Sticky Sweet
    9. She Goes Down
    10. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
    11. Time for Change
    12. Dr. Feelgood (Demo)
    13. Kickstart My Heart (Demo)
    14. Without You (Demo)

    "Dr. Feelgood will launch on CD and LP, while the deluxe edition will include a host of treats for the Crue faithful.

    The anniversary edition will feature the full album along with studio demos, with the deluxe edition containing the album on ‘coke bottle green’ vinyl, CD, three 7-inch picture discs, a doctor’s bag, a prescription notepad, a deck of playing cards, a pair of drumstick pens, pin badges and guitar picks."
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  9. Pouchkine

    Pouchkine Forum Resident

    Nothing new, no Get It For Free, no live tracks, so it's actually less than the previous editions. How can this be possible? Why do this? It's even worst than GGG30th with at least the little DVD with the videos.

    Any idea why Nikki does this kind of stuff? Does he really hates the hardcore fans that much. Maybe the stories about him not having much respect for fans are really spot on. This is a troll release. Statement included, complete nonsense.
  10. DML71

    DML71 Forum Resident

    3 demo tracks doesn't make it look like they've made much effort, compared with the Appetite release and even the 2 CD edition tops this effort let alone the boxset.
  11. Pouchkine

    Pouchkine Forum Resident

    The 3 demo tracks were already on the 1999 reissue, with Get It For Free.
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  12. Music_dude

    Music_dude Forum Resident

    Whatever happened to the 30th anniversary release for SATD and TOP?? Aren’t they worthy of one? Seems like they only started this with GGG for some reason...
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  13. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    I can't help but get the feeling that Nikki thought with the release of The Dirt movie, this was really going to be their year to gain wider respect for Motley Crue in the history of great rock bands.

    Unfortunately it turned out to be a banner seven days (at most) of attention and then it's back to the general public remembering a couple of Crue songs that play on the radio, Tommy's humongous dick and Pamela Anderson.

    I'm sure Nikki had himself believing that they'd have to meet demand with deluxe box sets while trying to fend off promoters throwing money at them.

    We all know that The Dirt came out on Netflix because major movie studios knew it wasn't worth investing money into a Freddie Mercury or Elton John type film. The major studios probably did Nikki a massive favor because the movie coming out in theatres and bombing would have been a 'Puppet Show' level humiliation.
  14. twicks

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    True, but at least they have some kind of legacy...I was on a party bus for my nephew's bachelor party a few weeks ago and they were playing all sorts of current hip-hop, etc. But you know what song really lit up the twenty somethings? "Kickstart My Heart." It was almost heartwarming.
  15. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    Oh absolutely they have a legacy. I love them. I just think Nikki needs to stop trying to reposition the band to try to get respect. Things like attempting to convince me in 2019 that Live Wire was about domestic violence is just wrong. One minute he's hailing them as dirtbags and the living embodiment of rebellion and the next he's saying they're a cub scout troop.

    Motley F'ing Crue is going to be the first and only thing on his headstone. He should be proud of exactly what they were!
  16. jason88cubs

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  17. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    It's always so damn depressing seeing pics and videos of Tommy form the 80s and early 90s and then looking at him today

    Damn what the hell happened?
  18. Efus

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    Jackson, NJ, USA
    He's survived to see 56?

    Alcohol, tobacco, in addition to illicit substances, ages one signifigantly.
    Amazing to think Tommy was a week short of his 21st birthday, when SATD was released.
  19. The Hud

    The Hud Just add water

    The way they have been treating the anniversaries, I am glad they haven't done anything with those two.
  20. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    I just hate the way he acts now.

    He looked so cool back in the day now he act slike a joke
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  21. Matthew Tate

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    Richmond, Virginia
    these anniversary editions are such a slap in the face for 2 reasons

    1 they are leaving off tracks that were on previous editions of these albums

    2 we know the band has at least 4 concerts from 1982-1990 in their possession. maybe more. yet they cut them up for releases before and leave the rest in the vault

    I was already scratching my head as why they didn't put "all bad things" or some unreleased live stuff on the dirt soundtrack
  22. Music_dude

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  23. jason88cubs

    jason88cubs Forum Resident

    what yall think if this one

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  24. Queezma

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    The last great “newer” Crue song in my opinion
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  25. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    I don't have much love for Sick Love Song.

    If I Die Tomorrow is better. So is most (if not all) of Saints of Los Angeles. The three new songs from The Dirt are all much better and better than most of the stuff on SOLA. The Dirt stuff is poorly produced and/or mixed but they're strong songs.
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